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China to resume on-site sporting events in an orderly fashion, boosting industry revival

Morning fitness enthusiasts run against the rising sun at Nanshan Park in Jiujiang, east China’s Jiangxi Province, June 23, 2021. Photo: VCG

The General Administration of Sports of China on Thursday rolled out a set of work plans to revive the sports industry by stepping up assistance to businesses and increasing the supply of sports products, urging on-site sports events to resume in an orderly and secure manner and national events to be held if possible.

According to the notification of the work plan, sporting events will be multiplied to help stabilize the economy, promote consumption and boost vitality. Sporting events will be reviewed and verified on a case-by-case basis and on-site events will resume in a safe and orderly manner.

Other outdoor sporting events such as mountaineering, rowing and sailing competitions, marathons and cycle races will be organised.

In addition, city football, basketball and volleyball leagues will be organized and the Chinese youth football league will be launched.

The authorities pledge to optimize the structure of competitions, improve the appreciation of events and redouble efforts to increase dissemination, noting that domestic events should take place if possible.

The work plan emphasizes that public stadiums should be open to the public and national fitness activities and sports competitions can be held.

Sports training centers and stadiums of sports schools should be accessible to the public on the premise that the daily training of professional sports teams and the prevention of epidemics are ensured.

In terms of public fitness, the work plan made it clear that all kinds of online sports activities by the public, including online sports meetings, should continue.

The authorities are also committed to promoting sport through 40 national pilot sports cities.

A series of measures, including the creation of new sports scenarios, the promotion of new forms and models of sports, the issuance of vouchers for sports activities and the organization of sports festivals to better meet public demands for sports activities under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

Other measures specified by the work plan to reduce the pressure on sports-related businesses include reducing rents and speeding up budget and contract execution.

Meanwhile, the work plan emphasizes that the zero COVID policy will be resolutely implemented and epidemic prevention and control work will be strictly implemented.

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