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May 2021

TrophyRoom of the social fantastic sports app closes the round of the bridge

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The TrophyRoom fantasy sports app recently closed a six-figure bridge and is firmly targeting the explosion of the Indian fantasy sports market later this year. Launched as a free-to-play game in September of last year, the TrophyRoom team has been busy collecting data, listening to user feedback, and coming up with new features, all in an effort to disrupt a very strong growth market but lacking in innovation. need a reshuffle.


The round ended with the participation of a number of angel investors and venture capitalists Maxify and Nest Tech.

“TrophyRoom ticks all the boxes now. I consider this company to be one of the companies with the highest growth potential in our portfolio. The product is sticky and fun, and the next version is going to be a market mover. The timing is just perfect, ”said Soe Moe Kyaw Oo, Founder and Managing Partner of Nest Tech.

TrophyRoom lets you mix and match real soccer players from the biggest leagues and put them into your own daily dream squad. You then use your roster to challenge friends or strangers in one-on-one or group challenges. But the real magic happens when the real matches begin. One of the unique features of TrophyRoom are tactical cards – playing cards that allow you to affect score. Play the right card at the right time and get rewarded. Play it at the wrong time and get punished, the company shared.

“It’s easy to support TrophyRoom. The team moved mountains and designed a truly unique product that exudes passion for the sport. You feel it when you hold the app in your hand, ”said Georg Westin, Founder and President of Maxify, in line with Statement by Soe Moe Kyaw Oo.

The company has spent the past few months collecting data to support its hypothesis that creating an easier to grasp and more engaging social experience will produce more loyal players.

“We are creating the next generation of fantastic sports, building on the knowledge and experience of the current generation. There is a serious lack of innovation, which leads to bland products that look very similar. Innovation mostly focuses on introducing new rules, rather than introducing new gameplay features, and this is where TrophyRoom shines. Fantasy sports games are notoriously ruthless to new players, this is one of the most obvious, but surprisingly overlooked, issues with traditional fantasy sports products. At the same time, there is a golden opportunity to dramatically increase user engagement during live matches, also something previously overlooked by the industry as a whole, ”explained Zacharias Tegefeldt, CEO and co-founder. by TrophyRoom.

The company is already seeing the hypothesis bear fruit. Compared to a benchmark by GameAnalytics covering over 100,000 mobile apps, TrophyRoom has already achieved retention goals that most apps never see.

“We are fortunate to have an army of really loyal early adopters as well as very good overall retention numbers. This gives us the confidence to shift the machine to the next level, ”added Tegefeldt.

Despite being available worldwide, the app is attracting particularly high interest from users in India, who now make up around 55% of the total user base.

“We will intensify our adventures in India. We are now confident that this market is ready to see the next version of TrophyRoom, which we believe has the potential to shake up the entire industry. The timing is good, the product is good and the team is certainly right too, ”added Tegefeldt.

He also mentions that the company is already preparing for its next funding round.

Paddy Power App – Download the Sports App for Android and iOS

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We’ve had different experiences accessing business apps before, but this one wasn’t good at all. Find the Paddy Power app was stressful and appalling, especially in the case of Android.

They made the process such a struggle unlike other companies who actually presented everything in a crisp and clear manner on their domains. At some point they need users to join before they can access their apk and it just doesn’t make sense.

Today we will not do anything as this is an honest discussion on the Paddy Power bet app meant to educate you from a practical point of view.

Paddy Power on iOS

Coverage in this category is complete with up to seven different versions available. These include the Paddy Power sports app, casino app, and several more for poker, bingo, gaming, live dealers, and side-buying.

The variations are an indication of the company’s efforts to ensure that iOS users enjoy accessing various resources through the application interfaces. Each of them features a significant level of advanced technology while the functionality matches the coverage of their desktop version. The Paddy Power app might not be the most optimized in the business, but it did improve performance in this category in a way.

Before trying to get the Paddy Power app with your iPad or other related device, confirm to make sure that its description on the Apple preview points to the original product. This is because there are many interfaces that assume similar identities, but are intended for unrelated uses. There are a number of ways to access the Paddy Power app, you can navigate through the links on their site or go straight to iTunes.

