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New York Times buys sports site The Athletic for $ 550 million

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The New York Times Co. is buying sports news site The Athletic for $ 550 million, the latest move in its strategy to expand its paying subscriber audience as the print newspaper industry fades.

The Times, unlike many local media outlets, has thrived in recent years. It has gained millions of subscribers during the Trump presidency and the pandemic, keeping it on track to its previously stated goal of 10 million by 2025.

In the last quarter, the Times counted nearly 8.4 million. He has diversified his coverage with lifestyle tips, games and recipes, helping him to counter the decline of the 2020 politics-driven news traffic boom.

“We are now pursuing a target of well over 10 million subscriptions and believe that The Athletic will allow us to expand our addressable market of potential subscribers,” Meredith Kopit Levien, CEO of The New York Times Co., said in a statement. press Thursday.

It is one of the most significant acquisitions ever made by The Times. The company spent $ 1.1 billion on the Boston Globe in 1993 and $ 410 million on in 2005, which it then sold for a lower price.

Digital media has recently consolidated to help it compete for online ad revenue with tech giants like Google and Facebook. German media conglomerate Axel Springer bought Politico; Vox Media Acquires Group Nine Media, Owner of Thrillist Site and Animals The Dodo; BuzzFeed bought the HuffPost.

The San Francisco-based Athletic covers national and local sports – more than 200 teams, according to the Times. It was founded in 2016 and has 1.2 million subscribers. Its website says it has more than 400 editorial staff, making it a major acquisition for The Times, which has more than 2,000 editorial staff.

It’s a little ironic that a fledgling sports media company is bought by one of the biggest traditional media companies in the world. Alex Mather, co-founder of The Athletic said in an interview with The Times in 2017: “We will wait all the local papers and let them bleed continuously until we are the last ones standing. We are going to empty them of their best talent at all times. We are going to make it extremely difficult for them.

The two sides had started discussing a deal last summer before the talks broke through. Athletic, had also been in talks with Axios last year.

After the sale closes, which is expected in the current quarter, The Athletic will be a subsidiary of Times Co. and will operate separately. Mather will remain as Managing Director and Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Adam Hansmann as COO and Co-Chairman.

New York Times buys sports site The Athletic for $ 550 million: report

By Sports website

The New York Times Co. has agreed to buy sports media The Athletic for $ 550 million in cash, according to a report.

The deal, reported by The Information, ends a months-long process in which the subscription sports news website sought buyers because it allegedly hemorrhaged money.

An official announcement is expected when markets close on Wall Street on Thursday. Shares of the New York Times Company rose more than 2% in trading after news of the deal leaked.

The Times’ addition of The Athletic to its portfolio also gives it access to the sports site’s more than one million paid subscribers. This brings The Times closer to its stated goal of reaching 10 million subscribers by 2025.

The Gray Lady reported last September that its digital and print subscriber base totaled 8.3 million customers. Of these, 7.6 million are digital only. Almost 5 million digital-only subscribers were added in Donald Trump’s four years as president. But the growth in subscriptions on the newspaper’s digital sites slowed after Trump left the White House after his election defeat to Joe Biden.

The first talks between The Times and The Athletic were initiated last spring after the Wall Street Journal reported on a potential merger between the sports site and Axios.

The New York Times Company will acquire The Athletic for $ 550 million, it was learned Thursday.
Getty Images

In August, the New York Times Company released a quarterly earnings report saying it had nearly $ 1 billion in cash. Investors view holding excess cash as an inefficient use of capital and would prefer the money to be used through investments or acquisitions.

The Times Company has not been aggressive in acquiring assets in recent years. The Athletic deal is the first major acquisition since the company spent $ 25 million in 2020 to acquire Serial Productions, the company that creates the hit podcast “Serial”.

Meanwhile, in the current deal, The Athletic co-founders Alex Mather and Adam Hansmann will remain with the company after the deal, according to Axios.

The Athletic is a subscription-based sports media that employs approximately 600 people in North America, the UK and Australia.
The Athletic is a subscription-based sports media that employs approximately 600 people in North America, the UK and Australia.

Mather and Hansmann left the Strava exercise app and founded The Athletic in 2015.

The Athletic offers customers ad-free coverage of all major professional sports teams for a subscription cost of $ 7.99 per month, competing with other major sites like ESPN, Bleacher Report, Yahoo! Sports and The Ringer, which don’t charge readers for content.

After a number of regional newspapers nationwide laid off staff, including many sports sections, The Athletic launched a hiring wave, building up its team of 600 North American-based editors and journalists, in the UK and Australia.

But the company has gone through a turbulent period in recent years. Between 2019 and 2020, he lost nearly $ 100 million in cash. During the pandemic, he was forced to lay off staff because sporting events were canceled.

