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Mattress Mack launches new sports website covering Houston and Louisiana teams

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More like Media Mack.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale officially enters the sports journalism space with the launch of, a news site covering “all things sports in Texas and Louisiana.” Contributors to the site include former Houston Chronicle staffers John McClain, Richard Justice and John P. Lopez, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Matt Young.

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McInvgale told Young that the site will eventually be joined by a Gallery Gaming site focused on sports betting news and information, all of which aim to direct readers to Gallery Furniture stores.

“I have always had an interest in sport and my son [James] and I love content that will drive customers to Gallery Furniture,” McIngvale told Young. “We thought sports were a perfect way to connect with our customers and with all sports fans in Houston.

McIngvale’s reputation as a sports fan and avid gamer precedes him in Houston. Gallery Furniture owner’s local store promotions almost always revolve around the biggest sporting events of the year. Earlier this year, Gallery Furniture offered to refund money to customers who spent $3,000 or more on a reclining mattress or furniture if the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI. Mack himself bet $4.5 million on the Bengals win, the largest mobile bet ever on the Caesar Sportsbook app.

The Bengals lost, of course, and the result capped a series of bad beats that saw the furniture mogul lose more than $15 million in sports betting in five weeks. With Gallery Sports, McIngvale told Young the goal was not to make money, but to promote and market his furniture.

“We’re not concerned about revenue right now, more concerned about eyeballs,” McIngvale said. “My business philosophy is always, ‘Will customers miss us if we go bankrupt tomorrow?'”

McIngvale’s Gallery Sports is free to visitors and currently features articles on college football’s Week 2 storylines and the Houston Texans’ dedication to trusting the process. The Gallery Furniture owner has placed at least $6 million on the Astros to win the 2022 World Series.

Why Mattress Mack Launched Her Own Sports Website in Houston

By Sports website

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale made his money in the furniture and mattress business, but the owner of Gallery Furniture is equally big on Houston’s sports scene. That’s why he thinks it’s only natural to put his money and his name behind a new website dedicated to Houston sports content.

“I’ve always had an interest in sports and my son (James) and I love content that will drive customers to Gallery Furniture,” McIngvale said Tuesday. “We thought sports were a perfect way to connect with our customers and with all sports fans in Houston.”

McIngvale has made big news in recent years with his multi-million dollar bets on major sporting events – including the more than $40 million he must raise if the Astros win this year’s World Series – and it plans to launch a second site – Gallery Gaming – which will focus on sports betting.

“It will be a separate site with content talking about different ratings, scenarios and some of the crazy things I do,” McIngvale said.

On his main sports site, McIngvale enlisted the help of former Houston Chronicle writers, including John McClain, Richard Justice and John P. Lopez.

“I’ve read them in the Houston Chronicle for 40 years and think they’re great writers, so I think this is a great opportunity for them to write and a great opportunity for them to give our clients informative analysis. on their favorite teams,” McIngvale said.

The site is free to readers and so far has only one ad – for Gallery Furniture, of course.

“We’re not concerned about revenue right now, more concerned about eyeballs,” McIngvale said. “My business philosophy is always: Would customers miss us if we went bankrupt tomorrow? So, the site would be a success if it gave readers insightful content about their teams and they enjoyed reading it every day.

Iranian sports website claims Carlos Queiroz is returning to Iran this week

By Sports website

This week, the sports periodical Iran Varzeshi (Iran Sport) “announced” that Mehdi Taj, the newly re-elected president of the Iranian Football Federation, and Carlos Queiroz, the former manager of the Iranian national team from 2011 to 2019, reached an agreement on Queiroz’s return to Iran. In a video call, Iran Varzeshi claimed the pair had set a date for Queiroz to return to Team Melli – no later than the end of this week – and agreed on a contract value of 900,000 $ (the conditions were not mentioned).

This dramatic turn of events comes less than 80 days before Iran take part in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This follows a period of internal Federation chaos and fallout among star players over the future of current coach Dragan Skočić. The latter still seems to be in progress: on several occasions in recent days, the vice-president of the Federation, Mehdi Mohammadnabi, has publicly denied that Skočić is replaced before the tournament. So, who is right ?

Assessing the veracity of Iran Varzeshi’s report

A report of this gravity appearing in Iran Varzeshi is significant because of the publication’s close relationship with Mehdi Taj. He backed him through the final year of his previous term as Football Association boss, when he was accused of fraud, wasting Federation funds and irregular procurement in a series of public blunders.

Ali Javadi, the current editor-in-chief of Iran Varzeshi, is a relative of Ali Larijani, an influential former speaker of the Iranian parliament who was previously the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Under his leadership, Larijani was appointed to head the sports divisions of several public television stations.

He then became editor of Khabar Varzeshi (Sports News) and the sports page of the major national newspaper Jam-e Jam. As such, he has a long pedigree in regime-aligned sports reporting, but also in sticking the knife in perceived adversaries.

In 2018, in a report published on the front page of Jam-e Jam under his byline, Javadi accused Mehdi Rostampour – a freelance sports journalist living in Europe – of “abducting” Iranian emigrant athletes by choice due to the suffocating politicization Sport. in Iran. Furthermore, he claimed that Rostampour was responsible for luring sports commentator Mazdak Mirzaei away from Iran; Mirzaei had moved to the UK in the summer of 2019 to take up a job with Iran International.

Then, still in 2018, Javadi was appointed director of public relations at the Football Federation, by decision of Mehdi Taj. He was reportedly one of Taj’s closest allies in the Federation and apparently retained an advisory position after Taj’s stormy first term as president ended.

All of this suggests that Iran Varzeshi would be the first to know if there had been a decision made behind closed doors, something Taj is already known to do. On the other hand, the publication may have intentionally jumped the gun in order to pressure Skočić to resign. Regardless, the report was cited by Iranian state media and some international sports news websites, all before an official announcement from the Federation, Team Melli or Queiroz himself. same.

How many?

In its Monday report, Iran Varzeshi estimated the value of Carlos Queiroz’s new contract at $900,000. However, the agreed duration was not specified. The Qatar World Cup is scheduled to take place from November 20 to December 18, but one of the other most important competitions for Iran is scheduled six months later: namely the Asian Cup, from June 16 to December 23. July 2023.

Queiroz, a former Manchester United assistant and Real Madrid manager, has previously rejected the idea of ​​being selected for competitions like the Asian Cup. Earlier this year, he rejected an invitation from Iraqi football bosses to take over the management of their team after a World Cup exit, saying: “I prefer not to waste my time on continental competitions.”

Some Iranian media yesterday suggested this meant the $900,000 would only cover the period until the end of the World Cup, meaning its annual value would have amounted to more than $4 million. Iran Varzeshi had claimed that Queiroz was giving Taj, who is used to making disastrous contracts with managers without board approval, a “special discount” for his presence in Iran. Again, Queiroz has yet to say anything publicly about this.

Vice President’s Refusal

Mehdi Taj was re-elected last Tuesday on a single campaign: if he were president again, he promised, he would bring Carlos Queiroz back to Iran. In recent days, however, he declined to comment further on the matter.

Meanwhile, its vice-president Mehdi Mohammadnabi has said the exact opposite, telling Iranian media twice that Dragan Skočić would indeed still be in charge for the World Cup.

The likely reason for the denial is the heavy penalties imposed on an already cash-strapped Federation – its Tehran headquarters was seized last May by the state pension provider over money owed due of the last complicated contract with former head coach Marc Wilmots – is likely to incur if the Croatian coach’s contract is terminated before the hour.

Indeed, according to FIFA rules, federations do not have the right to negotiate with other potential coaches before terminating an ongoing contract. Taj’s intention must be to secretly reach an agreement with Queiroz and then move forward to terminate the contract with Skočić – or else commit a breach on the eve of the World Cup.

On the contrary, Iran Varzeshi’s report will strengthen Dragan Skočić’s hand in the event of a future conflict. In the background, its other likely effect will be to disorient and further divide the players and Skočić himself, after months of turmoil, and ahead of one of the most important tournaments of their entire career to date.

Music and sports: why cover both?

By Sports website
Credit: NBC Los Angeles

At first, it might seem out of place for a sports website to venture out and cover music. You may be see us on Twitter and asking yourself “why are they talking about a musical artist?” The answer is simple. When you really think about it, music is an integral part of the fabric of sport.

Whether it’s a high school marching band, college fight songs and buzz songs, baseball or wrestling entrance music, or the AP playing heavy metal – or symphonic deathcore, to be precise – at a hockey game, music is everywhere in the sport.

The intersection of sport and music

So why should you go to one place for your sports coverage and then go to a specific music website to read album reviews? Why should you come to us to find out what’s going on at training camp, then head to an entirely different site to see a band’s entire discography ranked from worst to first?

You should not ! And that’s the ultimate goal here at Around the Block Network. We want to be your one-stop entertainment center! We want to be at the intersection of sport and music.

That’s why you’re going to see someone tweeting about the Giants and their local Baltimore teams talking about a hot new artist they like. That’s why you’re going to find two Dolphins fans and one Lions fan promoting a heavy metal-focused podcast. Because at the end of the day, we all love sports and we all love music. So why shouldn’t you be able to get reviews and opinions on both in one place?

It may seem strange at first, but should it? We’d say it shouldn’t be, and we hope you agree! Who knows, maybe one day in the future this will become normal and normal content strategy for the course. For now, ATB is here to give you the latest news on all your passions. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

W88Kra – Korea’s #1 Football Sports Website

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Football is considered a king sport loved by many fans around the world, the need for updating match information is increasing. Therefore, W88 was born to meet the needs of a large number of fans and quickly became the number 1 football sports website in Korea. The following article helps you better understand W88kra.

What does W88kra offer?

W88kra is known as the leading website in Korea specializing in updating domestic and international sports and football news. Here you can follow the schedule, results, standings of domestic tournaments and international tournaments such as English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, C1, C2 Cup, etc.

In addition to football, W88kra also updates news on all other sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, table tennis, etc. to meet the needs of all fans.

Coming to W88kra, fans will be able to watch the best football videos and dramatic and thrilling matches during most major and minor domestic and international seasons.

