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A market that makes sense – The Royal Gazette

By October 27, 2022Sports events

Updated: October 27, 2022 08:33

The Rise Tribe Bermuda founder paints steps to give her the daily morale boost she needs (Photograph provided)

A Market with a Purpose is held Sunday at Francis Patton Elementary School.

The host is Tribe of the Risea community of support for anyone dealing with abusive trauma.

Clothing, handbags, water bottles and other affirmation items sold through the group’s online gift shop will be for sale in the “motivational and healing marketplace.” There will also be goods and products from companies with a similar intent.

The hope is to draw attention to October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and World Mental Health Day, which was recognized on October 10.

“We recognize it’s the end of the month but sadly that doesn’t end the often silent, emotional and mental struggle that some find themselves in,” the band’s founder said.

She launched Rise, which stands for Resiliently Inspired. Reinforced and encouraged, in 2020, thinking it could help people who, like her, were in an abusive relationship and unable to leave.

Her hope is that the group will inspire anyone who needs help reclaiming “their beauty, their worth” so that they are able to “find a way to shine, even if all they can handle is a smile.” “.

“Rise Tribe Bermuda is a community that welcomes anyone who is genuinely willing to lend to the cause of improving mental and emotional health on our island home,” she explained.

Specifically, the goal is to provide “natural and safe spaces for people to release and heal” from mental stress, and to support existing community education on domestic violence and healthy relationships in families, at work. , between peers and in romances.

“We want to ensure that our rights to these are protected by established and clear laws of this country that directly address this particular area of ​​abuse,” she added.

The woman asked not to share her name as she didn’t want her identity to distract from the work Rise Tribe is trying to do.

“By putting my face to it, I don’t want people to think that I have some kind of degree or degree or something in particular that makes me more worthy than the next person.

“All I want is for people to be happy, healthy and healed. It’s just me – human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul – providing space. That whether it’s virtual or physical, to me it’s basically an expression of love love is a goal to me and it’s my expression of goal so there’s no need for a face for it because we have a unified purpose and we exist on an equal plane, and I just want that to be more important than who I am.

The idea of ​​a online gift shop associated with steps she paints to lift her own spirits each day.

“I make sure to surround myself with affirmative reminders, which I think we should all do intentionally to stay uplifted,” she said.

“It took me about six months to do and it’s still not quite complete because I’m not an artist and I sometimes doubted that I could achieve what I had imagined.

“Each step includes a specific, divinely inspired word power message – from breathing to believing – in a blend of Swahili and English, with the collective message being a guided process towards healing.

The Rise Support Group is due to hold a market at Francis Patton Elementary School on Sunday (pictured)

“The online gift shop was launched on Mental Health Awareness Day. The goal is to provide walking motivation and affirmation to those who have purchased our gifts as well as those who may admire them as they pass by. Light is for everyone.

The gift shop is not only meant to inspire but also to honor “the place in others that is the same in me,” she added.

“Many souls have experienced pain and trauma that may never be known to others. It is not an easy road at all to find that flickering light within. Choosing to be that light is what Rise represents.

She was thrilled to discover so many like-minded groups to partner with for the Sunday market.

“It’s a themed market, an intentionally themed market for motivation and healing. So the vendors that will be in this space are the ones that provide that service on some level. So we have candles, massages and essential oils, yoga, organic breads, natural juices, wellness teas.

“Many said, ‘You can’t help anyone until you help yourself.’ When you have a deep, genuine connection to the purpose, you know exactly what to do with that guidance, you rise.

The Rise Motivational and Healing Market takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Francis Patton Elementary School. For more information:;