So far it has raised $ 140 million in funding. After raising $ 50 million in January 2020, it was valued at $ 500 million. Athletic has not disclosed financial details of its operations, although it is believed to have generated $ 80 million in revenue in 2020.

Final buzzer sounds on ESPN5 sports website

By Sports website
Dino Maragay –

October 13, 2021 | 11:23

MANILA, Philippines – The sports website of ESPN5, one of the leading sports information portals in the Philippines, closed its operations on Wednesday morning.

This was confirmed by some of the website staff in a series of posts on Twitter.

As of March 2020, ESPN International did not renew its content partnership agreement with TV5 / Cignal, prompting the latter to rename its sports channel to One Sports and remove ESPN5 brand programming from its programming.

The partnership continued online, however, as remained operational with local sports news until staff members confirmed they were severing ties with the website on Tuesday evening.

While the website remains live at time of publication, it is now devoid of local content.

A source who requested anonymity said that plans are underway to launch a standalone One Sports website but have yet to be executed.

TV5’s partnership with ESPN became official on October 12, 2017, with the former acquiring the domestic rights to some of the latter’s US and international shows. These include boxing matches on ESPN Classic, races on the IndyCar series, and select NFL games, including highly anticipated Super Bowl games.

Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt fight crashes Core Sports website

By Sports website

The Core Sports website is suffering from blackouts apparently due to the popularity of the Thor Bjornsson boxing match against Devon Larratt.

We are only a few hours away from the highly anticipated Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt boxing match. And it looks like users who bought the PPV can’t see the stream – at least, not on the official Core Sports site. Core Sports website crashed for many users – citing a database error.

What originally started as a mega Hafthor fight against Eddie Hall of strong men turned boxers – the first event suffered a few setbacks and a few roster changes. Much of this was due to the fact that Eddie Hall was suffering from an injury and had to drop out of the game. With the strongman match postponed for now, Bjornsson has agreed to face Devon Larratt. The title fight is scheduled for today at 4 p.m. EST.

But it seems that those who wish to fight Hafhtor Bjornsson now face another hurdle – as the official live streaming site is currently suffering from outage issues. As of this writing, no official statement has been made by Core Sports. It seems the overwhelming popularity of the fight caused the website to crash.

Technically, the PPV event has already started – with more fights on the map leading up to Hafhtor Bjornsson’s headlining match against Devon Larratt. Just a few hours away, fans are hoping the issue will be resolved in time.

In Core Sports’ latest Instagram promotional post, many fans inundated comments that they couldn’t watch the feed or even load the website without an error message:

Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt: the story so far

Prior to the fight, Thor Bjornsson has been working on his boxing skills steadily for over a year and a half now and has made great strides. The skills he was able to develop have been truly impressive and show that he has more than enough talent to perform well against professional boxers. His weight loss and transformational shredding has also garnered a lot of attention in the world of strongmen and boxing.

Devon Larratt, meanwhile, has little to no boxing experience. The arm wrestling champion recently admitted he was a terrible boxer ahead of his match against Thor Bjornsson. While arm wrestlers are known for their immense strength, you need more than just power to be a successful boxer. Devon Larratt certainly has an uphill battle ahead of him.

This kind of website overload isn’t necessarily a new story in the history of popular streaming events. HBO’s hugely popular Game Of Thrones series suffered website and streaming outages often during the series’ finals and premieres, due to the show’s overwhelming popularity.

Unlike Game Of Thrones, however, this is a PPV event with fans paying specifically for this singular stream. As a live sporting event – this kind of breakdown is painfully frustrating for those looking to see the fight live – and those looking to get their money’s worth.

Some fans have said that the Core Sports app performed better when connecting to the stream. If you’re ready to watch and having trouble logging into the website, try visiting and log in with your account. Generation Iron has not confirmed that this technique works – but it can be useful for those worried about missing the headlining event.

This story is still in development – so stay tuned to Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates and results for the match as they become available!

New Zagreb Tourism Office sports website created with the Croatian Olympic Committee

By Sports website

September 15, 2021 – The Zagreb Tourism Board’s sports website was created in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee to present the capital as a modern sports center.

In cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Zagreb Tourist Board has released a new website dedicated to sports in Zagreb. You can see it here.

Considering the growing importance of Zagreb as a modern sports center and the need to further position Zagreb in the sports tourism segment, the site includes an overview of current sports events, a list of sports facilities and venues and recreational activities, the activities offered and a historical overview of the rich sporting history of Zagreb and Croatia, reports HRTurizam.

“TZGZ is developing sports tourism as a special form of tourism offering which helps to create a new quality and competitive position in the tourism market,” says TZGZ director Martina Bienenfeld, adding that Zagreb has a proven track record. repeatedly as a main host of many national and international sporting events, including various world championships and world cups.

