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April 2022

Golf pro Geordie explains how his cutting-edge sports app could benefit teams such as Newcastle United

By Sports app

Gosforth-based golf pro champions new app for pros and sport fanatics

A Geordie golf professional at the center of a cutting-edge social and professional sports app has explained how he hopes teams such as Newcastle United can make the most of his services.

Steve Bainbridge has been an elite golf professional and coach for over 34 years.

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The Gosforth-born golfer runs two academies in the area at the Northumberland Golf Club and the Golf Hub, as well as much further afield.

Steve said: “I’ve been a golf pro for 35 years now.

“I turned pro right out of school at 16 and worked with tour players for about 14 years.

“Once I was done doing my time on the tour, I looked to start golf academies.

“We started in London and then expanded to Portugal, where I moved in 2016 to set this one up before returning in 2019.”

He had gone from one-on-one coaching to working with groups of people who planted the seed of the app, called oneXp, in Steve’s head.

He explained: “The hardest thing for me was, after coaching for eight straight hours, coming home and doing another two hours of client communication and watching the swings and analyzing them – i was spending so much extra time working and not with my family and not even giving the best service.

“The concept came from wanting to make my life and my staff’s life easier but, fundamentally, to better communicate with customers and give them a better experience.”

The app is already up and running, but has a long way to go with Steve launching it as a social platform in May.

A photo of the technical side of the application in action

He said: “At the moment we are very much a coach and a client, but the concept is basically to become an adult sports Facebook.

“I’m 51, I’m crazy about sports and I hate Facebook. Sport is my life, my job, my interest, I watch it, I play it and I’m at St. James’ Park all the time.

“I want a platform that’s relevant to me and that’s what we’re trying to build.

“Video is still available, but you can talk to friends and do everything Facebook does too.”

Steve is a huge sports fan and has big plans for the app’s growth

For those who want to dabble in the technical side of the app, Steve, who supports Magpies, gave an overview of what clubs such as Newcastle United could use it for.

He said: “If we take a penalty taker, Callum Wilson for example.

“Callum is going to take a penalty and in training you would have a camera behind him and a camera in front of him.

“When he was practicing taking them, you would press a button on your watch to record and stop recording, and then those two streams would show up on the same screen.

The app could help professionals such as Callum Wilson (Image: Getty Images)

“If you hit the sync button, they go live and sync together. It almost creates a 3D view.

“The real reason we incorporated heart rate is to allow coaches to monitor technique under pressure.

“Let’s say he’s training with Dubravka tomorrow before the weekend game and his heart rate is 95 bpm.

“Then the coach on the side will film him taking a penalty against Liverpool on Saturday, and the heartbeat will go… it’s 170 bpm.

“From their data analytics platform, they can pull that out and start monitoring anxiety and pressure.”

A selection of the best sports games for your smartphone

By Sports games
Sports fans have generally always adored sports video games.
Not only are they fun and entertaining, but sports-themed merchandise gives fans the chance to replicate moves with their favorite stars and take their beloved teams to the top of the pile.

For Cowboys fansfor example, there have been a number of NFL-themed games featuring some of the team’s instantly recognizable faces.

When it comes to smartphone gaming, sports games have seen tremendous growth lately. In fact, mobile gaming is booming, overall, thanks to its improved overall offering. With our new and improved modern smartphones comes a range of premium games worth sampling. Along with sports games, other mobile titles are also thriving, such as console-quality releases like Call of Duty: Mobile, augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, and not to mention popular games. casino titles from developers like NetEnt.

Simply put, the overall mobile gaming package has never been stronger, with sports games also playing a vital role in the obvious improvement. Sports games are popular, they’re usually easy to understand, and they’re a great gaming opportunity on a miniature handheld device.

With a flurry of games constantly being released on smartphones these days, below is a rundown of some of the best sports-themed products for your device right now.

Madden NFL Mobile Soccer

Photo: Android Police

One for all the football fans among us, Madden NFL Mobile Football is one of the best American football games to play on a mobile phone right now. Play with your favorite NFL players and teams, you can hone your tactics, master specific games, and even duke it out with a friend in co-op mode.

There are also purchasable packs that will unlock new players, as well as a host of other rewards that will improve your team. If you are looking for a football game for your phone, then Madden NFL Mobile Football is easily the best option.

NBA 2K20

Offering console-quality graphics and an authentic overall feel, NBA 2K20 is at the top when it comes to basketball gaming options on a smartphone. From the game’s MyCareer Run story mode to its NBA stories that bring to life some of the greatest moments in NBA history, you’ll be entertained for hours with this one.

It’s no surprise to see NBA 2K20 register a much success, that’s for sure. Overall, for a mobile game, it’s hard to fault.

MLB 9 innings 22

Luckily, for baseball lovers, MLB 9 Innings 22 is a truly authentic baseball-themed mobile game for their enjoyment. The game features impeccable graphics, the gameplay is easy to grasp, there are more than 30 MLB baseball diamonds and over 1,700 players, and you can play the game with one hand.

Other popular options include participating in a Ranked Battle and a Club Battle mode, where you can compete against players from around the world.

Easily the best baseball game available to play on mobile, MLB 9 Innings 22 is well worth downloading.

golf star

There have been plenty of forgettable golf outings over the years, but Golf Star certainly doesn’t fall into that category. Offering intuitive controls and beautiful graphics, the game is very impressive. You can hone your skills and dive straight into a career mode, take part in a multiplayer tournament mode, enjoy a goodwill match against players online and much more. Golf Star is truly a pleasure to play.

Other options include Fishing Life, eFootball PES 2021, Boxing Star, AO Tennis, FIFA Mobile, FIE Swordplay, NBA Jam, OK Golf, Rocket League Sideswipe, and Snowboard Party: World Tour.

Featured Image: Android Police