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December 2019

‘Beast Mode’ is back for the 49ers-Seahawks on the Yahoo Sports app

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Marshawn Lynch has not recovered from not recovering the ball at the 1 yard line against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. How can he do it when he hears about it all the time?

Everyone remembers it, but a little recap: the Seahawks had the ball on the 1-yard line, and they passed instead of giving the ball to Lynch. Cornerback Malcolm Butler knocked out Russell Wilson and the Patriots won. It’s still one of the most debated play calls in NFL history.

“I’ve been to many places around the world, I have people coming to speak to me in languages ​​that, I don’t know what they’re saying,” Lynch said in an interview on his YouTube Beast Mode Productions. . Channel with Diaunte Thompson. “Ultimately, when it’s translated, it’s ‘You should get two Super Bowl rings’.”

Lynch was thought to be retired, but he came back and signed with the Seahawks to play in Sunday night’s game that will determine the NFC West championship, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

[Watch live NFL games on the Yahoo Sports app, here’s how]

Lynch’s comeback isn’t as simple as wanting to catch up on the Super Bowl, everyone in Seattle thinks it should have gone differently. But that’s part of it.

Marshawn Lynch has ‘unfinished business’

Lynch didn’t have much to say to the media this week, in typical Lynch style. But he had a lot to say on his YouTube channel (and many weren’t sure about the job).

Summarizing his return to a single reason is wrong. Like anything else, there were different motivations.

“Walking away from the game and retiring, like anything, you walk away for a minute and realize it’s your passion or whatever it is,” Lynch said. “I’ve always known all my life that I really love playing football. It really comes down to that too.

But yeah, not having the ball on the 1 yard line was something he mentioned a few times in this interview.

“It wasn’t just one thing that hurt Seattle Seahawks fans,” Lynch said. “It hurt the period of football fans.”

That’s a beautiful story. Lynch is a Hall of Fame borderline talent, one of the defining players of this decade and a legend in Seahawks history. And he gets one more moment with the team he will always be associated with.

“My last question is, you can go to any team as a free agent, why Seattle?” Thompson asked.

“Did you say why? Lynch laughed. “We have history there. We have unfinished business.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, left, watches quarterback Russell Wilson during practice warmups this week. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Huge game for the 49ers and Seahawks

Lynch is a great subplot for one of “Sunday Night Football’s” most important games in many, many years.

The 49ers get the No. 1 seed with a win. They will be the fifth seed with a loss. The Seahawks will also be the fifth seed with a loss, but would be anywhere from first to third seed with a win. To get the top seed, they would need losses by the Saints and Packers. To get the second seed, they would need a Packers loss.

It’s an absolutely huge game for both teams, which will change who should make the Super Bowl out of the NFC. And if the Seahawks have the ball at the 1-yard line at the end, we can probably guess who will get the ball.

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NFL fans streamed over 600 million minutes on the Yahoo Sports app

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DDSports ShotTracker technology can extend from basketball to soccer and other sports


Andrew Cohen

DDSports, the parent company of the ShotTracker sensor basketball system, is exploring plans to expand its tracking technology to other sports, including soccer. ShotTracker currently captures shot analytics for 60 college basketball programs, including all of the men’s and women’s teams from the Big 12 and Mountain West conferences.

“We do quite a bit of testing in football and looking at other sports,” DDSports co-founder and president Davyeon Ross said at the Sports Business Journal’s Dealmakers In Sports conference in New York on Wednesday. “We are currently doing more extensive testing with football and have initial discussions with some of the sports to enter the market.”

ShotTracker the current basketball system involves sensors built into game balls, players’ shirts and also inside arenasto track over 70 shooting stats that can be viewed on iPad by coaches and players during matches. Another point of future growth for DDSports will be the sharing of its real-time data with sports betting companies.

“We know we can strengthen a whole level of play that has never been seen before,” said Ross. “Were [currently] make integrations to prepare for these opportunities.

