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CBS Sports app gaffe sends alert that Aaron Judge has hit the home run

By October 4, 2022October 8th, 2022Sports app

Everyone has Aaron Judge on their minds.

With the baseball world focused on the Yankees slugger and his pursuit of the No. 62 home run, CBS Sports’ game-tracking app has picked a bad time to go haywire.

A glitch in the Matrix prevented Yankee fans from tuning into Tuesday afternoon’s opener of a day-night double against the Texas Rangers on the YES Network thinking the No. 99 had passed Roger Maris to become the new single-season home of the American League. run champion.

At least if they relied on the CBS Sports app for updates.

Not only did the game tracking tab credit the judge with the first and second inning home runs (the home runs actually hit by Oswaldo Cabrera and Owald Peraza), it also credited the judge with each start at bat for both teams.

Fans took to social media to hit up the app and share screenshots after receiving alerts that Judge had hit a home run in the first inning.

As it stands, Judge is still stuck on 61 home runs. The 30-year-old slugger went 1-for-5 in Game 1 of the doubles — a 5-4 win over Rangers — with a hit (a single to the middle in the 8th) and a run scored.

He now has two games left to break his tie with Roger Maris, starting with the last drink on Tuesday night. The Yankees wrap up the regular season with the last game of this series at Arlington on Wednesday afternoon (4 p.m. ET). If Judge were to go homeless until the end of Tuesday, the comparisons to Maris breaking Babe Ruth’s record on the last day of the season 61 years ago will be endless.

After not seeing many pitches to hit against the Baltimore Orioles, the Rangers kept their word and attacked Judge most of this series giving him plenty of pitches to hit. The Yankees superstar just couldn’t take it so far.