The process is not complicated at all and very few steps are required; therefore, it shouldn’t take long:

  1. Head to the apk section in their help center page
  2. You can choose whether or not to read the brief description
  3. Tap the provided iOS resource location link which will take you to its location on Apple
  4. Otherwise, open the store
  5. Search for “Paddy Power app”
  6. Choose the category you prefer to grab based on your best or favorite content
  7. Use the “GET” button to load and launch the platform

It’s easy, isn’t it? Of course, although you shouldn’t try any of these steps without making sure your device meets its compatibility specifications. For example, the level of each iOS device should be running on OS 11 or later levels. Additionally, sizes vary, with the Paddy Power sports app requiring almost 140 megabytes of space and data, while the rest may require between 20 and 100MB.

Recover the Android app

Since they generally focus on excellence and perfection, Paddy Power Android apps are designed to deliver an exhilarating user experience. As mentioned earlier, getting this platform on some devices can be difficult. The problem extends to members of restricted areas and unregistered bettors. You also won’t get a chance to enjoy the luxury of the Paddy Power app in case they detect that you are using VPN services.

We tested the Paddy Power app after a long search for the right one, as the Google Store even mentions that the interface resources might not be available. This is despite their official directive redirecting players to access it from the store.

However, we will stick with the standard approach to downloading the Paddy Power app illustrated by the company, although this does not guarantee that you will get it easily. And since the platform is available on the Google store, we don’t expect to have two separate operations during recovery and activation. This is because all the applications of this android’s conventional host are considered safe and therefore no further permission is needed.

Now let’s move on to this new and fun Paddy Power app:

  1. Open the Play Store platform
  2. Look for the right version you wanted. This could be one of their many variations; sports, poker, onside, live casino, bingo or gaming interface.
  3. Press the “Install” button in both cases to launch it

We didn’t have the best experience downloading the Paddy Power app on Android because there is no reliable way to get it. Of course, some people will cite how easy it is to manage this operation, but our practical results, using multiple devices, have proven that it is a difficult task.

Sports promotions

How often do you play after receiving a gift? Isn’t that a good feeling? Definitely, and this is why the bonus structure of the Paddy Power app uniformly takes advantage of a variety of these special offers. They start by raising the odds and move on to cash back, weekly prizes, and rewards given to players reaching certain milestones. There are a good number of sports and casino promotions with the Paddy rewards group that brings users closer to the VIP table.

Unfortunately, not all bettors know where, when and how to use their Paddy Power giveaways appropriately. This has contributed to dozens of gamers doubting most of the offers promised by different companies. However, you cannot get the value of your well-deserved bonuses if you are not aware of the basics such as the redemption terms, their playing conditions, and the associated games. Therefore, browse through the promotion section and find out about them, which you can definitely do through the Paddy Power app.

For example, do you know what qualifying tickets are needed for the weekly $ 10 free bet package to be triggered? Apart from this, users have also benefited from other special offers including; prepayment if your team increases by two, incentive to lose in an Acca slip 4+ times by a team, $ 10,000 in the Paddy’s skill area offer and withdrawal. The Paddy Power app casino marketplace also features several offers – rewarding players for consistency and commitment to different products / events.

Join the Paddy Power app

You have to remember how strict this company is when it comes to accessing from restricted areas. So if your country is blocked, don’t bother with the registration process. Unfortunately for us, Indians are not allowed to join this brand which probably results from the government ban on gambling in general.

As a result, signing in and registering for the Paddy Power app will not respond as expected, although you still have other alternatives. For example, you might consider one of their partner members of the Flutterwave Entertainment group, which also owns Betfair – a qualified candidate to take PaddyPower’s place. For the sake of interested punters from unrestricted areas, we have highlighted the membership procedure below:

Register now

Start by going to our previous chapters to power the interface in your phone. Then do the following:

  1. Launch / open platform apk
  2. Find and tap a “Join now” button at the top
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Provide account information and set your deposit limits (optional)
  5. Check all the boxes in the term section
  6. Submit and proceed to login to the Paddy Power app
  7. Step 6 will ask you to provide the verification documents

Add funds and play

Once the wallet is set up, activated and verified, the user needs to add money to their bankroll, which will facilitate their operations. It is more like capital to invest in different markets in the hope of making a profit according to the player’s ROI reports. The Paddy Power app supports all banking methods and integrates them to facilitate efficient banking processes. These are secure transaction media, which include:

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa
  3. Pay Pal
  4. Skrill
  5. Cash
  6. Entropay
  7. PaySafe
  8. Neteller, and
  9. Business cards

Available markets

There is no difference in range between the mobile and desktop Paddy Power platforms, as they all access the same system. This means that every fundamental characteristic, item or opportunity has the same characteristics and the same coverage. Therefore, don’t expect to encounter varying odds, number of events, offers or rules – everything is uniform.