Besides, you can also capture information related to the private life and career of famous players, coaches or any great figure in the sports world. W88kra absolutely does not use tricks to ask for likes, views or convey information that is not true. So if you are interested in your idols and want to get the most accurate information about them, don’t ignore W88kra.

Moreover, W88kra’s editorial team also synthesizes and brings interesting side stories, subjective opinions and personal opinions to help you have the opportunity to comment more actively on the W88kra website.

In-depth articles analyzing and commenting on the matches by a leading team of experts are also highlights not to be missed on

What does W88kra have?

If you are a real football fan, when it comes to W88kra, you will immediately know that it is the number 1 football sports website in Korea. Some outstanding advantages of W88 can be mentioned as:

  • The fastest sports news updates

W88 not only updates the important sports and football news in the country, but also the main sports events in the world are constantly updated by the editorial team. Everything you need is fully and quickly met by W88kra.

  • Complete website interface

Before you decide to stick with this #1 Korean football sports website, you must have noticed the outstanding benefits of W88kra’s website design. From the interface to the image, everything is carefully invested, allowing users to easily experience the first time without any difficulty.

  • Professional editorial team

Not only do they have a number of top Korean editors, journalists and contributors, but they also have extremely professional manners.

After numerous selections, W88kra employees all have professional qualifications and a strong sense of responsibility. This is why W88kra’s products and services are of superior quality.

A team of journalists and collaborators covering the world is ready to bring the fastest and hottest information to the public.

  • Offer more choices to viewers

Register W88, you can not only watch legendary football matches live, but also enjoy many other products.

With a rich information store, you can easily enjoy many different forms of live stream, video, audio, trailer, image, text, etc.


Not only does it provide a huge amount of information, but W88 also guarantees an absolutely reliable source of information. All sports and football news is selected by W88kra editorial team to serve readers perfectly. So even though it hasn’t been released for a long time, W88kra still receives warm support from the public.

Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not involve any journalistic/editorial involvement of the Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/endorse the content(s) of the article/advertisement and/or opinions expressed herein. Hindustan Times shall not be in any way responsible and/or liable in any way whatsoever for anything stated in the article and/or also with respect to the view(s), opinion(s) ), announcement(s), statement(s), affirmation(s) etc., stated/presented in the same.

Thailand football sports website

By Sports website

Sports in general and football in particular still have a strong appeal for fans around the world. However, not everyone can afford to watch the top competitions live.

Sports in general and football in particular still have a strong appeal for fans around the world. However, not everyone can afford to watch the top competitions live. Therefore, Fun888 TV – Thailand’s leading football sports website was born to meet the needs of fans in Thailand.

Presentation of FUN88

FUN88 is one of the bookmakers operating in the field of online gambling, established in June 2009. FUN88 is owned by Welton Holdings LTD and is licensed to operate by The Gambling Commission. So far, FUN88 has cooperated with English Premier League clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur FC, Newcastle United FC and Burnley FC. Additionally, FUN88 has sponsored sports tournaments such as the Copa America and the Caribbean Premier League. The strength of Fun888 lies in its stable web interface, various types of sports betting and casino, high payout rate, attractive player promotions, excellent player support policy, etc. Thousands of other interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

FUN88 interface and experience

FUN88’s web interface is designed with creative tones, functions and buttons that are conveniently laid out and easy for users to understand.

Convenience for customers while participating in FUN88 is at the forefront when designed not only on the traditional web platform but also on Android or iOS mobile devices.

In addition to linking FUN88 software on computers so that users can participate in bets and play online games without having to go through the website, FUN88 also allows players to exclusively use the chat utility and the account security tool, supporting the use of FUN888 is services on the computer as easily as possible.

For the above reasons, FUN88 is loved by many gamers due to its attractive, easy-to-use and user-optimized interface.

Security and Privacy

As one of the units that set up the system and provided services, FUN88 will be responsible for the operation and security of all data sources that the system collects from members. We are committed to absolute confidentiality of all player information with a high-level security system, strictly respecting the legal regulations in force on the principles of information security and network security.

Players’ personal information does not disclose any information to any third party without the customer’s consent. All relevant information is only sent to the email address and phone number of the person providing this account.

If a problem is detected, the account holder should promptly contact FUN88tv support for the fastest processing to ensure the interests of players.

Partner with many game providers

In order to make our betting products and entertainment games of high quality. FUN88 dealer has selected, linked and cooperated with many famous game providers around the world such as:

  • AG Gaming.
  • BBIN technology.
  • GD group.
  • Pragmatic game.
  • XIN game.
  • Yo Yo Games

This cooperation brings many advantages and contributes to the success of the bookmaker, such as a rich inventory of game products, the bookmaker itself asserts its position vis-à-vis game providers, game products are certified transparent, fair and of good reputation. These factors have created trust for customers when participating in betting here.

Popular products at FUN88

  • ⚽ Sports betting – soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, american football, tennis, field hockey, snooker/pool billiards, golf, cricket, motorcycle racing, boxing.
  • 🏦 Online Casino – Sicbo, Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Billionaire Chess, Crazy Time, Side Bet City, Craps, etc.
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  • 🎲 3D casino game – Sic bo, Dragon Tiger, Mau Binh, Poker, Xoc Dia, Domino, Shake Gourd, BelangKai, Mau Binh, Xi Mi, DOMINO, BelangKai.
  • 🎮 E-Sports – DOTA2 Counter-Strike, KOG, FIFA, League of Legend (LOL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Player Unknown Battle Underground (PUBG), OW, Rainbow 6, CrossFire, Fortnite, NBA2K.

The benefits that FUN88 brings to players:

Transparency in payment and quick and easy deposit/withdrawal

FUN88 implements an extremely fast and transparent payment policy. The bettor’s money upon winning the bet will be transferred to the account immediately after the publication of the result. Additionally, the website will also support players with fast deposit/withdrawal:

  • Charging time takes about 3-5 minutes.
  • Withdrawing money on FUN88 is also quite simple and fast, only 30 minutes.
  • Players can deposit money directly into their account at FUN88 home via wire transfer or deposit. FUN88 has partnered with many major Thai banks to help players transfer money directly to minimize transaction time and fees. Fun88 supports overpayments by TrueMoney, local banks, EASY Pay, etc. Additionally, Fun88 allows players to transfer money between system accounts.

FUN88 attractive promotion

Investing in betting at FUN88 bookmaker is highly regarded with many great features. In particular, it is guaranteed to bring all players participating here lots of fun88 promotions and attractive incentives. Players will greatly benefit from the promotions that the bookmaker FUN88 applies such as

New member:

  • Make your first deposit of at least 300 Baht and get a free bonus up to 100 Baht with 1 football shirt.
  • The promotion applies to new members with many incentives. Including a free credit of 100 baht, the first deposit of 100 baht will immediately receive a bonus of 100 baht.
  • For members who deposit into the account but are delayed after 30 minutes. You will have the opportunity to immediately receive 120 baht but only for transactions of 1000 baht or more in bonuses.
  • The promotion program to introduce friends to join the bookmaker is worth up to 15,000 baht.
    Promotion for Sports/Esport category: 150% welcome bonus for IM lobby, minimum deposit amount is 3000 baht.
  • The online casino promotion welcomes new members with a 100% bonus value up to 8,000 Baht, a minimum deposit of just 300 Baht.
  • The promotion applies to the 120% slot game lobby bonus worth up to 8,000 Baht.
  • These are just a few typical incentives that Fun88 wants to offer players. Do not miss any promotion of the game portal.

FUN88 Transparency

Currently, FUN88 bookmaker has many officially published head offices in many countries and is licensed to operate the betting business.

Therefore, at present, there is still no source of information that has unfavorable problems on the side of the bookmaker FUN88. This is why players always feel safe placing money to play through the door of the FUN88 bookmaker.

In addition, information on policies, bets, sponsorships, etc. of the bookmaker FUN88 have been published all over the Internet. Players can view and experiment with this information to get a deeper insight into the FUN88 bookmaker.

Frequently Asked Questions at FUN88

1. Is this bookmaker suitable for new players?
FUN88 offers all players who love online betting the most effective relaxing hours. Moreover, the bookmaker also creates the maximum profit to be able to help the clients to get the best commission. Therefore, it is one of the attractive real money investments that you should not ignore at the moment.

2. I was debited from my bank account but still haven’t seen the update on FUN88?
If you have successfully sent money to bookmaker FUN88, but the amount has not been updated in your account, please check again according to the following criteria: The transferring bank matches the full name, You are- are you registered with the bookmaker or not? You have successfully deposited the minimum amount of 100,000 Bath. For quick support and processing, you can contact customer service via live chat or the bookmaker’s hotline.

3. Can I withdraw money from my account using the FUN88 mobile app?
Players can withdraw money from their accounts using the on-demand mobile app.

4. How do I change bank account information?
You can follow two ways to update your bank account information that you previously registered to:
Go to the website > Login > Select “Personal Profile” > Banking Information and edit it according to the information you want. Contact customer service for quick and prompt assistance.
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FUN888 TV Football Sports Thailand Website Review

By Sports website

Sports in general and football in particular still have a strong appeal to fans around the world. However, not everyone can afford to watch the top competitions live. Therefore, Fun888 TV – Thailand’s leading football sports website was born to meet the needs of fans in Thailand.

Fun888.TV Overview

Fun888 (Fun888.TV) is regarded as a website specializing in providing sports entertainment services, famous football in Thailand. To be as successful as it is today, Fun888TV spent a lot of time researching the market and understanding the needs of fans. After grasping the trends and surveying the market, Fun888TV was born and received the support of many audiences across the country.

At Fun888.TV, you can easily search for extremely hot news related to football sports. Not only domestic football news but also world football tournaments especially in the European turf arena are also updated hourly.

To turn out to be a complete website in all respects, Fun888 TV has cleverly combined lots of unique content. Fans not only satisfy their passion for the best football matches, but all other sports are also constantly updated by Fun888 TV. Moreover, the audience can also change the wind with other interesting entertainment news with just one click.

So far, the number of registered members on Fun888 TV makes many competitors wary. Fun888TV does not choose the path of one-step development to the cloud, but rather focuses on investment and gradual improvement, the safe and sustainable path is the main goal that this website builds.

