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January 2021

TheScore Sports app gets design update and improved performance

By Sports app

If you’re into sports, chances are you’ve heard of theScore app whether or not you use it. Well, theScore got a pretty big update on Android quite recently. This update doesn’t really completely revamp the app, but it does give it a boost.

So what’s up? Well, the developer not only improved the performance and stability of the app, but the download size of the app was also reduced. It has been reduced by 50 percent, which is a major change. This signals considerable tinkering and optimization.

TheScore app update also brings changes to the UI design

In addition to this, several design changes have been made to the user interface. The text size has been changed, it’s smaller now, and the whole UI just looks easier to read. The information is more visible, in a way.

We can’t vouch for any changes in performance, as I personally haven’t been using the app for a while, but the developer claims most of the issues have been resolved… if you had any.

This app is actually quite capable when it comes to sports information. Not only will it provide you with the latest scores, stats etc. so acts as a live scores app but it also acts as a news aggregator.

Once you launch it, you will be asked to select the sports you are interested in, your favorite teams, etc. Once done, you will get all the information you need on your phone. So you can limit this information to football, for example, after selecting the relevant leagues and teams.

This app can provide you with a fully personalized news feed

Your feed easily becomes personalized, so you don’t have to read a bunch of unimportant news. In addition to all this, the application also offers the functionality “Chat and messaging”.

If you love to talk about sports, you can connect with fans around the world and tell them about it. It doesn’t matter if you like soccer, football, basketball, hockey or whatever.

If you want to try out the Sport app and you still don’t have it on your phone, you can get it through the link below.

TheScore app (Play Store)

New Rec Sports app ready to download

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Recreational Sports has just released a new app available for students that not only serves as an information center, but also allows students to register for intramural classes and make reservations for weight room and fitness classes. group fitness.
Matt Schneider, deputy director of intramural and club sports, and Jen Kaina, deputy director of fitness and aquatics, created the app together. They believe the app will drive engagement and awareness. Kaina explained that many students were unaware that the Williams Center was even open last semester, but the new app will now allow them to download fitness.

Due to the increase in social distancing protocols and the need to reserve space in the weight room and group classes, there has been a great effort to create the UW-W Rec Sports app. The app gives students quick access to the weight room and group fitness class bookings.
Before students log into their computers, click web pages, log in before enrolling, that’s a lot of steps. Thanks to the new app, reservations now take less than a minute.
“I was blown away by the ease of use of the app,” says Brett Ebbers, Fitness and Aquatic Program Assistant. “I have been using the app for a while now and haven’t found anything that I dislike. It is very easy to navigate, which makes it much easier for me to register to use our facilities.
The single sign-on feature saves students time by not requiring them to log into the app every time, like the desktop version.

For students interested in intramural, this application is a particularly valuable download. It will allow students to register and keep track of intramural schedules handy. The app is linked to IMLeagues, which the university used before the app, so users should familiarize themselves with the setup.

Schneider hopes to provide students with a five-star experience. He understands that the app is new and may need to be improved.
“If anyone has any questions, concerns, frustrations, or suggestions for the app, we’re all ears,” says Schneider. “We want to hear from people. “
Students can contact Recreation Sports for any feedback through the app itself. The Rec Sports app is available for download in the Google Play Store or through the Apple App Store by searching for UW-W Rec Sports.

Experience the NFL in augmented reality with the Yahoo Sports app.

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A seventh Super Bowl ring, at 43 with a franchise that has very few success stories, would be one of the most notable accomplishments in sports history. To get the chance, he has to go through Rodgers first.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will meet Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the first time in the playoffs. (AP Photo / Mark LoMoglio)

Aaron Rodgers is a special talent

When people compare the most accomplished quarterback to the best quarterback they’ve seen, it opens the door for players like Rodgers.

Rodgers can’t match Brady’s Championships, but he has better numbers than Brady, especially in terms of efficiency. He’s had better completion percentage, touchdown percentage, interception percentage and quarterback rating throughout his career. Rodgers has spent most of his career with Mike McCarthy, no one to replace Bill Belichick. He’s set to equal Brady with his third MVP award. He made ridiculously athletic throws that very few other quarterbacks in NFL history could.

