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Caviinder Twins Partners With Fantasy Sports App Sleeper In First-Of-Its-Kind Deal

By October 16, 2021November 17th, 2021Sports app

The Caviinders aren’t just two of the nation’s most talented basketball players, they also enjoy two of the biggest social media followings among their peers. It was this combination of talent on the pitch and influence off the pitch that caught the attention of the CEO of Sleeper. Nan Wang and his team.

“Hanna and Haley are two of the brightest stars you’ll find, on and off the pitch. We’re thrilled to have them in the Sleeper family,” Wang said.

Sleeper has experienced a meteoric rise since launching its Fantastic Leagues in 2018. In 2021, the company more than doubled its user base, surpassing 3 million active users, while also ranking among the top 50 users of the application. shop. Much of this success comes from the company’s innovative approach to traditional games like fantasy basketball. In what the company calls “Game Pick,” users pick just one game per week for each newbie to count towards their weekly score, reducing the amount of work required per user.

Sleeper’s mission since its inception has been to bring people together through sport, and this partnership is no different. As part of the collaboration, the Caviinder twins will be running their own fantasy basketball league, together with their friends and family, using the Sleeper platform.

“Teaming up with Sleeper made sense to us because it brings us, Haley and I, closer to the things we love most about this world: our friends, our family and basketball. At Sleeper, it’s not just about winning or losing your league is about bringing people together and creating memories. What more could you ask for from a partner? ”

Caviinders fans will be able to follow the results of their new fantasy league throughout the NBA season, as Hanna and Haley will post updates on their teams’ progress via social media.

Sleeper is a fantastic sports app aimed at bringing people together through sports and games. With fantastic leagues spanning the NFL, NBA, college basketball and League of Legends, Sleeper has become the world’s fastest growing organically fantastic platform, while achieving some of the highest levels of engagement per user. the highest in the sector. At Sleeper, it’s not just about sport; it’s about making personal connections and lasting memories.

For more information on Sleeper, visit or follow the conversation on Twitter via @SleeperHQ and on Instagram via @playsleeper.

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