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April 2020

Hit the slopes with this open world winter sports app – It’s Shanghai

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Tap this app is a regular segment where we feature an app that our editors find cool.

While the ski season usually ends in April, there is a great app that will keep winter sports enthusiasts entertained until next winter.

Grand Mountain Adventure, developed by Swedish game studio Toppluva, is a clear winner in our books. The app is a superb open-world skiing and snowboarding experience, covering eight ski resorts with a vibrant visual aesthetic and various challenges on each mountain. Grand Mountain Adventure co-creator Sebastian Sehr said It is that the app was recently released in China and includes a Chinese language setting.

The gameplay is incredibly smooth, you can count on your two thumbs to hurtle down the slopes and get some fresh air. You’ll also encounter avalanches and pass bears and deer as you ski around the snow-covered vegetation.


Images via Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

Rightly deserved, the game has garnered plenty of praise, our favorite being its selection in “The 20 Best Mobile Games You Probably Never Heard Of” by Kotaku and Gizmodo in January, according to Toppluva’s official website. It’s a freemium app, which means users have access to the first mountain but will have to purchase it ($ 5) to unlock the rest of the mountains and other cool features.

Sehr said the team will also be releasing the game on Nintendo Switch and Steam in the near future. So, be prepared to shred the gnar long after the snow begins to melt.

Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere is available on iOS and Android devices.

For more information on this application, click here.

[Cover image via Grand Mountain Adventure]