Rodgers’ best games are more physically impressive than Brady’s best games. Even Brady’s supporters would have a hard time opposing it. That’s why some prefer Rodgers – or Elway, Montana, Marino, Johnny Unitas or Peyton Manning – to Brady. Even Rodgers himself thinks it’s hard to limit the conversation to one player.

“When you talk about the top players… there are way too many people qualifying GOAT, or this guy is the GOAT of this or this guy is the GOAT of that. The greatest of all time used to be a person, right? Rodgers said on “The Pat McAfee Show” in December. “But now, because there are way too many GOATs, I think you have to break it down into specific categories. Best winner ever. Person who has won the most championships. Best player, which involves talent and ability and what you did with it. Most talented player. Best pitcher in football. There are different ways to break it. When it comes to those? With most people, I am in the conversation.

The argument can sometimes be unfair. For Rodgers, having just one Super Bowl is a blow to him. He may change that conversation in the coming weeks. Brady can take his legacy to an even higher level by the end of his playoffs. Whichever quarterback you prefer, we’ll see two of the greatest of all time with a Super Bowl spot on the line on Sunday. It will be a game for the history books.

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Lamar Jackson leads Ravens against Bills on Yahoo Sports app

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It’s hard to say that one player has more to gain than another with a Super Bowl victory.

Josh Allen would become a real star with a ring. Aaron Rodgers could make a great argument as the all-time best quarterback with another. Tom Brady’s legacy would be even higher if he won one at 43 with a second team. Other great players like Aaron Donald would see their reputation grow with a Super Bowl. Any player still on the field would cherish a Super Bowl victory.

But Lamar Jackson stands out among the remaining players in the playoffs. The Jackson Baltimore Ravens face Allen and the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

Jackson has an MVP, but pairing it with a Super Bowl would completely change the way he’s viewed.

Lamar Jackson leads the Baltimore Ravens against the Buffalo Bills this weekend. (Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson chasing a Super Bowl

An argument can be made that Steve Young had already made a breakthrough for double-threat quarterbacks winning a Super Bowl. Young was a great runner with his fantastic passing skills. But when the San Francisco 49ers won it all in 1994, Young had just 58 rushing attempts for 293 yards. He’s never been a rock-solid quarterback like Jackson.

Some of the other great double-threat quarterbacks over the years – Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Kordell Stewart, Steve McNair Mike Vick, Donovan McNabb, Cam Newton – almost won it all but didn’t make it to the finish line.

It will always be difficult to put Jackson in a historical perspective because he is different. He’s arguably the best quarterback ever, after just three seasons. He is so good. But in this passing-loving NFL, people are quick to crush Jackson’s passing skills. He was 22nd in the NFL with 2,757 passing yards and 27th with a completion percentage of 64.4. Jackson impacts the game in a number of ways, as we saw when he rushed for 136 yards in a 20-13 win over the Tennessee Titans. But there will always be those who point out every ugly incompleteness or bad interception.

When the Jackson Ravens lost their first two career playoff starts, the reaction against Jackson was harsher than any other successful quarterback ending his second season. There was already a lot of talk about when Jackson would win his first playoff game, even though he just turned 24. It wasn’t fair, but it looks like the Ravens’ offensive approach is an attack on NFL spirits who refuse to accept anything different.

There’s a way to put it all to rest, and that’s by winning a Super Bowl by Jackson.

Jackson has a big challenge in Buffalo

We overestimate Super Bowls when we rate quarterbacks. Football is a team game, but we support quarterbacks that have a ring. It will never change.

Even MVPs are devalued by critics when it comes to certain players. Ask Newton. Jackson might never match his 2019, when he set a single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback and also led the NFL in touchdown passes. It might never be duplicated, by Jackson or anyone else. But a Super Bowl victory accompanied by an MVP award would be hard to deny.

Jackson is not only part of this Ravens team, like Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson. He’s the lifeblood of the Ravens, the main reason Baltimore set a team rushing rushing record last season and handled the ball incredibly well late this season. He’s a phenomenal player, just in a different way than most NFL quarterbacks over the years.

We’ve seen a shift to quarterbacks who can pass a game but also beat a defense with their legs. Allen is another good example. These multi-talented quarterbacks will get their due when they start winning championships.