The outstanding advantages of Fun888 TV

In order to be loved by its fans, Fun888.TV is always constantly striving and improving more and more. Since its establishment, Fun888 TV has proven its competitiveness with a series of outstanding advantages. Here are some of the objective Fun888.TV reviews that we have compiled:

Perfect web interface

The modern, sophisticated and eye-catching interface matches the reviews users give Fun888.TV. The impression that Fun888 wants to create for the public is not admiration but agreement. You will find this website user-friendly and comfortable to use.

  • The content you want to find is organized on the homepage by item, which ensures scientific tracking and extremely convenient.
  • The transmission speed is smooth and stable when accessing to watch live or regular video, there is no jerkiness, lag causing annoyance to viewers.
  • Images and videos are invested in elaborate and meticulous editing time.

Rich informative content

Look no further as all football sports related information is available on Fun888.TV. Fans can easily find photos, videos, news related to the team, football match, player, coach, etc. that interest them in just a few clicks.

Not only updating the important sports and football content in the country, but also the global sports news is fully updated. Football fans will certainly not miss any major tournament from the English Premier League to the Bundesliga, La Liga or Serie A or the Super Cup C1, C2 etc.

Moreover, if you are interested in other sports, you can also find Fun888.TV, a wealth of engaging and highly current content is edited and uploaded by Fun888TV on the site.

Side sections, stories of famous people or analysis, match results and even betting odds are added to the list by Fun888 TV to serve the audience.

Information is selected and guaranteed to be accurate

Not chasing fame like some other websites, Fun888.TV still maintains its prestige by providing official information. If you regularly visit the Fun888.TV website, you will see that the article title of Fun888 has no title or sight phrase. The content is selected by the producer from reliable sources.

Customer service is rated 5 stars

If you have ever contacted Fun888TV customer service staff, please feel free to give 5 stars for the dedicated and professional service here. Fun888 TV also supports many forms of contact via hotline, live chat, fan page, etc. in order to provide the most effective support to its members.

When you become a member of Fun888TV, you will receive many attractive incentives. For more details, see “Fun88 Promotions”


In general terms, Fun888 TV may not be a long standing website, but in terms of content or form, Fun888.TV is confident to be a strong competitor to many other websites. It is because of the excellent service quality and professional customer service standards that help Fun888 maintain its status as Thailand’s leading football sports website to this day.

Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not involve any journalistic/editorial involvement of the Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/endorse the content(s) of the article/advertisement and/or opinions expressed herein. Hindustan Times shall not be in any way responsible and/or liable in any way whatsoever for anything stated in the article and/or also with respect to the view(s), opinion(s) ), announcement(s), statement(s), affirmation(s) etc., stated/presented in the same.

Sports website apologizes to ‘any pundits we may have offended’ after Ursula Jacob spoke out about ‘nasty online abuse’

By Sports website

A sports news website released a statement after RTÉ GAA pundit Ursula Jacob accused him of including ‘nasty and tasteless’ comments about her in an article.

enchwarmers recently published an article with the title “Ursula Jacob comes to hammer on the board of the Sunday game”.

It included an embedded tweet and two Facebook comments, which the former Wexford camogie player described as obnoxious and personal.

Benchwarmers published an article today with the headline ‘Ursula Jacob hits back at online trolls’, and it said that all RTÉ pundits have come under heavy criticism on its website, whether male or women.

“While we probably shouldn’t give them wind, people are interested in comments online as well as on TV,” the article said.

“We apologize to Ursula or any of RTE’s experts whom we may have offended by reposting comments and opinions online that may have been negative for any of RTE’s panels.”

Ms Jacob said she was well aware that having a public platform brings criticism, but comments like these are “mean and personal”.

Writing on Twitter yesterday, she said: “Enough is enough.

“I usually never entertain and never give keyboard warriors an ounce of time or thought, but sometimes enough is enough and standing up for yourself is more important than just constantly putting up with nasty, tasteless comments from faceless cowards. .

“First of all, I’m a proud, proud Wexford woman, who also has a Wexford accent. Shock horror!

“I am and always will be proud of where I come from so I’m not going to start now or try to change my accent anytime soon.

“I am well aware that being on a public platform you are always open to debate and discussion, not everyone will always like you.

“I also have no problem with anyone disagreeing with the comments I make while working with RTE or on the Sunday game, it’s part and parcel of the job.

“What troubles me is an anonymous person or persons creating a page trying to create titles from scratch, facilitating nasty personal attacks and again targeting another expert or presenter.

“Have we seriously not just moved on or are we still stuck in the past?

“I have always been and will be proud of what I have achieved as a player, but I also know that I can support myself by working like an expert who knows both hurling and camogie.

“I’m not into symbolism or making numbers. I’m here because I have a voice and can give an informed and educated opinion.

“Fortunately for me, I’m a strong woman who has a brilliant support network who always supports me and who is super proud of me, but I would seriously encourage anyone who thinks of writing something nasty, tasteless or personal on someone on a social media platform to think before typing.

“At least I’m brave enough to stand up for myself on national television when a faceless coward has to hide behind a keyboard trying to promote nothing but pure nastiness and intimidation.

“But as my wise mother always told me ‘if they talk about you, they must be worried about you!’

“Finally, I would like to thank the overwhelming number of people who have continued to support me, their positivity will always be outside of the few narrow-minded individuals.”

Husker sports website talks about Nebraska license plates

By Sports website

For those unfamiliar with this week’s news, Nebraska’s new license plate was unveiled to much fanfare and criticism. The news prompted a lengthy lecture by this writer in the website’s Slack channel on best practices and guidelines for vehicle tags, favorite and least favorite tags, and other unnecessary comments that led senior management to “suggest” that I write an article about the new tag and why I hate Iowa and its ugly, no good, completely lame black and white tag, among other things (more on that and why it’s at least better than the one in New York later). So without further ado, here is [not exactly] everything you ever wanted and lots of things you didn’t want to know about vehicle labels!

Nebraska’s new license plate

The new license plate (or “tag” as you may have already noticed, I often call it) is based on a Nebraska State Capitol mosaic named “Genius of Creative Energy”. The new label design will replace the 2017 redesign which was, as far as I can tell, a downright hated and mocked label that was based on the Golden Sower atop the Capitol building (after having to be redesigned after having was originally mistakenly modeled on a sower on Michigan State University’s Beaumont Tower). The new tag will go into production soon, and Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicle customers will begin receiving them in 2023 when vehicle registrations are renewed. Approximately 1.3 million registered vehicles will feature the new label design based on current registration.

License plate standards and best practices

Some might not be surprised, but most likely will find that license plates aren’t something you can just slap on the design front and send off to the production line. In fact, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) has a publicly available guide to industry best practices and guidelines.

These principles have been refined over decades of experience to ensure labels are easily identifiable and readable in all road environments, from a sunny day to a rainstorm in the middle of the night and through the forces of the order, electronic tag readers and other motorists to name a few. some. Requirements like fonts, reflectivity, where things can and can’t go on a label, and a number of other factors are all considered.

Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore referenced this at the press conference earlier this week when unveiling the new design when she said, “I originally thought when we started that you just find a beautiful, eye-catching image and you place it stylistically on this plate and you’re good to go. Couldn’t have been more wrong,” state law has specific design requirements mandating certain font, letter and number sizes, colors, and visibility levels, all of which were likely defined by the state legislature in conjunction with Nebraska DMV staff based on AAMVA guidelines.

As an example of something that would arguably violate these guidelines, there was a briefly featured tag in 2011 that included “” at the top of the tag with “Nebraska” turned sideways to run up and down. down along the left. AAMVA guidelines state that only the issuing jurisdiction (i.e. state or province) should be written in full at the top of the label above the numbers. This ensures that viewers cannot confuse the Arkansas (AR) and Arizona (AZ) postal abbreviation codes, with just one of many possible instances of potential confusion. To be clear, AAMVA guidelines are not the same as Nebraska law, so I’m not sitting here writing that the original 2011 winner broke any laws, I just posted the guidelines of the AAMVA published in 2020.

For those unfamiliar with AAMVA, it is a “tax-exempt nonprofit organization” founded in 1933 that develops “model programs in motor vehicle administration, enforcement of the law and road safety. The association also serves as a clearinghouse for information in these areas and acts as an international voice for these interests.

On a final note, you may now notice that I draw attention to the fact that alphanumeric label printing in Nebraska is exactly that, a series of printed letters and numbers. The move is gaining momentum nationwide as a cost-saving measure over old-fashioned stamping that would lift the letters and numbers off the label to make them even more easily visible. If you talk to motor vehicle personnel across the country who have been in their jobs for a while, you’ll probably understand how the stamping should never have been removed. I’m not even close enough to the knowledge of amateurs in the industry to have an informed opinion on this, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s a point of contention for some regardless.

License plate technology change

The first license plate ever issued by a state dates back to 1903 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. License plates have come a long way since those early versions and the upcoming arrival of a vehicle near you could bring even bigger changes. Right now, the California DMV, Michigan Secretary of State, and Arizona’s ADOT MVD already issue what’s called an optional digital tag to customers. Other state entities such as the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration also completed a pilot program in 2021 of this technology, the fourth to do so.

A digital license plate uses technology similar to an Amazon Kindle to display a vehicle’s tag information on a digital ink display. It also allows the screen to display the tag number and relevant information even without the car’s engine running to provide it with active electrical flow.

This exciting new technology offers a number of game-changing changes to the industry, including the hassle of replacing your stickers when renewing. Instead, the screen can be instantly updated wirelessly when a customer renews their subscription. It also offers many more potential rescue options such as the ability to display real-time Amber alerts or an alert that the vehicle has been reported stolen. Some industry makers also claim that a parked car could potentially sell screen access for business messaging, but that seems like a stretch in many jurisdictions where the parking app would need access to the screen. label for ticketing information.

Another interesting development in California is a front license plate trim option for customers. Despite 31 states requiring a front license plate, including Nebraska, a number of automakers sell vehicles that do not have front bumpers capable of properly mounting a front tag to the vehicle without drilling. a large hole through the vehicle. Electric vehicle maker Tesla is a prime example despite being ahead of California’s demanding label, but traditional automakers like BMW and its 3-Series are also offenders.