Bets on the Paddy Power app remain viable for sporting, virtual, casino, live casino and fantasy events. The latter category allows clients to act as managers of the teams they love and predict their victory. A new fantastic game Paddy Power starts up every day and this is an innovative marketplace that turns your fantasy game into a money making activity.

The main avenue of application Paddy Power offers sports. It is the most popular form of gambling with dozens of fans around the world. They seem to have the bettor’s interest every time a new product hits the table, as most of the promotions are attached to these events.

There are a myriad of events on the Paddy Power sports app devices with thousands of betting options in each one. Their popular games involve:

  1. Locust
  2. Rugby
  3. Soccer
  4. Tennis
  5. Baseball
  6. Horses race
  7. Greyhounds
  8. Darts
  9. Cycling
  10. Netball
  11. Ice Hockey
  12. Olympic Games

The list expands to include all monetized sports around the world, and players can predict pre-match or in-game matches.

Other investments could also be made on the avenue of the game – a risky but well paid operation for the lucky participants.

They collaborate with established content creators to showcase cutting edge technology, storylines, and non-reusable or flexible variety. You will find slots, bingo, table games, poker, lotteries and live dealer games with huge payout percentages.


Despite being eager to find this app, we have noticed that they have set the bar quite high, especially with the bankroll management tools and security enhancements. You can use VPNs, but at your own risk, as each platform will automatically block such advances. This means that your money and profile could easily be lost once you try to bypass their restriction technologies.

Mobile Sports App Buzzer To Offer Live NBA Coverage With League Pass

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Fans who watch NBA games through the NBA League Pass subscription service will be happy to know that the Buzzer mobile platform seeks to revolutionize the way fans watch games. Buzzer has partnered with the NBA to offer fans, especially younger ones, a way to watch out-of-market games through the NBA League Pass. Starting May 8, fans can purchase multiple NBA League Pass offers through Buzzer. Single play and partial play options will be available on Buzzer, similar to the current options available on and the NBA app.

On Buzzer, fans will be able to purchase NBA League Pass options through transparent micropayments known as “Moments Buzzer”. In a press release describing the launch, “Buzzer Moments will give fans the ability to tune into the NBA League Pass anytime to watch their favorite players, teams and stages.”

“The NBA is an industry leader in innovation and fan experience, and Buzzer offers a new way for the league to reach fans, especially young Gen Z and Millennial fans.” , said Bo Han, founder and CEO of Buzzer. “With Buzzer’s hyper-personalization, notifications and micropayments, mobile-focused basketball fans will have the ability to watch all the amazing moments that happen night after night, increasing audience, l commitment and value of the NBA. Buzzer will be able to meet the needs of the next generation of sports fans by providing them with a seamless experience. We have always viewed Buzzer as a place to build community and our partnership with the NBA accelerates this mission and strengthens our commitment to democratizing access to live sports and supporting fan engagement in the sports ecosystem by broader and constantly evolving direct.

Buzzer is personalized for fans and puts the games in their hands as the platform enables streamlined discovery and viewing experiences in an abbreviated live mobile viewing format. The platform’s user and viewing experiences are described as “frictionless” as the platform aggregates and organizes multiple live sports streaming rights on an easy-to-access mobile platform. Buzzer allows users and fans to customize their notifications and alerts based on their individual preferences.

With its new partnership with the NBA, Buzzer is expanding its portfolio as the mobile platform already has partnerships with the PGA Tour and the NHL. These two partnerships were announced a month ago and Buzzer plans to announce further partnerships for its aggregated multisport platform in the coming months.

Buzzer is available for download on iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store; however, it is currently in Early Access. Once uploaded, users can select their favorite players, teams and leagues while creating and building their profile. Since the app is in early access, new users will be added to a waiting list after creating their profiles, as users are allowed to access the app on a daily basis. The official launch date for the platform will be later this year. Fans can stay informed by visiting, and / or by following @Buzzer on Twitter.