“In addition, our city offers large outdoor and indoor spaces for professional, amateur and recreational sports, as well as for sports preparations for foreign and domestic competitors. Our pages bring together all of Zagreb’s sporting offerings in one place, providing the necessary information in a clear, effective and efficient manner. In addition, the new pages represent a platform for concrete promotional activities which we will intensify with a new promotional film dedicated to sport in Zagreb.

Congratulations to all of our Olympians and Paralympians for the great successes achieved at the Olympic Games, where we have once again shown that, although we are a small country, we can achieve great sporting and tourism successes, ”said Bienenfeld.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Zlatko Mateša, said that in addition to the impressive results of the Zagreb athletes who promote the city, the tourist effects achieved through the sporting events are an integral part of this success.

“Almost every year we have sporting events that significantly affect the occupation of tourist facilities in Zagreb, and the already established and world famous ones, like the Snow Queen or Hanžek, have been doing so for many years. European tourist destination for Advent events, the Sljeme Snow Queen gives Zagreb an additional icing on tourist attractions at this time of year. The renovated RŠC Jarun also offers the opportunity for major sporting events. European and global level, so we will soon be talking more about it in the context of sports offer and sports tourism.Many smaller sporting events with a long tradition also significantly enrich the sports offer in Zagreb, which is really diverse and brings it together in one place – that’s to be commended, ”said Mateša.

The website is available in six languages ​​- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and, of course, Croatian, and the navigation is designed by categories which can be searched quickly and easily.

Croatian Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac said Croatia has proven to be an excellent host in the organization of many sporting events. The management of such events contributes to a more complete and diversified tourist offer.

“By developing sports tourism, we also contribute to the development of tourism throughout the year, so I welcome this cooperation between the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Croatian Olympic Committee, where tourists, especially sports fans, will have the opportunity to learn all the information about current sporting events in one place and get to know Zagreb and the history of Croatian sport better. Therefore, I call all organizers of sporting and other events to once again assume responsibility and compliance with epidemiological measures, and tourists to responsibly enjoy the wealth of tourism offers Zagreb and Croatia. “

For the purposes of promoting Zagreb as an ideal sporting destination, a promotional film has been produced and available on the official YouTube channel as well as on the website:

To follow the latest sports news in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN page.

To find out more about sports in Croatia, CLICK HERE.

Daily Racing Form and DRF Bets unveil DRF Sports online and mobile sports site

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Image Source: Daily Race Form

Daily race form, a data and editorial provider for horse racing and sports enthusiasts in North America, and an online and mobile betting platform Paris DRF, will launch a new online and mobile sports website.

The DRF Sports The portal will use a localized approach to content, featuring sports betting statistics, information and analysis on all major US professional sports, as well as college football and basketball.

DRF is also planning to launch a free sports app that gives sports fans the chance to win money and other prizes by betting on sporting events. Later this year, it plans to publish online and mobile sports betting state by state.

DRF is part of Sports information group, a New York-based global omnichannel B2B and B2C company in sports, technology, digital, media and betting, which recently merged with Affinity games to create Interactive affinity

Itay fisher, CEO of Sports Information Group, said: “We are passionate about continuing to grow our sports business and we are focused on executing our ambitious plans to deliver a world-class digital sports betting product to fans. sports across the United States.

“DRF has always provided the best handicap, analytics and news content for horse racing enthusiasts using data driven insights, and now we have expanded our online and mobile offerings with the launch of DRF Sports.

“Our vision is to replicate the successful business model we have built within the racing community to provide unique betting content alongside top notch sports betting that will position us to ultimately take bets from every state. “

James zenni, President of Affinity Interactive, added, “Today’s announcement is the first of many exciting developments currently underway on Affinity Interactive’s growing platform.

“The creation of DRF Sports is a milestone for us and our loyal sports enthusiasts, who will now be able to access exclusive and up-to-date sports betting information on all major US sports online and from their phones. “

Belarus bans sports website as ‘extremist’

By Sports website

A Belarusian court banned a popular sports portal and called it “extremist” amid intensifying repression against the media and civil society.

The Home Office said on August 6 that and all of its social media channels were banned because its administrators posted “materials calling for extremist activity.”

Sharing content from the sports website could result in fines or jail time, the Home Office said.

Access to in Belarus was blocked last year following an August 2020 presidential election that gave strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka a contested sixth term.

The creator of the project, Dzmitry Navosha, is a strong supporter of the pro-democracy protest movement challenging the Lukashenka regime. He is also the founder of, a Russian sports website.

Commenting on the labeling, Navosha said on Twitter that her websites will continue their work.

“In general, avoid reading material that is not recognized as extremist. This is of course now such a sign of quality,” he said.

Lukashenka has stepped up the crackdown on activists, media and civil society in recent weeks, as the country approaches a one-year mark since the disputed presidential election sparked unprecedented protests and international condemnation of his government.