The Golden State has begun offering a wrap-around sticker for the front bumpers of these vehicles that displays an image of a label that matches the one on the rear of the vehicle without the need to obtain a mounting bracket at the front. Compared to digital beacons, this isn’t exactly an “exciting” development, but if you’re an owner of such a vehicle, you’ll probably find it welcome news, you won’t have to drill an unwanted hole in your vehicle again. expensive.

The ugliest license plates

As mentioned a long time ago in this article, I have a few states out there that I personally particularly hate standard etiquette. Iowa and New York are two. The Iowa beacon is basically a throwback design in its simple black background with white font and border. I think it ends up looking tacky. In that regard, I guess it fits well with the state being Iowans in general are sticky.

The Iowa label contrasts with the Vermont label which is a similar older design concept of solid green with white font. Unlike the Iowa which looks tacky and the printing rather than stamping also makes it cheap, the Vermont one is a long standing design that feels timeless and looks great.

By far, the ugliest label of the country of my life was the now abandoned Empire State of New York label. This one was ugly in every way, from the color to the bland design, nothing about this label was nice and it ended up having some peeling issues to boot in its final years of production which led to a change in supplier contract.

As for some of my favorite tags, some might accuse of bias in the selections, but happy to take the pressure as these are fantastic. Michigan’s “Mackinaw” bridge (the bridge really needs to be changed to the English spelling to balance things out) redesigned several years ago actually won the world’s best award. However, the label needed an overhaul as the white font color makes it difficult to read and was later changed to black. Again, AAMVA standards are really important (ignore the “Pure Michigan” at the top which arguably violates those standards). Either way, it’s a gorgeous design on a label.

One of my other favorite alternative label designs is Maryland’s Save the Bay label. This one is a uniquely colorful label that showcases some of the best Maryland has to offer. Maybe the next redesign of this one can give more prominent placement of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge spans to really kick the quality up a notch.

And all of you? What are some of your favorite and least favorite Nebraska tags? What about beacons from other states?

Bears Great fired from Chicago sports website after allegedly ‘physically attacking’ co-worker | NFL

By Sports website

Former Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz was fired from his job at CHGO Sports on Monday after the site said he “physically assaulted” a co-worker there, according to reports.

“On Monday morning an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically attacked a CHGO employee,” he said in a post on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

And Kreutz seemed to kind of own it on Twitter, retweet the CHGO post with an oft-used Mike Tyson meme that reads, “Social media has made you all too comfortable to disrespect people and not get punched in the face for it.”

Kreutz, who played center for the Bears for 14 seasons, also works for NBC Sports Chicago. He worked for CHGO Sports over the weekend with his NFL Draft coverage.

He was a six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears and was selected to the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team.

©2022 Advance Local Media LLC. Visit Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Copyright 2022 Tribune Content Agency.

Former NFL All-Pro fired from sports website after allegedly attacking fellow employee

By Sports website

Olin Kreutz, two-time All-Pro center and six-time Pro Bowler for the Bearwas fired by Chicago-based sports media company CHGO Sports after he allegedly assaulted one of his co-workers.

“On Monday morning, an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically assaulted a CHGO employee,” the company said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

Kreutz responded on Twitter on Monday, posting a graphic with a quote from Mike Tyson: “Social media has made y’all too comfortable disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it,” which is far from an apology or denial of what happened.

Tuesday, Jeff Agrest from Chicago Sun-Times reported that Kreutz “grabbed fellow CHGO Adam Hoge by the neck in response to an offhand remark on Monday” during a staff meeting, resulting in his dismissal.

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Kreutz played for the Bears from 1998 to 2010 before a season with the Saints. He is also an analyst for NBC Sports Chicago and 670 The Score and NBC 5 in Chicago, which told the Sun-Times to investigate the incident.

CHGO, part of the All-City Network, launched in March.

More NFL coverage:

For more Chicago Bears coverage, go to Bear abstract.

Bears Great fired from Chicago sports website after allegedly ‘physically assaulting’ co-worker

By Sports website

Former Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz was fired from his job at CHGO Sports on Monday after the site said he “physically assaulted” a co-worker there, according to reports.

  • ‘He’s a…Ph.D’: Bear scout’s ‘poor, hungry and desperate’ comments about Jaquan Brisker are causing a stir on social media

“On Monday morning an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically attacked a CHGO employee,” he said in a post on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

And Kreutz seemed to kind of own it on Twitter, retweet the CHGO post with an oft-used Mike Tyson meme that reads, “Social media has made you all too comfortable to disrespect people and not get punched in the face for it.”

Kreutz, who played center for the Bears for 14 seasons, also works for NBC Sports Chicago. He worked for CHGO Sports over the weekend with his NFL Draft coverage.

He was a six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears and was selected to the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team.

  • Chicago Bears agree to release former Eagles MVP Super Bowl QB Nick Foles: reports
  • Former Oklahoma Sooners football star plays hero role and helps free woman from wreckage after high-speed car crash: reports

Trevor Bauer sues sports website and former writer over assault story – Pasadena Now

By Sports website

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Pasadena resident Trevor Bauer is suing a sports website and one of its former writers, alleging in federal court that he was defamed when they reported he fractured his skull of a woman during sex.

Bauer filed a complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles, accusing Athleticism and former writer Molly Knight to “create and spread the false narrative” of the alleged attack, according to the defamation suit.

The alleged victim obtained a temporary restraining order against Bauer last June, but two months later a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied the woman’s request for a five-year extension of the order, claiming that the evidence shows that Bauer never exceeded the boundaries that the accuser herself had together for the sexual encounters that took place at Bauer’s Pasadena home.

In February, Los Angeles County prosecutors declined to press charges against the Cy Young Award winner after investigating the woman’s allegations that he physically assaulted her during two sexual encounters.

Athleticism reported last June that “there were signs of a basal skull fracture,” citing a statement from the woman, according to the lawsuit.

Bauer, 31, argues in the suit that the CT scan results are included in the medical records attached to the woman’s statement – which Athleticism possessed – “definitely concluded that she had ‘no acute fracture’.

Athletic spokesman Taylor Patterson said: “We are confident in our reporting and plan to defend ourselves against the claim.”

Bauer previously filed a libel suit in New York against the sports news website dead spin and its editor, claiming the outlet “knowingly published false information” regarding the assault allegations.

The complaint said that dead spin had quoted Athleticism reporting that Bauer had fractured the woman’s skull, but Athleticism had corrected his story before dead spin published its report.

Bauer, 31, was placed on administrative leave by the Dodgers in early July, and has been on leave all season. He still faces possible discipline from Major League Baseball, and his future with the Dodgers remains cloudy.

Bauer signed a three-year contract with the Dodgers in February 2020, worth $102 million, including $40 million this season, which would be the highest single-season salary in baseball history. . Bauer won the National League Cy Young Award the previous season with the Cincinnati Reds.

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How much does it cost to create a sports website in 2022?

By Sports website

ESPN, Livescore, Futbol24 and Buaksib are the best sports websites in the world that keep us up to date with every minute detail of any gaming league. These sites handle heavy traffic of millions of visitors every day and easily provide the requested information .

If you are also planning to run a sports site and monetize it to generate passive income, you need a good investment of money, time and dedication. You need to know, basically, how much it takes to build a sports website in 2022. What are all the processes and features involved in building a successful sports website?

Want to know all the details to run a potential sports site or app?

If so, keep reading! This handy guide will walk you through all the aspects needed to run a successful sports or gaming site in 2022.

Understanding the Types of Sports Websites

Sports website is a generic term, so before proceeding, you should shortlist the requirements and features to put on your site.

A sports site can be a simple blogging platform where you can post regular updates on league summary, highlights or player portfolio. It can be an affiliate platform to monetize by selling sporting goods.

You can even create a sports site to live stream the matches to watch around the world. Another type is sports betting to entice people to buy subscriptions or invest directly on the likely winning team.

Once you have defined the goal of creating the desired sports website, you need to develop a strategy to cover all the required features inside. Because your objective will be directly proportional to the investment in the construction of a successful sports site.

The key elements of a sports website

  • Drop-down list to select sports
  • Flashy live score
  • video gallery
  • Best shots of the moment
  • Comment box
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Biography of the best player
  • Player Performance Graph
  • A Search bars
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Option to change language
  • News section

Essential investment to create a sports website

1. Reservation of a domain name

Whatever plan you have chosen to monetize your site, the journey starts from booking a domain for it. On average, buying a domain name would cost you $15 for a year, including taxes.

2. A reliable hosting platform

To provide a super-fast browsing experience for your users, you need to invest in a reliable web hosting server with 99% uptime. Buying shared hosting will cost you around $100 per year, while dedicated server hosting is available at around $1000 per year. To find reliable providers, visit Hostozilla.

However, if you plan to bring in massive traffic by leveraging your sports site with lots of features, you should opt for a VPS hosting plan. A VPS can handle millions of traffic without hampering site speed, which can cost you $600 for an annual plan.

3. Design a sports website

The sports site has significant costs in its design from scratch. Creating it on WordPress by yourself will not cost anything but, to give a professional touch, an experienced site developer is needed.

According to the current market rate, a professional web developer can cost you between $500 and $25,000 to create a sports website by writing new code. However, it is worth the investment because the uniquely written programming code protects your site from data breaches and cyberattacks. Visit Sbobet to check the latest design trends for sports websites.

4. Android or iOS app development

Majority of users around the world access their favorite sports updates through mobile devices. To grab the attention of those 70% of mobile users, you need to provide them with a user-friendly app.

Building a cross-platform sports app to support both Android and iOS devices can cost you between $10,000 and $20,000.

5. Sports Business License

The license is mandatory for those planning to run a sports betting site. Basically, the cost of taking a sports license is between $10,000 and $20,000. However, the actual rate will vary from country to country, depending on their legal documentation and regulations.

6. Online Promotion

Sitting idle after designing a sports website will not help you succeed. You need regular investment in promoting the site through SEO (search engine optimization), social media, paid advertising, etc. Investing around $1,000 per month would be justified to get good user response to your brand.

4 mistakes to avoid on your sports site

If you invest enough in building a professional sports website, you obviously don’t want to mess it up with silly mistakes. So, let’s see how the little thing can help you gain huge traffic in 2022 by providing an easy browsing experience and authentic information to your readers.

1. Say no to copied content

The content copied may take the form of articles, images, photographs or videos. To publish news, a summary of matches or a blog about upcoming events, you should always hire a content writer to curate unique posts.