Here’s the Caesars Sports app as William Hill on the way out

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Kyle scott | 7 months ago

Last month, Caesars Entertainment landed William Hill Sportsbook in a nearly $ 4 billion acquisition. Despite the high price tag of acquiring the international sports games giant, you won’t see the William Hill brand for too long.

Following a multi-billion dollar acquisition by Caesars Entertainment, the William Hill Sportsbook brand will close, giving way to the Caesars Sports app in the coming months. The app is expected to quickly gain prominence in the legal online sports betting markets currently established and about to launch in the United States.

Earlier this week, Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg outlined his company’s tiered plan to aggressively enter online sports betting gambling in the United States. A brand presence quickly expanded through partnerships with the NFL and ESPN, coupled with ambitious spending, should quickly bring the Caesars Sports app into the conversation as a preferred online betting destination.

Out with William Hill, using the Caesars Sports app

Notably, Reeg revealed that Caesars intended to sell William Hill’s non-U.S. Entities and reallocate that money to his sports betting efforts in the United States.

The concentration of Caesars, one of America’s best-known video game brands, makes sense. William Hill made a dent in various online sports betting markets including New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado and Virginia among others, but he never managed to step out of the shadow of DraftKings and FanDuel. in some states, and BetMGM in others.

But with the impending name change of the Caesars Sports app, the results can be quite different. In short, there are three key variables to consider regarding its likely emergence later this year.

For Caesars Sports app, visibility is key

For starters, Caesars has positioned itself well thanks to a partnership deal with the NFL. Along with FanDuel and DraftKings, Caesars recently became one of the league’s three official sports betting partners. Having significant visibility with football fans – and punters – should help raise its visibility once the 2021 season has kicked off.

Meanwhile, Caesars is also the official provider of ESPN programming odds. This is important because ESPN has increased the elements of sports betting organically in its television programming.

Such brand visibility, coupled with what should be an aggressive spending plan in terms of advertising, marketing and new player acquisition, should bode well for future growth. In this way, Caesars could successfully gain a significant share in already established markets while positioning itself for strong launches as more states enter the fray of legal online sports betting.

A path to follow

Without a doubt, the Caesars Sports app will follow the path of rival operator BetMGM in states like Michigan.

Although BetMGM is an important player in markets like Tennessee, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, its success in the recently launched online sports betting market in Michigan proves that traditional brands can thrive against DraftKings and FanDuel.

William Hill Sports Betting

What happens with the Bally Sports app and Bally Sports RSNs?

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Sinclair Broadcasting Group this morning announced its quarterly profits for the first three months of 2021 for the period ending March 31, 2021. During the conference call, the company provided an update on important information for cord cutters in regards the future of direct-to-consumer selling options and RSN Bally Sports, and RSN Bally Sports.

The future of RSNs and Bally Sports streaming services

Bally Sports’ RSNs are made up of 21 regionally owned and operated networks that broadcast a total of 46 teams across the MLB, NBA and NHL. The only streaming option that currently offers RSN Bally Sports is AT&T TV. Other popular streaming providers such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Hulu with Live TV have stopped offering RSN Bally Sports on several occasions over the past three years due to the inability to reach a deal with Sinclair on them. transport costs.

When asked if RSNs would return to popular streaming providers during this morning’s conference call, Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley remained coy and said he had “no comment on the status of discussions on distributors “and that” time will tell if these distributors will return. “

With young people cutting the cord in droves, it would be advantageous for Sinclair to find a way to make their RSN Bally Sports more widely available on streaming platforms. If the deals can’t be made, a streaming subscription platform would be the next best step.

The Bally Sports RSN Direct-to-Consumer app is in the works

There may not be a timeline for the return of RSNs to streaming providers; however, Sinclair is working on a direct-to-consumer app that allows subscribers to view their RSNs. There aren’t many details on the app’s future in terms of pricing or the exact release date, but Ripley said they “are in talks with leagues and teams to improve some. of these rights in order to make the product even better “. He went on to say, “That’s what’s going on right now and I don’t see it as a threat to the timing. The launch is scheduled for the first half of 2022. ”

There appear to be some positive collaborations behind the scenes as Sinclair works with leagues, most teams, and traditional cable and satellite providers to get their DTC application ready according to their assigned first-half 2022 goal. teams want to make programming as accessible as possible, which unfortunately isn’t ideal today, ”said Ripley. If there is no delay, when Sinclair’s Bally DTC app launches in the first half of 2022, it will be a game-changer when it comes to how we stream sports live.