This is especially true when it comes to Jackson. If he and the Ravens can win three more playoff games, his whole career story will change. No other player in these playoffs has so much on the line.

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Chase Young’s WFT vs. Tom Brady’s Bucs on the Yahoo Sports app

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There is nothing wrong with talking about garbage.

Most of the time, NFL teams hate him. There is a notion that a bit of a bit of good humor will somehow inspire the world’s greatest soccer players to be motivated for a great game. No word that can be said should change who wins a match.

Then again, it might not be the best idea to make Tom Brady angry.

Chase Young saying “I want Tom!” after Washington won an NFC East Championship it shouldn’t be controversial, but in the super-serious paranoid world of the NFL it was. Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on de Young’s Washington football team on Saturday night in a wildcard game, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

Young’s comments made this game more interesting. And he didn’t back down from them either.

Washington defensive end Chase Young will play his first playoff game on Saturday night. (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

Chase Young wants to play Tom Brady

Young responded to the fallout from his comments exactly as he should have.

“I’m excited for every game. Tom Brady? You think I won’t be excited to play against the GOAT? You stumble, ”Young said, via’s John Keim. “I’m not going to apologize for saying I wanted Tom.”

Young was the second pick in the 2020 Draft and has had a great rookie season. His exuberance is what Washington needs, and the NFL has a bit of it too. It’s an entertainment business, after all. And he was far from disrespectful to Brady, one of the league’s most respected players.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians hit back this week by saying “you better watch what you want”. Brady, who learned under Bill Belichick never to say anything controversial, remained calm.

“You know he’s obviously a great young player, so we’ve had our hands full with this D-Line, one of the best D-Lines in the league,” Brady said, via NBC Washington. “Chase is a great young player.”

About the farthest Brady would go was to invoke a college rivalry.

“I went to Ohio State so naturally, I think the Ohio State-Michigan case is fading a bit on him,” Brady said.

Washington in search of upheaval

Like any playoff game, Washington-Tampa Bay has some fun subplots.

Washington made the playoffs at 7-9, the third team with a losing record to make the NFL playoffs. The other two teams won their first playoff game. Washington is waiting to see if quarterback Alex Smith will be healthy enough to play, or play the entire game, with a calf injury. Regardless, the first season with WFT was surprisingly successful for Ron Rivera, who has battled cancer throughout the season.

Tampa Bay is also a fun story. After dominating the AFC for so long, Brady will make the NFC playoffs for the first time. Brady and the New England Patriots went their separate ways and Brady threw 40 touchdowns for the Buccaneers. That’s amazing for a 43-year-old quarterback. He helped Tampa Bay to an 11-5 record.

There will be a lot of time devoted to Brady and Young. It could be mentioned that Young was barely a year old when the Patriots drafted Brady. Young’s words will highlight the greatness of the two players at very different times in their careers.

Either way, Young’s trash talk added juice to an entertaining prime-time playoff game.

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Russell Wilson and Seahawks take on Rams on Yahoo Sports app

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A few weeks into the season, Russell Wilson looked like he was going from end to end in the MVP race.

At the end of the season, no one could know what to expect from the Seattle Seahawks passing playoff game.

Wilson and the Seahawks face the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday afternoon in a wildcard clash, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app. The Rams are having quarterback issues. Jared Goff will be out of thumb surgery for less than two weeks. If he can’t go, John Wolford will make his second career start. LA head coach Sean McVay has said he won’t announce a decision until kick-off.

We know the Rams have concerns. But what happened to Seattle’s passing game?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson fell out of the MVP race in the second half of the season. (AP Photo / Elaine Thompson)

Russell Wilson’s numbers have dropped significantly

In eight games this season, Wilson has totaled 2,541 yards, 28 touchdowns and a passing rating of 117.1. He was about to defy the passing records in a single season. The fact that Wilson never received an MVP vote has been repeated thousands of times. Wilson is a Hall of Fame talent, but Seattle had never let him function as a high-volume passer. It seemed like the season it finally happened. He looked like he won MVP in a runaway.

The second half of the season was a big difference. Wilson pitched for 1,671 yards and 12 touchdowns. This is in part due to the Seahawks relying less on Wilson. He had 4.5 fewer passing attempts per game in the second half of the season. Wilson was not efficient either, however. His rating dropped to 91.3.