Otherwise, if it is mandatory to use copyrighted content like images, statistics, data tables, etc., always mention the name of the original creator.

2. Do not hide the terms and conditions

When requesting user information on your website, there should be a transparent privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer and similar pages to gain user trust.

3. Don’t ignore the 404 error

The 404 error is a common page that can appear when someone is looking for information that is not available on your site. You can intelligently redirect 404 errors to the homepage or relevant page so you don’t lose potential traffic.

4. Follow the trend

If your site contains information that is too old, eliminate it or redirect to new pages using 301 or 404 redirect techniques. page loading.


I hope the above information is enough to reach heights in the journey to monetize your sports website hassle-free. To recap, if you hire a professional to design a sports site with good market research, it can cost you around $100,000. But to do it with a small business or a freelancer, $50,000 is more than enough.

The American sports website is promoting the next Super Bowl via… Attack on Titans?

By Sports website

American football is cruel and unforgiving, and yet it is also beautiful.

It’s February, which means only one thing for American football fans – it’s getting closer to superbowl Sunday. I’m not ashamed to admit that I know almost nothing about the world of touchdowns and quarterbacks, partly because I’m British and partly because I think the sport is boring, but I’m informed of reliably that the Super Bowl is a very big deal in the world of American football because it is the championship game of the National Football League of the United States.

Until a few days ago, I had absolutely no idea the Super Bowl was near, but thanks to a recent tweet from the American sports news site Launderer’s Report, I not only know when the Super Bowl is going to be, but also which teams will be competing against each other. The tweet in question features familiar images of the anime worldto know The attack of the Titans.

The picture shows Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford facing Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who is portrayed as a Titan. Some tweets asked why the Cincinnati Bengals were pictured like the Titans in this image, but since the game will take place at the Los Angeles Rams stadium in Sofia Stadiumit’s almost like they’re defending their turf against the Bengals, just like Eren and the gang defended their home against the Titans – hence the title “Attack on SoFi” on the image.

The image isn’t just any old piece of fan art either; it is based on the promotional image from the final season of the anime.

Japanese netizens were all abuzz with Bleacher Report’s imaginative post, which currently has over 57,000 likes.

“Does that mean Attack on Titan is more popular around the world than Squid Game?”
“I didn’t know it was so popular overseas!”
“The fact that over 10 million people are following this account and seeing this is amazing!”
“Invite the creator of the show to the game and install him in the VIP section!”
“I wonder if the live-action movie was popular overseas.”

Overseas fans also had a lot to say about the image, with many commenting on how great it was to see the anime referenced in mainstream media.

“It’s crazy how far the anime has come.”
“Give whoever did this a raise.”
“It’s absolutely amazing.”

A sudden anime-inspired tweet from a major US sports website may seem a little left-wing, but this isn’t the first time Bleacher Report has dipped its toes into the world of anime – watch this NBA/Naruto crossover video they did last year.

The Super Bowl takes place on February 13, and while it’s great to see AoT being referenced, we have to hope the references stop there. I’ve already admitted to not being too familiar with the ins and outs of American football, but I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to eat your opponents.

Source: Twitter@Bleacher Report by Hachima Kiko
Picture: Twitter@Bleacher Report
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CSNSW Sports Website | Maitland-Newcastle Catholic News

By Sports website

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle now has its own information pages on the sports website. The webpages can be accessed through the Catholic Schools NSW website ( The web pages will provide parents with information about our sports information, including events.

See below for the guide on how to access the new website for primary and secondary school sports.

Step 1.

Go to

2nd step.

Scroll down to the Diocesan/Associations section of the homepage and select the appropriate Maitland Newcastle thumbnail for primary and secondary school sports.

Step 3.

You are now on the MN Sport website version (Primary or Secondary).

  • The Maitland Newcastle tiles allow parents to display basic information about primary and secondary track sports, including event and result information, the current year’s Diocesan sports calendar and important notices for parents. sports, including wet weather information, will now be available here.
  • Any other questions beyond sport-specific information on this website should be directed to your school athletic coordinator.
  • Please DO NOT register for any sport without speaking to your school athletic coordinator in order to follow the correct screening and registration process. There are several steps before registering at the diocesan level.

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New York Times buys sports site The Athletic for $ 550 million

By Sports website

The New York Times Co. is buying sports news site The Athletic for $ 550 million, the latest move in its strategy to expand its paying subscriber audience as the print newspaper industry fades.

The Times, unlike many local media outlets, has thrived in recent years. It has gained millions of subscribers during the Trump presidency and the pandemic, keeping it on track to its previously stated goal of 10 million by 2025.

In the last quarter, the Times counted nearly 8.4 million. He has diversified his coverage with lifestyle tips, games and recipes, helping him to counter the decline of the 2020 politics-driven news traffic boom.

“We are now pursuing a target of well over 10 million subscriptions and believe that The Athletic will allow us to expand our addressable market of potential subscribers,” Meredith Kopit Levien, CEO of The New York Times Co., said in a statement. press Thursday.

It is one of the most significant acquisitions ever made by The Times. The company spent $ 1.1 billion on the Boston Globe in 1993 and $ 410 million on in 2005, which it then sold for a lower price.

Digital media has recently consolidated to help it compete for online ad revenue with tech giants like Google and Facebook. German media conglomerate Axel Springer bought Politico; Vox Media Acquires Group Nine Media, Owner of Thrillist Site and Animals The Dodo; BuzzFeed bought the HuffPost.

The San Francisco-based Athletic covers national and local sports – more than 200 teams, according to the Times. It was founded in 2016 and has 1.2 million subscribers. Its website says it has more than 400 editorial staff, making it a major acquisition for The Times, which has more than 2,000 editorial staff.

It’s a little ironic that a fledgling sports media company is bought by one of the biggest traditional media companies in the world. Alex Mather, co-founder of The Athletic said in an interview with The Times in 2017: “We will wait all the local papers and let them bleed continuously until we are the last ones standing. We are going to empty them of their best talent at all times. We are going to make it extremely difficult for them.

The two sides had started discussing a deal last summer before the talks broke through. Athletic, had also been in talks with Axios last year.

After the sale closes, which is expected in the current quarter, The Athletic will be a subsidiary of Times Co. and will operate separately. Mather will remain as Managing Director and Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Adam Hansmann as COO and Co-Chairman.

New York Times buys sports site The Athletic for $ 550 million: report

By Sports website

The New York Times Co. has agreed to buy sports media The Athletic for $ 550 million in cash, according to a report.

The deal, reported by The Information, ends a months-long process in which the subscription sports news website sought buyers because it allegedly hemorrhaged money.

An official announcement is expected when markets close on Wall Street on Thursday. Shares of the New York Times Company rose more than 2% in trading after news of the deal leaked.

The Times’ addition of The Athletic to its portfolio also gives it access to the sports site’s more than one million paid subscribers. This brings The Times closer to its stated goal of reaching 10 million subscribers by 2025.

The Gray Lady reported last September that its digital and print subscriber base totaled 8.3 million customers. Of these, 7.6 million are digital only. Almost 5 million digital-only subscribers were added in Donald Trump’s four years as president. But the growth in subscriptions on the newspaper’s digital sites slowed after Trump left the White House after his election defeat to Joe Biden.

The first talks between The Times and The Athletic were initiated last spring after the Wall Street Journal reported on a potential merger between the sports site and Axios.

The New York Times Company will acquire The Athletic for $ 550 million, it was learned Thursday.
Getty Images

In August, the New York Times Company released a quarterly earnings report saying it had nearly $ 1 billion in cash. Investors view holding excess cash as an inefficient use of capital and would prefer the money to be used through investments or acquisitions.

The Times Company has not been aggressive in acquiring assets in recent years. The Athletic deal is the first major acquisition since the company spent $ 25 million in 2020 to acquire Serial Productions, the company that creates the hit podcast “Serial”.

Meanwhile, in the current deal, The Athletic co-founders Alex Mather and Adam Hansmann will remain with the company after the deal, according to Axios.

The Athletic is a subscription-based sports media that employs approximately 600 people in North America, the UK and Australia.
The Athletic is a subscription-based sports media that employs approximately 600 people in North America, the UK and Australia.

Mather and Hansmann left the Strava exercise app and founded The Athletic in 2015.

The Athletic offers customers ad-free coverage of all major professional sports teams for a subscription cost of $ 7.99 per month, competing with other major sites like ESPN, Bleacher Report, Yahoo! Sports and The Ringer, which don’t charge readers for content.

After a number of regional newspapers nationwide laid off staff, including many sports sections, The Athletic launched a hiring wave, building up its team of 600 North American-based editors and journalists, in the UK and Australia.

But the company has gone through a turbulent period in recent years. Between 2019 and 2020, he lost nearly $ 100 million in cash. During the pandemic, he was forced to lay off staff because sporting events were canceled.

So far it has raised $ 140 million in funding. After raising $ 50 million in January 2020, it was valued at $ 500 million. Athletic has not disclosed financial details of its operations, although it is believed to have generated $ 80 million in revenue in 2020.

Final buzzer sounds on ESPN5 sports website

By Sports website
Dino Maragay –

October 13, 2021 | 11:23

MANILA, Philippines – The sports website of ESPN5, one of the leading sports information portals in the Philippines, closed its operations on Wednesday morning.

This was confirmed by some of the website staff in a series of posts on Twitter.

As of March 2020, ESPN International did not renew its content partnership agreement with TV5 / Cignal, prompting the latter to rename its sports channel to One Sports and remove ESPN5 brand programming from its programming.

The partnership continued online, however, as remained operational with local sports news until staff members confirmed they were severing ties with the website on Tuesday evening.

While the website remains live at time of publication, it is now devoid of local content.

A source who requested anonymity said that plans are underway to launch a standalone One Sports website but have yet to be executed.

TV5’s partnership with ESPN became official on October 12, 2017, with the former acquiring the domestic rights to some of the latter’s US and international shows. These include boxing matches on ESPN Classic, races on the IndyCar series, and select NFL games, including highly anticipated Super Bowl games.

Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt fight crashes Core Sports website

By Sports website

The Core Sports website is suffering from blackouts apparently due to the popularity of the Thor Bjornsson boxing match against Devon Larratt.

