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AT&T brings AR content to live sports games

By May 14, 2022May 16th, 2022Sports games

No more watching the jumbotron during live matches to see stats.

AR sports entertainment company quintary and AT&T are teaming up to change the way you watch live sports by allowing you to access AR content in arenas and sports venues while games are played using the AT&T 5G network. The fan technology platform promises to be a game changer for sports entertainment by reinventing the way you experience live games.

Instead of having to watch the jumbotron for stats or in-game replays, you’ll instead be using your mobile device to access AR content overlaid on the real-time world. This can range from gamebook graphics and player stats to various other information you might see while watching the game at home on your TV. This will be achieved using a one-of-a-kind platform called Q.reality.

“The energy you feel watching a match in person is powerful. We are exploring ways to leverage that with an immersive experience that uses engaging graphics and augmented visualizations powered by AT&T 5G,” said Glenn Couper, Assistant Vice President, 5G Products and Innovation, AT&T in an official press release.

“Today’s fans are more data-driven than ever, and Quintar has the tools to extend fans’ viewing experience by overlaying the digital world around them, while AT&T 5G has the high capacity and low latency to personalize content in an engaging way that blends the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality.We’re excited to work together and deliver what fans need to stay informed about a way that complements the live action they came to see.

Currently, AT&T has an exclusive deal to be the official 5G wireless network for the NBA and WNBA, which will be the infrastructure Quintar will use to deliver AR content to your phone as you root for your favorite basketball team.

Most recently, Quintar was named the Official Mobile AR Developer of the PGA Tour and as such will use its Q.reality platform to deliver real-world accurate AR content across a variety of golf-related metaverse experiences in the goal of producing a more natural mix of physical and digital content, which also happens to be the same platform used with the NBA and WNBA.

Having a partnership with AT&T will greatly expand Q.reality’s reach with other sports and possibly even live concert events, not to mention it offers killer content for all types of fans.

In the same press release, Buddy Scott, Quintar’s Senior Vice President, Platform Products and Experiences, expressed his excitement for the new partnership, saying: “The reason I’m more than excited for sports fans is that augmented reality is about to go from being a tool that’s only been used to provide marketing gimmicks around the game to a very personal, naturally simple and indispensable companion for watching games,” with Scott adding, “The Quintar platform, which offers precise long-range AR visualization, combined with AT&T 5G, transforms home game attendance into powerful and meaningful AR metaverse experiences in-game and on the field.”

Q.reality is device-agnostic, meaning you’ll be able to use your iPhone or Android device to access AR content. The platform is designed to deliver cool interactive content no matter where you’re seated, whether you’re seated next to the pitch or stuck in a nosebleed.

To learn more about Quinter and Q.reality, visit the company’s website by clicking here.

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