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Assam Cricket Association will focus on infrastructure development: Officials

By December 19, 2021Sports games

The Assam Cricket Association (ACA) is focused on developing grassroots infrastructure rather than hosting international matches as flagship events, its officials said on Sunday.

He is also ensuring transparency in all his financial transactions after charges of embezzlement against the state’s apex cricket body under his former regime, they added.

Addressing a press conference at the end of its general meeting here, ACA President Romen Dutta said: “We have taken a number of decisions to strengthen cricket’s infrastructure as well as to increase our membership count. ” The State Cricket Academy and the club to reconnect with our former players, employees and technical staff were also given during the meeting, ” he added.

Elaborating on the decisions, ACA Secretary Devajit Saikia said: “We plan to develop a cricket infrastructure at the local level and address shortages at all levels.” Matches are events, but our goal is to strengthen our own base and produce top notch players, ” he said.

Saikia added that the state would get their next big international game in October based on the BCCI’s game allocation rotation system, although it could also be as early as next March that Guwahati will get their next international game.

He further said the ACA was not too keen on hosting international matches due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, as these are often canceled at the last moment or must be played in front of empty stands.

Among the key decisions made at Sunday’s meeting was granting the affiliation to Majuli, making them the ninth team to play under the ACA, Saikia said.

The constitution of the State Cricket Academy was also passed and a committee, led by former player Rajinder Singh, was formed to move it forward, he said.

The academy will look after the professional training needs of cricketers as well as professionals associated with the sport in the state.

A residential facility accommodating 50 people as part of the academy is also being considered, the ACA secretary added.

The final form of the ’91 Yards’ club, through which the ACA will reconnect and bring together former cricketers, staff and state technical experts, was also approved at the meeting, he said. he declares.

The ACA has already started several tournaments at the club and district level. We will be hosting a college level and an office league early next year, ” he added.

When asked if any suspected financial anomalies within ACA during the tenure of the previous executive committee were in the general meeting, Saikia said: “ There was no discussion on this matter on Sunday. . We discussed it to the point in our last executive on August 28. ‘ACA handed over their report to the police and they have already started to act,’ ‘he said.

Former ACA secretary Pradip Buragohain was arrested on Wednesday on allegations of embezzlement during his term from 2016 to 2019 and is currently in police custody.

Saikia further claimed that a transparent accounting mechanism has been put in place, including requiring the ACA to upload details of any transaction over one lakh to its website.

“We make sure that the accounts are neat to the best of our ability and if anyone finds any wrongdoing, we ask them to bring it to our attention,” he added.

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