We are only a few hours away from the highly anticipated Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt boxing match. And it looks like users who bought the PPV can’t see the stream – at least, not on the official Core Sports site. Core Sports website crashed for many users – citing a database error.

What originally started as a mega Hafthor fight against Eddie Hall of strong men turned boxers – the first event suffered a few setbacks and a few roster changes. Much of this was due to the fact that Eddie Hall was suffering from an injury and had to drop out of the game. With the strongman match postponed for now, Bjornsson has agreed to face Devon Larratt. The title fight is scheduled for today at 4 p.m. EST.

But it seems that those who wish to fight Hafhtor Bjornsson now face another hurdle – as the official live streaming site is currently suffering from outage issues. As of this writing, no official statement has been made by Core Sports. It seems the overwhelming popularity of the fight caused the website to crash.

Technically, the PPV event has already started – with more fights on the map leading up to Hafhtor Bjornsson’s headlining match against Devon Larratt. Just a few hours away, fans are hoping the issue will be resolved in time.

In Core Sports’ latest Instagram promotional post, many fans inundated comments that they couldn’t watch the feed or even load the website without an error message:

Hafthor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt: the story so far

Prior to the fight, Thor Bjornsson has been working on his boxing skills steadily for over a year and a half now and has made great strides. The skills he was able to develop have been truly impressive and show that he has more than enough talent to perform well against professional boxers. His weight loss and transformational shredding has also garnered a lot of attention in the world of strongmen and boxing.

Devon Larratt, meanwhile, has little to no boxing experience. The arm wrestling champion recently admitted he was a terrible boxer ahead of his match against Thor Bjornsson. While arm wrestlers are known for their immense strength, you need more than just power to be a successful boxer. Devon Larratt certainly has an uphill battle ahead of him.

This kind of website overload isn’t necessarily a new story in the history of popular streaming events. HBO’s hugely popular Game Of Thrones series suffered website and streaming outages often during the series’ finals and premieres, due to the show’s overwhelming popularity.

Unlike Game Of Thrones, however, this is a PPV event with fans paying specifically for this singular stream. As a live sporting event – this kind of breakdown is painfully frustrating for those looking to see the fight live – and those looking to get their money’s worth.

Some fans have said that the Core Sports app performed better when connecting to the stream. If you’re ready to watch and having trouble logging into the website, try visiting and log in with your account. Generation Iron has not confirmed that this technique works – but it can be useful for those worried about missing the headlining event.

This story is still in development – so stay tuned to Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates and results for the match as they become available!

New Zagreb Tourism Office sports website created with the Croatian Olympic Committee

By Sports website

September 15, 2021 – The Zagreb Tourism Board’s sports website was created in cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee to present the capital as a modern sports center.

In cooperation with the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Zagreb Tourist Board has released a new website dedicated to sports in Zagreb. You can see it here.

Considering the growing importance of Zagreb as a modern sports center and the need to further position Zagreb in the sports tourism segment, the site includes an overview of current sports events, a list of sports facilities and venues and recreational activities, the activities offered and a historical overview of the rich sporting history of Zagreb and Croatia, reports HRTurizam.

“TZGZ is developing sports tourism as a special form of tourism offering which helps to create a new quality and competitive position in the tourism market,” says TZGZ director Martina Bienenfeld, adding that Zagreb has a proven track record. repeatedly as a main host of many national and international sporting events, including various world championships and world cups.

“In addition, our city offers large outdoor and indoor spaces for professional, amateur and recreational sports, as well as for sports preparations for foreign and domestic competitors. Our pages bring together all of Zagreb’s sporting offerings in one place, providing the necessary information in a clear, effective and efficient manner. In addition, the new pages represent a platform for concrete promotional activities which we will intensify with a new promotional film dedicated to sport in Zagreb.

Congratulations to all of our Olympians and Paralympians for the great successes achieved at the Olympic Games, where we have once again shown that, although we are a small country, we can achieve great sporting and tourism successes, ”said Bienenfeld.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Zlatko Mateša, said that in addition to the impressive results of the Zagreb athletes who promote the city, the tourist effects achieved through the sporting events are an integral part of this success.

“Almost every year we have sporting events that significantly affect the occupation of tourist facilities in Zagreb, and the already established and world famous ones, like the Snow Queen or Hanžek, have been doing so for many years. European tourist destination for Advent events, the Sljeme Snow Queen gives Zagreb an additional icing on tourist attractions at this time of year. The renovated RŠC Jarun also offers the opportunity for major sporting events. European and global level, so we will soon be talking more about it in the context of sports offer and sports tourism.Many smaller sporting events with a long tradition also significantly enrich the sports offer in Zagreb, which is really diverse and brings it together in one place – that’s to be commended, ”said Mateša.

The website is available in six languages ​​- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and, of course, Croatian, and the navigation is designed by categories which can be searched quickly and easily.

Croatian Tourism and Sports Minister Nikolina Brnjac said Croatia has proven to be an excellent host in the organization of many sporting events. The management of such events contributes to a more complete and diversified tourist offer.

“By developing sports tourism, we also contribute to the development of tourism throughout the year, so I welcome this cooperation between the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Croatian Olympic Committee, where tourists, especially sports fans, will have the opportunity to learn all the information about current sporting events in one place and get to know Zagreb and the history of Croatian sport better. Therefore, I call all organizers of sporting and other events to once again assume responsibility and compliance with epidemiological measures, and tourists to responsibly enjoy the wealth of tourism offers Zagreb and Croatia. “

For the purposes of promoting Zagreb as an ideal sporting destination, a promotional film has been produced and available on the official YouTube channel as well as on the website:

To follow the latest sports news in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN page.

To find out more about sports in Croatia, CLICK HERE.

Daily Racing Form and DRF Bets unveil DRF Sports online and mobile sports site

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Image Source: Daily Race Form

Daily race form, a data and editorial provider for horse racing and sports enthusiasts in North America, and an online and mobile betting platform Paris DRF, will launch a new online and mobile sports website.

The DRF Sports The portal will use a localized approach to content, featuring sports betting statistics, information and analysis on all major US professional sports, as well as college football and basketball.

DRF is also planning to launch a free sports app that gives sports fans the chance to win money and other prizes by betting on sporting events. Later this year, it plans to publish online and mobile sports betting state by state.

DRF is part of Sports information group, a New York-based global omnichannel B2B and B2C company in sports, technology, digital, media and betting, which recently merged with Affinity games to create Interactive affinity

Itay fisher, CEO of Sports Information Group, said: “We are passionate about continuing to grow our sports business and we are focused on executing our ambitious plans to deliver a world-class digital sports betting product to fans. sports across the United States.

“DRF has always provided the best handicap, analytics and news content for horse racing enthusiasts using data driven insights, and now we have expanded our online and mobile offerings with the launch of DRF Sports.

“Our vision is to replicate the successful business model we have built within the racing community to provide unique betting content alongside top notch sports betting that will position us to ultimately take bets from every state. “

James zenni, President of Affinity Interactive, added, “Today’s announcement is the first of many exciting developments currently underway on Affinity Interactive’s growing platform.

“The creation of DRF Sports is a milestone for us and our loyal sports enthusiasts, who will now be able to access exclusive and up-to-date sports betting information on all major US sports online and from their phones. “

Belarus bans sports website as ‘extremist’

By Sports website

A Belarusian court banned a popular sports portal and called it “extremist” amid intensifying repression against the media and civil society.

The Home Office said on August 6 that and all of its social media channels were banned because its administrators posted “materials calling for extremist activity.”

Sharing content from the sports website could result in fines or jail time, the Home Office said.

Access to in Belarus was blocked last year following an August 2020 presidential election that gave strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka a contested sixth term.

The creator of the project, Dzmitry Navosha, is a strong supporter of the pro-democracy protest movement challenging the Lukashenka regime. He is also the founder of, a Russian sports website.

Commenting on the labeling, Navosha said on Twitter that her websites will continue their work.

“In general, avoid reading material that is not recognized as extremist. This is of course now such a sign of quality,” he said.

Lukashenka has stepped up the crackdown on activists, media and civil society in recent weeks, as the country approaches a one-year mark since the disputed presidential election sparked unprecedented protests and international condemnation of his government.

Maven raises $ 20 million, buys sports website TheSpun

By Sports website

Maven (MVEN) , parent company of media properties such as Sports Illustrated and TheStreet, said the company added a number of investment partners last week, raising nearly $ 20 million.

Maven also acquired the sports website TheSpun, further strengthening its Sports Illustrated Media network.

Maven CEO Ross Levinsohn said in a statement that the valuation of the company for the recent funding round rose more than 70% from the previous cycle last fall.

He said he expected the company to complete the final financing close within a week or two.

He said the company is close to completing all of the Securities and Exchange Commission filings needed to bring the company up to date for the first time. The move would allow the company to increase its shares on the Nasdaq this year, Levinsohn said.

Stocks fall as investors weigh in on inflation and corporate taxes

Terms of the acquisition of TheSpun were not disclosed.

Maven said the TheSpun site started in 2012 and covered college sports. It has grown to cover a wide range of sports including professional baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey and more, as well as college level games.

TheSpun joins Maven’s Sports Illustrated Media Network. TheSpun founder Matt Lombardi joins the team of Maven Media Chairman Rob Barrett.

Lombardi will hold the title of vice president and general manager of growth for sports while continuing to manage TheSpun, the company said.

ESPN Veteran Ivan Maisel Joins New On3 College Sports Website Network

By Sports website

In November, longtime ESPN college football writer Ivan Maisel was one of some 300 employees made redundant in the company’s latest round of layoffs. In 2002, Maisel was the first college football writer hired for, and he’s been a big part of their coverage since then. Now he has announced his next move, joining the soon to be launched college sports site network, which involves Shannon Terry (as CEO) and many others who previously worked at Rivals and 247 Sports. Maisel said he was heading there as vice president of editorial, senior editor and investor. Here’s more from Maisel’s post to the new site on why he made the decision:

I understood that what I want to do is continue to cover college football nationwide, as I have been doing since 1987. I will do it through a new platform. Today is my first day on, the name derived from what players are saying as they break their caucus.

