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Calling all student entrepreneurs – The Royal Gazette

By April 28, 2022Sports events

Updated: April 28, 2022 9:35 PM

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation is accepting applications for its fifth annual Student Entrepreneur Summer Program.

The SSEP provides students aged 16-23 with the resources and support needed to start, grow and sustain their own business.

The eight-week initiative will run from July 4 to August 26.

The program is designed to make young Bermudians the next wave of entrepreneurs on the island.

A maximum of 15 students will receive educational training, a weekly financial stipend and start-up funds to run their businesses, the BEDC said.

In addition to initial training, BEDC staff will continue to support students to ensure they maximize the experience and earn as much as they can during the summer months.

The three participants with the highest profits will win an additional financial reward.

Deshun Simmons, Program Manager and Deputy Head of Communications and Development at BEDC, said: “The goal of the program is not only to help participants earn money over the summer, but also to instill in them an entrepreneurial spirit that will help them prepare. for their future working in business or as entrepreneurs.

Businesses started last year by students included luxury soy candles, herbal skincare, clothing and lifestyle brand, furniture renovation, Japanese anime clothing and bubble tea.

2021 SSEP graduate and profit winner Marli Spriggs of BookSpace said, “I think BEDC’s SSEP was an ideal starting point to propel me into a strong entrepreneurial momentum, preparing me for my own future endeavours.”

Mr. Simmons added, “The SSEP is a great opportunity for students with entrepreneurial aspirations to put their business ideas to the test.

“The program provides them with a week of intensive entrepreneurship training that shifts their mindset to prepare them for the weeks ahead of being their own boss. I look forward to receiving submissions and seeing the creative and diverse ideas that our young people come up with to implement during their summer vacation. »

Applications are accepted until Sunday, June 5 online at

Marli Spriggs (Akil Simmons File Photo)

Deshun Simmons, program manager and deputy head of communications and development at BEDC (file photo)