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Browns seek respect against Ravens on Yahoo Sports app

By December 11, 2020December 23rd, 2021Sports app

The Cleveland Browns faced the Baltimore Ravens in Game 1 of the season. It looked like the same old Browns.

It looked like the Ravens were picking up where they left off from 2019 as well.

The Ravens won 38-6. It was a horrible start for new Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. Considering the gravity of Cleveland during this century, the result was not surprising.

If you watched that game, you never would have predicted that in the rematch the Browns would go up high and look like a playoff lock while the Ravens fight just to get in. The Browns 9-3 host the 7-5 Ravens on Monday night, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

The Browns are comfortably on the playoff field heading into the game, but they’ll want to show everyone they’re a very different team than this Week 1 blowout.

Browns have bounced back from week 1

The hit on the Browns was that they didn’t beat a lot of quality opponents. It started with the loss to the Ravens. A 38-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers also didn’t help the perception.

That’s what made last week’s win important for Cleveland. They won 41-35 against a team from the Tennessee Titans who led the AFC South. The Browns were leading 38-7 at halftime. Baker Mayfield threw four touchdowns in the first half. It was impressive and against a good team.

It could calm the critics for a week, but if the Browns are overthrown by the Ravens again, the same questions will come up. Cleveland is a good team. It’s difficult to get to 9-3 without being very good. The Browns are directing the ball very well. Now that Jarvis Landry is in good health, the passing game is much better. The defense hasn’t been great, but Cleveland has a few factors of difference, led by defensive end Myles Garrett.

But because of the Browns’ sad history, they will have to continue to prove themselves. The rematch with the Ravens is less about positioning in the playoffs and more about gaining respect.

Ravens need wins to secure playoff spot

After that Week 1 win, the Ravens couldn’t have thought they would be watching the Browns in the standings in mid-December.

The Ravens were 14-2 last season and started this season 5-1. The offense has not been as effective this season but the Ravens were still winning.

Then the trouble started. They lost four out of five. They had a COVID-19 outbreak that forced their Week 12 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to be postponed, and they were extremely shorthanded for a loss to Pittsburgh. The Ravens bounced back to rush for nearly 300 yards in a win over the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night, but it’s hard to say if that took advantage of a horrific Cowboys defense or a sign the Ravens are rediscovering. their form of 2019.

The two teams are desperate, but for different reasons. The Ravens need wins to ensure they get a wildcard spot in a competitive AFC. The Browns haven’t won anything and it would be devastating to lose a playoff berth after a 9-3 start, but there is likely a little extra for them at stake on Monday night.

Either way, it should be a very different game than anyone would have imagined after week 1.

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