Our goal at On3 is to be the college sports destination for fans who love not only games but the show. It might be redundant, now that I think about it, but we intend to cover college sports from the end of eighth grade to the minute Roger Goodell (or Adam Silver) goes to the lectern to start. the draft. We will try to capture the wonder of college sports, both the wonder (How did this player do that?) And the wonder out loud (Why did this coach do that?) .

On3 is new, but not the people behind it. CEO Shannon Terry and his team created They created Like these sites, On3 will focus on recruiting. We intend to use the data to shed some light on recruiting, to define and explain the creation of rights to the name, image and likeness of student-athletes and, of course, to better explain the field play as well.

There will be a difference between On3 and these sites – a greater focus on writing. We want On3 to be the trusted voice of fans from College Park to College Station, from Boulder to Rocky Top. The staff we bring together will bring a tremendous amount of talent and experience to our readers, all with a mission to become synonymous with national university sport.

It’s interesting to see the launch of another network of college sports venues (their main site says the launch will take place on August 15). AA has learned that it already has agreements with some established sites, including sites covering Clemson and the State of Ohio. We’ll see how it goes, and we’ll see what Maisel does there. But it’s certainly remarkable that a new site appeals to someone so well established months before its launch.

[Photo from Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser, via]

Launch of a new sports website | Local News

By Sports website

While playing baseball together in college, Brock Hudgens and Justin Seager realized the community needed to involve young people in the sport.

Hudgens and Seager launched a website called Play’n Sports on Monday to inform the public about facilities, colleges and nonprofits that provide sports for young people. The website can be searched by specific locations and sports.

“We promote the camps online and help others by advertising,” Seager said. “It’s totally free.”

Because the two share a love for baseball, Hudgens said, they decided to design Play’n Sports primarily for baseball and softball, but eventually for all sports. They had the idea in December.

It started as just outreach for Caldwell and Catawba counties and the Charlotte area, but it will grow, Hudgens said.

“We saw how useful the website was and decided to expand it to eventually be available nationwide, helping people everywhere,” he said.

The motivation behind this was to see how difficult it was for college coaches to market to parents. Hudgens said they wanted to help coaches, parents and students find places where they could learn and play.

The main goal is to help parents who don’t know where to start, Hudgens said.

Seager said the biggest part for him was just helping the community and growing the game.

Hudgens, 29, grew up in Jamestown and went to Southwest Guilford High School, where he played baseball and graduated in 2010. He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and played baseball there until in 2014. After college, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers. and played two minor league seasons, in Arizona, Wisconsin and Montana.

He and his wife moved to Hickory in 2016, then to Granite Falls in 2020.

Seager, 29, grew up in Kannapolis, where he attended Northwest Cabarrus High School and graduated in 2010. He also went to UNC Charlotte and played baseball there for three years. In 2013 he was drafted by the Seattle Mariners and played five seasons for them.

Seager now lives in Charlotte and works for Blast Motion, a sports technology company.

Seager said not only will the children benefit, but the community will too.

“We want to help share and grow the community through baseball and softball. This will allow children to get out and play. They will learn physical, social and mental lessons to build skills that can be used later in life,” he said. “I want to spread the word about teaching and coaching, something I always loved doing when I was playing in college.”

Journalist Carmen Boone can be reached at 828-610-8723

Journalist Carmen Boone can be reached at 828-610-8723

Fox acquires sports website Outkick from Clay Travis

By Sports website

Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images for Politicon

Fox Corp. bought Clay Travis‘ Outkick self-proclaimed “Fearless Sports Media Company”. The acquisition was announced by Lachlan Murdoch Wednesday afternoon during the Fox Corp. earnings call.

Travis founded the company in 2011, building a more conservative response to sports coverage, in response to what many consider ESPN’s more left-leaning leanings. Terms of the sale were not disclosed, but Travis acknowledged the deal in a press release.

“Outkick was born out of my passion for producing bold, knowledgeable and entertaining content about sports, news and, more recently, sports betting. With the power of Fox behind us, we look forward to continuing the commitment Outkick’s unwavering commitment to this mission, as well as further accelerating our audience growth and continuing to lead the sportsbook affiliate category,” said Travis.

Fox and Travis already have a solid relationship. Travis’ is a regular contributor to FS1 Live Fox Bet and his morning radio show airs on Fox Sports Radio, with more than 300 affiliates across the country.

Travis’ radio show reaches more than 10 million listeners each month, while the less than a year-old Outkick podcast network already averages more than four million monthly downloads.

Outkick has touted significant traffic growth in recent years as Travis’ unfiltered takes and willingness to challenge mainstream media have attracted expanding audiences. The site has exceeded its original sports focus, now including news, culture and gambling with a growing number of journalists.

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Sportskeeda becomes the 2nd largest sports website in India

By Sports website

This milestone is particularly significant given its timing, as it comes amid the plethora of issues facing the media industry.

Sportskeeda, one of India’s leading online sports platforms, recently announced that it was ranked number two in the Comscore sports website rankings in India. This milestone is particularly significant given its timing, as it comes amid the plethora of issues facing the media industry.

Digital sports media saw a sharp drop in consumption early last year, due to the cancellation of several major sporting events around the world. But Sportskeeda has still managed to multiply its audience and set new records and is now only Cricbuzz in India.

Sportskeeda recorded its highest ever readership at IPL 2020. The website recorded 102 million unique users and 1.8 billion ad impressions between September 19, 2020 and November 10, 2020.

In 2020, Sportskeeda also became the country’s leading esports news publisher, having expanded its coverage to several different segments. Additionally, the company has had considerable success with its new video formats; series like SK Live, SK Tales, Freehit and Rubaru as well as other short and snackable sports videos have received many positive reactions from users.

Speaking about this historic moment, Porush Jain, Founder and Managing Director of Sportskeeda, said:

“Sportskeeda had humble beginnings, and it’s heartbreaking to see that today we’re in second place in the Comscore rankings for sports websites in India. It’s a tough business and a tough market, but fans of sports have delivered their verdict. Credit goes to the strong team of creators and content managers who have been with us for over a decade now! The team is more motivated than ever and this next step will only be a source of extra motivation. We will continue to focus all of our energies on delivering the most entertaining content possible to hardcore sports fans.”

Sportskeeda’s commitment to generating quality content and putting its users first at every stage has been instrumental in its phenomenal growth over the past few years. The company looks set to build on its momentum and become the ultimate platform for sports fans.

Sportskeeda becomes 2nd largest sports site in India: Comscore report

By Sports website

Sportskeeda recently announced that it has claimed second place in Comscore’s sports website ranking in India. This step is especially important given its timing, as it comes amid the plethora of issues facing the media industry.

Digital sports media saw a sharp drop in consumption at the start of last year, due to the cancellation of several major sporting events around the world. But Sportskeeda has still managed to multiply its audience and set new records and is now only surpassed by Cricbuzz in India.

Sportskeeda recorded its highest readership ever at IPL 2020. The website recorded 102 million unique users and 1.8 billion ad impressions between September 19, 2020 and November 10, 2020.

In 2020, Sportskeeda also became the leading publisher of esports news in the country, after expanding its coverage to several different segments. In addition, the company has seen considerable success with its new video formats; series such as SK Live, SK Tales, Freehit and Rubaru, as well as other short-lived sports snack videos, have received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Speaking about this historic moment, Porush Jain, Founder and CEO of Sportskeeda, said: “Sportskeeda had humble beginnings, and it is overwhelming to see that today we are in second place in the Comscore ranking of sports websites in India. It’s a tough business and a tough market, but sports fans have delivered their verdict. Credit goes to the strong team of content creators and managers who have been with us for over a decade now! The team is more motivated than ever, and this new step will only be a source of additional motivation. We will continue to focus all of our energies on serving the most entertaining content possible for hardcore sports fans. “

Sportskeeda’s commitment to generating quality content and putting its users first at every step has been at the heart of its phenomenal growth over the past few years. The company looks set to build on its momentum and become the ultimate platform for sports fans.

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US sports site The Athletic gears up for launch in Australia

By Sports website

Any entry into the Australian market would come after one of the most difficult years for the local sports media industry. The suspension of games and events due to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in job losses across the industry, including a major cut in Fox Sports and the NRL digital team. Newswire Australian Associated Press also cut its sports coverage when it was bought by a group of investors and philanthropists.


athleticism is one of two leading international outlets attempting to establish a presence in the local market this year. The Pedestrian TV Group announced earlier this month that it will be launching a local version of the leading women’s lifestyle website, Refinery29, and would reinvest in a local branch of Vice.

If successful, athleticism would join international websites like Goalkeeper Australia and Australia Daily Mail, who have been operating in Australia for years. However, unlike other international websites of a generalist nature, athleticism specializes in sports, and its content is behind a paywall.

Other major US outlets such as HuffPost France and BuzzFeed fought locally. BuzzFeed closed its Australian news division last year around the same time 10Every day, a local lifestyle website owned by ViacomCBS, has closed. More recently HuffPost France, which significantly reduced its operations in 2017, has closed.

Get an inside look at new FOX Sports website, app with Hall of Fame broadcaster Joe Buck

By Sports website

FOX Sports has unveiled its new FOX Sports app and, completely redesigned to serve the sports fans of today and tomorrow.

Innovative products showcase the best video, storytelling, stats and live streaming experience in sports – and here to show how it all works is Hall of Fame broadcaster Joe Buck.

Key features include:

STORIES: Users glide through the most important topics of the day, with a multimedia perspective and analysis of the most important voices in sport. Driven by editorial sensibilities and data-driven insights, each story offers a 360-degree view of the sporting topics that matter most.

LIVE: Every FOX Sports game and studio show is available to TV subscribers at the touch of a button. Users watch full screen or flip vertically to get real-time stats, projections, highlights, social feeds and more.

NFL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, College Football, College Basketball, WWE, PBC, PBA and Liga MX, plus all daily FS1 and FOX Deportes studio shows, are just a click away.


BONUS CAMS: Select games and events will now include patent-pending bonus cameras, where fans can watch the live stream while choosing between secondary streams with different camera angles and perspectives.


SCORE : Fan searches show a desire for easy-to-navigate score pages that are high in experience. The new design makes it easy to access the scores and times fans want. The date, time and TV network are shown alongside the main odds (spread, money line, total) from the FOX Bet Sportsbook.


