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Bounty Sports app review

By October 23, 2021November 24th, 2021Sports app

Bounty Sports is a unique take on the fantasy sports arena, with users taking center stage. In our Sports Bounty review, we discuss the daily contests and why you should try the app.

Bounty Sports – The Experience

Bounty Sports is easily viewed and available for download on the App Store. It’s fast at just 50MB and above and you can jump right into the action in just a few minutes.

There are only a few tabs to see and the interface is transparent and intuitive. Navigating to where you want to go, for example, changing fantasy sports can be done with a few clicks.

We love the clean background and how important texts and numbers are displayed prominently, and how the app prioritizes information over theme or design.

Daily contests are the best feature of Bounty Sports and the meat of the app. Here you can choose the fantastic sports you want and the team you think will win. In terms of variety, you get a lot from fantasy football and MMA to hockey, basketball, and baseball, among others.

Plus, instead of spending a tremendous amount of time and research on what’s considered the norm in traditional fantasy sports, you can just pick a team and let the game play out. If you win and the odds are stacked against you, the app awards more points than picking a favorite. It’s simple and very easy to learn, and you can be rewarded with cash prizes if you’re lucky.

Bounty Sports app cash prizes

Is Bounty Sports legit?

In a nutshell, it is possible to earn money in Bounty Sports and by playing fantastic sports. The payout is pretty quick whenever you ask for it and you can enter daily contests.

Should I download Bounty Sports?

If you’ve been on the fence about fantastic sports due to its steep learning curve and micro-management aspects, then Bounty Sports will prove to be a refreshing change. The app developers have ensured that their fantastic platform is fun and user-centric by making it simple and exciting.

You can also watch the YouTube video for the essentials of Bounty Sports here:

Download the Bounty Sports app