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Best Sports Games On PC – Film Daily

By March 16, 2022March 21st, 2022Sports games

Times for sports fans are not going well during the pandemic. There is no point in watching a game without cheering on your friends and betting on the wins of your favorite team or player or the scores of the game in general. However, with the growth of the online betting industry, you have a way out. There are various online betting sites that allow you to make sports bets directly from home. Departure at Meta-review to get reviews of the best online betting sites and choose the best one for you. Now let’s see the best sports games you can play on your PC.

  1. soccer manager

The franchise is popular for building one of the most strategic games of all time that also involves deep analysis. With Football Manager 2022, you find yourself in the shoes of the next Pep Guardiola. So you have to manage your squad which can contain some really testy players in a transfer budget which can be quite tight at times. The game has a huge database that contains the greatest details of thousands of players, their records, potential and style of play. Whether you choose a non-league team or a super league team, this game gives you everything you need to be a great manager.


There aren’t many baseball games you can play on your PC, but these excellent baseball series from Metalhead Software are a good alternative to console games. Despite its cartoony aesthetic, it’s a game of great depth while being accessible. There is both multiplayer and single player content that you can explore. Additionally, the recent Franchise mode lets you navigate through multiple seasons rather than just one. It’s about building a great baseball team from scratch and watching it win.

  1. FIFA 2022

Since the 1990s, it’s probably the most famous of all PC games. FIFA 11 introduces Ultimate Team to players. Since then, he has easily dominated the football scene in PC games. The card game has changed the way of sports games as players buzz around the latest additions to the game happening every week. Being able to collect all your favorite players from the past as well as recent times is an amazing feature and no football fan can live without it.

  1. MADDEN NFL 2022

The NFL series had taken a long hiatus from PC gaming before resurfacing recently. Madden NFL is the only PC football game exclusively dedicated to American football. American football finds no representation in any other game available on PC. Moreover, the PC and console counterparts have exactly the same features which are good for PC gamers. The Madden 22 is the best of the lot. There have been complaints of less competition, but fans should own it until it grows bigger.

Play and let us know if these really are the best!