The Bally Sports DTC app will include the functionality of the current authenticator app. Fans will enjoy Bally’s recording, news, stats, lineup, sports betting and more.

What we now know about the future of the Bally Sports app

At the end of 2020, Sinclair had about 52 million RSN subscribers; At the end of the first quarter of 2021, their total consolidated revenues were down 6% from what they were in the first quarter of 2020. Sinclair will need to find ways to increase revenues from their lack of availability on streaming distributors popular, future direct -consumption options and updates to the Bally Sports app.

A future update to the Bally Sports app will include gamification which could help increase the company’s revenue. Combined with Bally’s plan to allow in-app sports betting, this will put the game directly in the hands of the consumer. The Bally Sports app will seek to include new technology in future versions of the app. During today’s call, Ripley acknowledged that the company is changing its digital interactive business strategies by using its app’s platform to “move into other opportunities like sports betting … like NFT, (with) the opportunity to socialize, we’re excited about what that means. ”

Sports fans should be excited about the first half of 2022 as it looks like most of the teams will be available to stream again. If Sinclair is successful with its expansion of the Bally Sports app and direct-to-consumer options, then its big bet will finally pay off.

Looking for a new daily fantasy sports app? Underdog Sports has $ 25 deposit bonus + $ 1 million FREE shot

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Presented in partnership with Underdog Fantasy…

Everyone and their mom seem to be playing fantastic sports these days, which means those who don’t participate in everyday NBA and NFL fantasies are really missing out on a giant opportunity. Not only does it scratch that competitive itch that we all have within ourselves, but, you know, there’s the whole money-making thing – that everyone loves.

While there are several leading daily fantasy sports venues, one of the most recent is Underdog Fantasy, which makes things easier and more fun, with the chance to win a lot of money. I’m not talking about a few dollars either, but up to 20 times your money!

Everyone knows that making money playing fantastic sports on a daily basis is difficult, which is why Underdog Fantasy makes it easier to walk away with money during NFL Draft Weekend. . The app offers any user who deposits money – new or existing – $ 25 in bonus cash for future queues. Free money?!? Who can say no to that?

But Underdog Fantasy doesn’t stop there, as they’re also kicking off a Best Ball Mania II tournament, which goes live on Monday, May 3. Guys, the grand prize is $ 1 million, and there’s $ 3.5 million in total prizes, so you’ll want to get in on that.

  • $ 1 Million Grand Prize
  • $ 3.5 million available in prizes

With the entry fee for the Best Ball Mania II tournament at just $ 25, the risk is well worth the risk – so gather your optimal daily lineup of fantastic sports and try your luck.


Offering a suite of different daily fantasy sports games – like daily drafts, the best ball throughout the season, and choice of accessories for players – Underdog Fantasy is the best place to make money. But aside from the chance to make more money, there are plenty of other reasons why Underdog Fantasy will instantly become your new go-to place to play Fantasy NBA and NFL.

  • Forget about injuries, trades, waivers and queues. With Best Ball, all you have to do is the fun part, the draft. After that you just need to set it, forget about it and wait for the winnings to arrive
  • Never worry about forgetting to set your queues again. On Underdog, you just draft and your best players are automatically selected every week
  • Loaded with tips for players and fantastic tips. All the information you need to win, easily accessible in the app
  • Custom leaderboards allow you to change the player roster as you like so you never miss your favorite players
  • Cutting-edge mobile apps with constant updates to improve the experience
  • Simple, free and unlimited withdrawals

Since Underdog Fantasy is about, well, the underdogs in the daily fantasy sports game, you never have to worry about the pros flooding contests and using advanced algorithms to make big bucks. . It’s not fun for anyone, so Underdog makes it easier for even beginners to make money.


Everyone loves a good underdog story, so go ahead and skip the same old everyday fantasy sports apps and improve your game with Underdog Fantasy. With bigger payouts, easier drafting methods and games, and daily, weekly, and season-long drafts, you’ll become a star of fantasy sports every day before you know it.



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