FAVOURITES: Fans can customize their experience by choosing their favorite leagues, teams and players. Robust content sections for all favorites are highlighted in the Explore tab.


This station is owned by the FOX Corporation.

Check out the new FOX Sports website, the app featuring Hall of Fame broadcaster Joe Buck

By Sports website

FOX Sports has unveiled its new FOX Sports app and, completely redesigned to serve the sports fans of today and tomorrow.

The innovative products present the best video, storytelling, stats and live streaming experience in sports – and here to show how it all works, Hall of Fame broadcaster Joe Buck.

The main features include:

STORIES: Users access the most important topics of the day, with a multimedia perspective and analysis of the sport’s most important voices. Driven by editorial sensibility and data-driven insight, each story offers a 360-degree view of the most important sports topics.

LIVE: Every FOX Sports game and studio show is available to TV subscribers with the push of a button. Users watch in full screen mode or flip vertically for real-time stats, projections, highlights, social feeds and more.

NFL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, College Football, College Basketball, WWE, PBC, PBA and Liga MX, plus all daily broadcasts from FS1 and FOX Deportes studios are just a click away.


BONUS CAMS: Some games and events will now include patent-pending bonus cameras, where fans can watch the live stream while choosing between side streams with different camera angles and perspectives.


NOTES: Fan research shows a desire for easy to navigate and high score pages within the experience. The new design makes it easier to access the scores and times fans want. Date, time and TV network are shown alongside key odds (spread, money line, total) of the FOX Bet Sportsbook.


FAVORITES: Fans can personalize their experience by choosing their favorite leagues, teams and players. Robust content sections for all favorites are highlighted in the Explore tab.


This station is owned by the FOX Corporation.

This sports site perfectly appropriates the street art of Detroit | Art Stories and Interviews | Detroit

By Sports website
Click to enlarge

We were surprised to see a long history of Detroit street art in The ring, from all places. Although billing itself as a pop culture website, the website was founded by sportswriter Bill Simmons in 2016 and primarily covers sports. But the website released a nuanced exploration of Detroit’s street art scene on Thursday that is well worth reading for anyone interested in art and urban dynamics and the collision of the two.

“The Rise and Risk of the Wall Economy,” a nearly 6,000-word deep dive, picks up several different threads — many of which have already been covered here in MTincluding Murals in the Market, Mayor Mike Duggan’s graffiti war, anxiety over gentrification, Ford’s acquisition of Michigan Central Station, neighborhood branding (thanks for the link! ) – and masterfully synthesizes them into one insightful piece.

The central question is the role played, unconsciously or not, by “hungry” artists in the transformation of cities. In addition to physically transforming walls with colorful murals, artwork can, especially in the hands of businesses, serve to transform entire neighborhoods, raising the profile (and real estate listings) of previously underserved communities. assessed.

An example passage:

Street art is now a business, not just a passion project, and artists are entrepreneurs. Although they are finding more opportunities than ever to paint, disentangling the joy of labor from the complexity of its impacts is becoming more difficult as the art itself becomes more valuable to more people. “If a developer has a lot of money and they’re going to pay me and I need a job, weighing my morals against my rent is a very difficult decision to make,” says Ellen Rutt, an artist of Detroit who has painted both commercial and non-commercial murals. “And I feel like it’s hard to empower the people who are most at risk and also feeling the effects of gentrification. That’s one of the hardest parts – sometimes I paint a wall and I literally paint myself from my own apartment.

The story leaves the question open – no one knows how things will turn out in Detroit – but it does raise some interesting points along the way. You can read the whole story here.

Stay on top of Detroit news and views. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter sent every Wednesday.

VYPE Media launches new website and sports app for over 600 high schools

By Sports website

The main features of the website and mobile app include:

  • Hyper-local and rich content including editorials, game schedules, box scores, player stats, videos and game recaps
  • Coverage of 13 varsity sports (girls and boys) in over 600 secondary schools
  • Team sites with content specific to individual schools and their sports programs
  • Trending articles and social media feeds
  • User profiles with home pages and personalized feeds
  • Unique user interface including the ability to like and comment on articles and interact with all content

“We believe that sport is the key to development, and therefore our goal is to relentlessly promote high school sport. The website and app will help us connect fans, families, schools and brands to that local sports programs can thrive, “said Matt Malatesta, co-founder of VYPE Magazine and current director of content for VYPE Media.

The VYPE website and app are now live. Visitors are encouraged to find their favorite teams and sports and to create a free user account at

The VYPE mobile app is available for download from iTunes and Google Play stores.
Google Play:

About VYPE Media

VYPE Media, headquartered in Houston, TX, provides exclusive content and services for high school and youth sports. With unique approaches to promoting student athletics, VYPE Media engages local communities of players, teams, coaches, families and fans and develops student athletes, helps schools improve success rates and offers interesting opportunities to advertisers and sponsors wishing to reach the $ 15 billion high school and sports market for young people.

To learn more about VYPE Media’s services and offerings, visit


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Cristiano Ronaldo’s image is back on EA Sports website

By Sports website

Update, October 7: Cristiano Ronaldo appears again on the EA Sports website, having been temporarily removed.

EA is “watching closely” allegations of sexual assault against Juventus and Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer player is the star of EA Sports’ FIFA 19 cover, having also featured on the cover of the previous game in the series.

The allegations against Ronaldo date back to 2009, when the player was still attached to Manchester United. An American claims that Ronaldo sexually assaulted her at a Las Vegas hotel in June of that year, and that she was then paid $ 375,000 before signing a nondisclosure agreement.

Nine years after the alleged incident, the woman identified herself. In an article published last week by German newspaper Der Spiegel, Kathryn Mayorga said she reported the incident to Las Vegas police the day after it allegedly occurred. Since the allegations resurfaced, police have confirmed that they have reopened the investigation and that a rape kit recovered from a hospital the day after the assault was reported is still in their possession. Mayorga has spoken at length with Der Speigel about the allegations and has now filed a civil lawsuit against Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is featured on the cover of the game, but also in the game itself. His character appears in the game’s story mode – The Journey: Champions – and he’s a highly sought after player as well. Ronaldo is the highest rated player in the game when it comes to base stats and can also be acquired as a particularly rare “Ones to Watch” card in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

EA appears to have briefly removed Ronaldo from their official FIFA 19 promotional website, but as of October 7, his image appears there again in the EA Sports drop-down menu for FIFA 19.

We reached out to EA for comment on the allegations and asked if the allegations would impact Ronaldo’s appearance as a cover star in FIFA 19 or in future series titles. In response, a spokesperson said: “We have seen the disturbing report which details the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We are monitoring the situation closely, as we expect cover athletes and ambassadors to behave in a manner consistent with EA’s values.

According to this Resetera thread, Ronaldo’s image was pulled from the EA Sports website earlier this week. However, a recent update to the thread’s original post says its image has been uploaded to the site. While representatives appear for all of the company’s other sports titles, Ronaldo does not appear on EA’s other official marks on FIFA.

There is no direct precedent for EA to take action against cover stars facing legal action. Tiger Woods remained the face of the studio’s golf series during several controversies in the winter of 2009, but NFL stars were removed from the contestant pools – and from the game altogether – as a result of allegations of assault and convictions.

{“schema”: {“page”: {“content”: {“headline”: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s image is back on EA Sports website”, “type”: “news”, “category “:” fifa-19 “},” user “: {” loginstatus “: false},” game “: {” publisher “:” Electronic Arts “,” genre “:” Sports “,” title “:” FIFA 19 “,” genres “:[“Sports”]}}}}

Cristiano Ronaldo removed from EA Sports website in rape investigation | Launderer report

By Sports website

Luca Bruno / Associated press

EA Sports removed image of Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo from a FIFA 19 photo video game coverage on its website Friday.

Onefootball’s Francesco Porzio posted before and after images of the site on Twitter:

Francesco Porzio @fraporzio95

Meanwhile, @EA removed the #CristianoRonaldo photo from the website. Old and new versions ⬇️

EA Sports’ decision to remove Ronaldo’s photo from the website follows the reopening of a Las Vegas police investigation into a allegation by American Kathryn Mayorga that Ronaldo raped her in a hotel room in 2009.

According to the Spanish newspaper LIKE, EA Sports issued the following statement regarding the removal of Ronaldo’s image: “We have seen the disturbing report which details the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We are monitoring the situation closely as we await cover athletes and ambassadors that they behave in a manner consistent with EA’s values. “

After fans noticed that Ronaldo was removed from the banner photo of the game’s Twitter account on Wednesday, a spokesperson for EA Sports said Eurogamer’s Wesley Yin-Poole that the company “updates its social banners for certain marketing beats. “

Last week Ronaldo called the allegation of “fake news” on Instagram Live and added, “They want to promote my name. It’s normal. They want to be famous for saying my name, but that’s part of the job. I am a happy man and everything is fine. “

According to the BBC, Ronaldo would have reached a Settlement of $ 375,000 with Mayorga in 2010. In return, Mayorga agreed not to make the allegation public.

Mayorga’s claim was made public in german magazine Der Spiegel, and Ronaldo’s lawyers called the report of the publication “patently illegal” while announcing their intention to seek damages.

FIFA 19 was released on September 28 with Ronaldo as the cover athlete in his Juventus kit after joining the club during a transfer from Real Madrid in July.

Ronaldo’s image removed from EA Sports website

By Sports website

EA Sports removed Ronaldo’s image from its website and social media pages following rape allegations that surfaced earlier this week.

The Cover Stars of EA Sports’ Biggest Video Game Series – FIFA, Madden, NHL, PGA Tour, NBA Live and UFC – all are on the homepage of the website except Ronaldo. The video game developer recently removed its image from the FIFA banner, as well as their social media channels.

EA Sports has the image of Cristiano Ronaldo on their website

EA and Nike statements

Although he did not state the reasons for the change of website, tThe company released a statement on Wednesday in response to the rape allegations, in which it states: “We have seen the disturbing report which details the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We are monitoring the situation closely as we expect athletes and cover ambassadors to behave in a manner consistent with EA’s values.”

EA is one of two Ronaldo sponsors to make a public statement on the case. On Thursday, Nike said it was “Deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations” against the soccer star. Ronaldo’s lifetime deal with Nike is estimated at $ 1 billion.