Maven raises $ 20 million, buys sports website TheSpun

By Sports website

Maven (MVEN) , parent company of media properties such as Sports Illustrated and TheStreet, said the company added a number of investment partners last week, raising nearly $ 20 million.

Maven also acquired the sports website TheSpun, further strengthening its Sports Illustrated Media network.

Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn said in a statement that the valuation of the company for the recent funding round rose more than 70% from the previous cycle last fall.

He said he expected the company to complete the final financing close within a week or two.

He said the company is close to completing all of the Securities and Exchange Commission filings needed to bring the company up to date for the first time. The move would allow the company to increase its shares on the Nasdaq this year, Levinsohn said.

Stocks fall as investors weigh in on inflation and corporate taxes

Terms of the acquisition of TheSpun were not disclosed.

Maven said the TheSpun site started in 2012 and covered college sports. It has grown to cover a wide range of sports including professional baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey and more, as well as college level games.

TheSpun joins Maven’s Sports Illustrated Media Network. TheSpun founder Matt Lombardi joins the team of Maven Media Chairman Rob Barrett.

Lombardi will hold the title of vice president and general manager of growth for sports while continuing to manage TheSpun, the company said.

ESPN Veteran Ivan Maisel Joins New On3 College Sports Website Network

By Sports website

In November, longtime ESPN college football writer Ivan Maisel was one of some 300 employees made redundant in the company’s latest round of layoffs. In 2002, Maisel was the first college football writer hired for, and he’s been a big part of their coverage since then. Now he has announced his next move, joining the soon to be launched college sports site network, which involves Shannon Terry (as CEO) and many others who previously worked at Rivals and 247 Sports. Maisel said he was heading there as vice president of editorial, senior editor and investor. Here’s more from Maisel’s post to the new site on why he made the decision:

I understood that what I want to do is continue to cover college football nationwide, as I have been doing since 1987. I will do it through a new platform. Today is my first day on, the name derived from what players are saying as they break their caucus.

Our goal at On3 is to be the college sports destination for fans who love not only games but the show. It might be redundant, now that I think about it, but we intend to cover college sports from the end of eighth grade to the minute Roger Goodell (or Adam Silver) goes to the lectern to start. the draft. We will try to capture the wonder of college sports, both the wonder (How did this player do that?) And the wonder out loud (Why did this coach do that?) .

On3 is new, but not the people behind it. CEO Shannon Terry and his team created They created Like these sites, On3 will focus on recruiting. We intend to use the data to shed some light on recruiting, to define and explain the creation of rights to the name, image and likeness of student-athletes and, of course, to better explain the field play as well.

There will be a difference between On3 and these sites – a greater focus on writing. We want On3 to be the trusted voice of fans from College Park to College Station, from Boulder to Rocky Top. The staff we bring together will bring a tremendous amount of talent and experience to our readers, all with a mission to become synonymous with national university sport.

It’s interesting to see the launch of another network of college sports venues (their main site says the launch will take place on August 15). AA has learned that it already has agreements with some established sites, including sites covering Clemson and the State of Ohio. We’ll see how it goes, and we’ll see what Maisel does there. But it’s certainly remarkable that a new site appeals to someone so well established months before its launch.

[Photo from Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser, via]

Sportskeeda becomes 2nd largest sports site in India: Comscore report

By Sports website

Sportskeeda recently announced that it has claimed second place in Comscore’s sports website ranking in India. This step is especially important given its timing, as it comes amid the plethora of issues facing the media industry.

Digital sports media saw a sharp drop in consumption at the start of last year, due to the cancellation of several major sporting events around the world. But Sportskeeda has still managed to multiply its audience and set new records and is now only surpassed by Cricbuzz in India.

Sportskeeda recorded its highest readership ever at IPL 2020. The website recorded 102 million unique users and 1.8 billion ad impressions between September 19, 2020 and November 10, 2020.

In 2020, Sportskeeda also became the leading publisher of esports news in the country, after expanding its coverage to several different segments. In addition, the company has seen considerable success with its new video formats; series such as SK Live, SK Tales, Freehit and Rubaru, as well as other short-lived sports snack videos, have received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Speaking about this historic moment, Porush Jain, Founder and CEO of Sportskeeda, said: “Sportskeeda had humble beginnings, and it is overwhelming to see that today we are in second place in the Comscore ranking of sports websites in India. It’s a tough business and a tough market, but sports fans have delivered their verdict. Credit goes to the strong team of content creators and managers who have been with us for over a decade now! The team is more motivated than ever, and this new step will only be a source of additional motivation. We will continue to focus all of our energies on serving the most entertaining content possible for hardcore sports fans. “

Sportskeeda’s commitment to generating quality content and putting its users first at every step has been at the heart of its phenomenal growth over the past few years. The company looks set to build on its momentum and become the ultimate platform for sports fans.

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