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All Wii Sports games are missing from Switch Sports

By February 13, 2022Sports games

Another sequel to Sports Wiicalled Nintendo Switch Sports, was recently announced, but it won’t include all of the games featured in previous releases. The new game was revealed during the February 2022 Nintendo Direct, where some of its new and returning features were showcased. Nintendo Switch Sports will launch with six games to play, with a seventh planned via a free update coming in the fall. Of all the games included in Sports Wii and Wii Sports Complex11 are missing Nintendo Switch Sports.

Sports Wii is one of the most popular games ever made, in part because it’s a pack-in title with the console in North America. It was basically a tech demo, letting people get familiar with the Wii Remote and its motion controls. It also allowed players to use the brand new Mii they created. Simple game mechanics realized Sports Wii huge success as a party title, which eventually led to a more expansive sequel, Wii Sports Complex. Both are in the top three best-selling Wii games of all time, alongside Mario Kart Wii. the original Sports Wii would later be remastered in high definition for the Wii U as Wii Sports Club.


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Nintendo Switch Sports is being reborn Sports Wii classics like bowling, tennis, and possibly golf, which are coming in the update scheduled for fall. It is also to bring back Wii Sports Complex‘s Swordplay game like Chambara, a term that is usually used in the context of what is called samurai cinema in English. In addition to these throwback games, Nintendo Switch Sports introduces three new ones to the range: Badminton, Volleyball and Soccer. That leaves two missing from Sports Wiiand nine of the greatest Wii Sports Complex.

Wii sports games missing from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports doesn't have two Wii Sports games


One of the two Sports Wii missing games in Nintendo Switch Sports is baseball. This one feels like an odd omission given how popular the sport is in Japan, despite baseball never being one of them. Wii Sports Complex. Players will just have to get their baseball fix from the recently revealed Switch version of MLB The Show 22, featuring Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani on the cover. Although nowhere near as sophisticated as The show, Sports Wii Baseball had a surprising amount of variety in its pitch, which included fastball, curveball, screwball, and splitter.


Boxing was also dropped from the series after Sports Wiiand will not return in Nintendo Switch Sports. Two Miis would face off in the ring until one was eliminated, or three rounds passed, after which a judge would decide the winner. Boxing can be played either in split-screen with two competitors or against Miis CPUs whose skills increase gradually.

Wii Sports Resort games missing from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nine games from Wii Sports Resort are missing from Nintendo Switch Sports

Air sports

The Air Sports game in Wii Sports Complex consisted of three different variants: Dogfight, Island Flyover, and Skydiving. In Dogfight, two players try to pop the balloons behind each other’s plane by shooting at them. Island Flyover gives players five minutes on a plane to collect as many objectives called iPoints as possible. Each iPoint provides trivia about where it was found on Wuhu Island. Skydiving allows players to drop through the air and connect with other Miis to take photos.

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Bows are common weapons in games like Forbidden Horizon Westcorn Wii Sports Complex only allows players to shoot targets in its Archery game mode. There are three different difficulties for players to aim their bow with the Wii Remote: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Each has varying distances to the target, which sometimes moves, and different wind conditions which affect arrow flight. There is also a hidden target in each range – usually a piece of food placed somewhere in the environment.


Basketball is played for the first time in Wii Sports Complex in the form of a 3-Point Contest, like what we see during the NBA All-Star weekend. Players shoot 25 threes from five different locations along the 3-point arc, with the last ball in each rack worth extra points. Completing the contest in 3 points will unlock the three-on-three pick-up game, which has opposing teams of increasing difficulty like Boxing in Sports Wii. There are plenty of Miis CPUs to play basketball against, but there is no offseason to impact the game like NBA 2K22.

Canoe Kayak

Players race either against the clock or against each other Wii Sports ComplexThe Canoe game mode. The Speed ​​Challenge and VS variants have three difficulty levels Beginner, Intermediate and Expert, which determine the number of obstacles in the water. The Wii Remote is held vertically like a canoe paddle. There’s also a practice mode to help players master the controls, where they help a mother duck find her 10 scattered ducklings in a lake.


Cycling is quite similar to canoeing, putting players in a variety of racing scenarios where they use both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck to pedal a bike. Two players can play the VS variant, where they compete against each other and a small team of Miis in races through Wii Sports Complexis the island of Wuhu. The single-player road race allows participants to race against up to 100 CPU Miis, which now seems like a prophetic look at the future of battle royale games.

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Like most of Wii Sports Complex left out games Nintendo Switch Sports, Frisbee also has several variants, Frisbee Dog and Frisbee Golf. Frisbee Dog has players standing on a beach and throwing a Frisbee for a dog to catch, aiming for the dog to catch the disc in the center of a target on the ground. Frisbee Golf, officially known as Disc Golf in real life, will allow players to play on an 18-hole course where the goal is to land the Frisbee in a series of baskets in as few throws as possible.

cruise power

Power Cruising puts the player’s Mii on a jet ski and tasks it with driving it through a series of checkpoints. Playing solo puts Power Cruising on a timer, but multiple people can compete where points are awarded for being the first through a checkpoint. The game reminds Wave Race 64which could appear on NSO, according to a datamine.

Table tennis

Table tennis, sometimes called ping-pong, is also excluded from Nintendo Switch Sports, although it is at least partially represented by two other racket sports, tennis and badminton. Two players can compete in table tennis, or one can play against processors of increasing difficulty. There is also a return challenge where players try to return as many balls as possible to the other side of the table without missing them.


The wakeboard supports up to four players, but only one at a time. Players are pulled behind a boat, repeatedly jumping out of its wake (hence the sport’s name) and performing tricks to score points. The framework on the island of Wuhu is probably responsible for Wii Sports Complexthe propensity of for aquatic modes, none of which will be in the new game. Players may have the chance to try some throwbacks Sports Wii game modes in the Nintendo Switch Sports Online game test, whose registrations open on February 15.

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