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Bally Sports app launches on March 31: here’s what to expect

By March 30, 2021December 10th, 2021Sports app

Update: The Fox Sports Go app has not yet received the Bally Sports update. We have contacted the company for more details and will come back with an update when we know more.

As of Wednesday, March 31, Sinclair Broadcasting will complete the renaming of Fox Sports Regional Networks under its new name, Bally Sports Networks. The Fox Sports Go app will become the Bally Sports app this spring, where fans can watch 46 NHL, NBA and MLB teams on 21 regional networks. With the rebranding and the new app, fans will be able to experience live sports like never before. Here’s a breakdown of everything cord cutters need to know when it comes to streaming their favorite team.

What is the Bally Sports app?

By replacing the existing Fox Sports Go app, the Bally Sports app will be available on Android and Apple devices. With the launch of the new app, Bally Sports RSNs will host “Bally Sports Opening Day,” a live broadcast featuring highlights from the NHL, NBA, tennis and opening day. MLB. Prior to the start of broadcasting of most local games, “Bally Sports Big Opening Day” will offer fans the best opportunity to catch all of the incredible moments from the world of sports being broadcast on Bally Sports RSN. Michael Kim, Kristina Pink and Eric Collins will host all the action.

The Bally Sports app has big plans, including allowing fans to place live bets. Not only will this increase the incentive for fans to follow their local teams, but it will also bring a new revenue stream for Sinclair-owned networks as they strike deals to make the networks more widely available on streaming services.

Which teams can I watch with RSN Bally Sports?

Across the three leagues, there are 46 teams (16 MLB, 17 NBA, and 13 NHL) across 21 networks.

Bally Sports Arizona Arizona Diamondbacks Phoenix Suns Arizona Coyotes
Bally Sports Detroit Detroit Tigers Detroit Pistons Detroit Red Wings
Bally Sports Florida Miami Marlins miami heat Florida Panthers
Bally Sports Indiana Indiana Pacers
Bally Sports Kansas City Kansas City Royals
Bally Sports Midwest Cardinals of Saint-Louis Blues de Saint-Louis
Bally Sports New Orleans New Orleans Pelicans
Bally Sports North Minnesota Twins Minnesota Timber Wolves Minnesota Savage
Bally Sports Ohio Cincinnati Reds The Cleveland Cavaliers Columbus blue jackets
Bally Sports Oklahoma Thunder of Oklahoma City
Bally Sports SoCal Anaheim Ducks
Bally Sports San Diego San Diego Padres
Bally Sports South Atlanta Braves Atlanta Hawks Nashville Predators
Bally Sports South East Charlotte HornetsMemphis Grizzlies Carolina hurricanes
Bally Sports South West Texas Rangers Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs Dallas Stars
Bally Sports Sun Tampa Bay Rays Magic of Orlando Tampa Bay Lightning
Bally Sports West Los Angeles Angels LA mowers Kings of Los Angeles
Bally Sports Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers milwaukee dollars
Bally Sports Great Lakes Cleveland Indians
Branded sports network Chicago Cubs
Network YES New York Yankees brooklyn nets

How to watch Bally Sports RSNs

As of launch day, Bally Sports’ RSNs will not be available on most streaming services; However, there are several ways for sports fans to watch their favorite local teams.

AT&T TV (plans without contract)

For $ 85 / month, the “Choice” package gives viewers the freedom not to be locked into a contract, for a one-year limited time of HBO Max and NBA League Pass Premium, and all of the top 35 channels in the world. cable, plus the MLB network, and NBA Television. Fans can replay their favorite moments with 20 hours of DVR space included. Upgrade to the “Premier” package for an additional $ 10 / month and watch NHL coverage on the NHL Network.

AT&T TV (2 year contract plans)

If you can commit to a two-year contract, the “Choice” plan is only $ 65 / month (before the RSN fee of nearly $ 8.50); however, after the first year, it’s $ 110 / month.

TV Everywhere IDs

The new Bally Sports app will give users the option to use their TV Everywhere login credentials to watch their favorite game on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, laptop, mobile phone or any other streaming device. As long as you or someone in your household subscribes to a cable, satellite or streaming provider that broadcasts Bally Sports RSNs, you have the ability to watch your favorite game from anywhere.

Direct to consumer

It is intended to bring Bally Sports RSNs directly to consumers without the need to subscribe to a third-party provider. Unfortunately, the service will not be available at launch; However, it is expected to bring the networks directly to fans in 2022. Combined with Bally Sports’ plans to allow in-game betting, putting games in the hands direct to consumers will allow RSN to revolutionize the way we do business. let’s watch sports.