Seattle doesn’t have a lot of receivers although DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are two of the best in the NFL. It’s not like Wilson’s talent is in doubt. Seattle’s passing game has just evaporated.

In the second half of the season, the Seahawks have never had more than 236 net passing yards in a game. It’s shocking in the NFL today for any team, but inexplicable for the one with Wilson, Metcalf and Lockett.

Seahawks’ passing offense struggled

It’s hard to deny the Seahawks’ record. While it is odd that they limited Wilson on offense, they are winning. Even though the pass offense struggled, Seattle went 6-2 and won the NFC West. One win was a decisive 20-9 win over the Rams in Week 16 to clinch the division title.

It’s also fair to assume that if Seattle is to win four games, including the Super Bowl, Wilson will have to play better than he has in the past two months. Seattle’s defense has improved significantly since the start of the season. The racing game was good. Maybe that’ll be enough to beat the Rams, who have fantastic defense and will likely want to play a low-scoring game due to their quarterback conundrum. But if the Seahawks are up against Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or any other top quarterback, 200 passing yards probably won’t be enough.

Wilson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. He has also won a Super Bowl before. It should come as no surprise that Wilson activated him in the playoffs and led the Seahawks to a deep run.

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Philip Rivers and Colts take on Bills on Yahoo Sports app

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Philip Rivers turned 39 in December. He’s not going to ignore the obvious.

Time is running out in his football career. Tom Brady has had a great season at 43, so maybe Rivers has a few more years to go. But Brady is an anomaly.

Rivers signed a one-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe he’s back next season. Carson Wentz’s discussion involving Indianapolis will be fierce. If the Colts move on, maybe another team will want Rivers. That’s not guaranteed, with another deep quarterback class coming in via the draft.

The Colts face the Buffalo Bills on Saturday to kick off the NFL playoffs, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app. Rivers enters the playoffs with the stigma of being one of the most accomplished players on the field to never attend a Super Bowl.

He knows this might be his last move to change that.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers will play his 12th playoff game in a 17-year career. (AP Photo / Michael Conroy)

Philip Rivers on his future

The Colts weren’t sure of a playoff spot until Week 17. They needed help getting in and got it from the Bills when Buffalo beat the Miami Dolphins. When the Colts weren’t even sure if they would make the playoffs, Rivers frankly said it might be his last game last Sunday.

“It crossed my mind,” Rivers said, according to the Indianapolis Star. “I said, ‘Shoot, if things don’t go the way you want this weekend, who knows what’s going on.’ Guess it’s probably healthy to have that thought because, shoot, you’re not guaranteed to get anything going. But to think that this might be the last game, the last game I play, sure. I don’t intend it to be, I hope not, but you have to recognize that it is a possibility. “

Rivers has played well this season. He had 4,169 yards, 24 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a rating of 97 passers. This is Rivers’ second-highest odds in a season since 2013. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was back with the Colts. Coach Frank Reich praised Rivers’ play.

As many players over the years can tell you, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

Colts face tough test against Bills this weekend

Rivers has qualified for the AFC Championship game once in his 16 seasons with the Chargers. He played that game against the New England Patriots despite a torn ACL, and the Chargers lost 21-12.

The road for the Colts this season will be difficult. The Bills could be the hottest team in football. Josh Allen is playing as an MVP candidate and Buffalo’s defense has been better lately. The Bills are coming off a 56-26 victory over the Dolphins. Even if the Colts have the chance to beat the Bills, their divisional game would be against the Kansas City Chiefs 14-2.

Rivers’ career has been very good. He is an eight-time Pro Bowler. He is fifth all-time in passing yards (63,440) and passing touchdowns (421). Still, he’s not a sure Hall of Famer. The lack of a Super Bowl appearance will be an argument against him. Fair or not, that’s often how it goes for the quarters.

Rivers’ career compares favorably to that of two other QB stars in his draft class, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Manning and Roethlisberger each have two Super Bowl wins. It will count for voters.

Rivers may have multiple chances of making it to a Super Bowl, but it takes luck to make the playoffs, regardless of Rivers’ team. He understands that every game could be his last, and he probably realizes that his chances of winning a Super Bowl are diminishing.

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