Ross has admitted that his company’s gaming ambitions will, at least initially, be more focused on the professional level than the college space. A professional team already partner of ShotTracker is the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. ShotTracker has made deals with networks like ESPN and CBS to display their stats on college basketball shows, and Ross sees more lucrative opportunities to capitalize on data at the college level rather than in professional leagues.

“It’s harder to work in college because they’re so fragmented,” he said. “But once you are able to capitalize on that market, the cap is removed. Because you are not just a technology partner, you are a technology and data marketing partner. You can get license fees all day, but the marketing part [is] where you come together to say, ‘How can we use this data? When you work with the leagues, they’re like, ‘Okay you’re a salesperson, give me the data, I’ll make all the money’. So there is a very different dynamic.

Three hard-hitting NFL games on Saturday on the Yahoo Sports app

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The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 is the reason NFL football appears every Saturday in December. Or, more accurately, this is why we don’t have NFL games on Saturdays all year.

The rule states that the NFL cannot broadcast Friday night or Saturday games during the high school and college seasons until the second Saturday in December. So after the Army and Navy face off, we’re back with some bonus NFL football on Saturday.

[Watch live NFL games on the Yahoo Sports app, here’s how]

The three Saturday games of Week 16 this season, which can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app, all have playoff implications, including an interesting AFC East game midway through the triple title.

Houston Texans (9-5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-7), 1 p.m. ET

The Houston Texans picked up a massive victory last week over the Tennessee Titans. This paved the way for them to land the AFC South in Week 16, and possibly remain starters in a Week 17 rematch against the Titans.

The Texans win the division with a win over the Buccaneers or a Titans loss to the Saints on Sunday. A Buccaneers victory would keep alive the possibility of the Texans-Titans in Week 17 being an AFC South championship game, and Tampa Bay is not an easy exit.

The Jameis Winston roller coaster is exasperating and thrilling, frustrating and fun. He still has a chance to lead the NFL in passing yards, touchdowns and interceptions this season. As with any Buccaneers game, expect plenty of points and plays that will mystify everyone, good and bad.

Buffalo Bills (10-4) vs. New England Patriots (11-3), 4:30 p.m. ET

It’s been a while since the Patriots played an AFC East game this late in the season with any real intrigue in the division.

The Bills still have a long way to go to the division title. They need to win in Foxboro on Saturday, win in Week 17 and secure the Miami Dolphins 3-11 to win the season finale in New England. The Patriots will win any tiebreaker against the Bills, either by a season sweep with a win on Saturday or by a record against mutual opponents if the Bills win this week. The Bills must finish ahead of New England in the standings.

Still, the Patriots haven’t clinched with two games to go and that’s rare. They must also keep winning to retain the Kansas City Chiefs for the second AFC playoff bye. Even if the Bills don’t end up winning the division, Saturday could be a statement that they’re ready to make a real run for the Patriots and the AFC East title in 2020.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will face the Bills again on Saturday. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Los Angeles Rams (8-6) vs. San Francisco 49ers (11-3), 8:15 p.m. ET

Nothing can be done in Game 3 on Saturday, but one team will try to keep their season alive and the other will try to preserve their path to an NFC seed and a bye.

The Rams are alive for a wildcard spot, but barely after a loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week. Football Outsiders gives the Rams a 1.8% chance of making the playoffs. The defending NFC champions could be officially eliminated on Saturday.

The 49ers are tied with the Seattle Seahawks for first place in the NFC West, but the NFL has said neither team can clinch the division this week. The Seahawks and 49ers are playing in Week 17 and that game will most likely be for the NFC West (and prime time) no matter what happens this week. The 49ers’ path to winning the tiebreaker is a complicated one, but it looks like San Francisco will follow suit if they end up tying Seattle at 12-4 at the end of the season. The short version is that Saturday’s game isn’t critical for the 49ers in the NFC West race, although it is important in the standings race. The 11-3 Packers and Saints will back the Rams as it would improve their chances of getting a top-two seed in the NFC and a bye.

The bulk of the NFL schedule for Week 16 will still be Sunday, but Saturday should give us some key answers when it comes to the playoff picture.

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Frank Schwab is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Do you have any advice? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab

Eli Manning returns, Giants vs. Eagles on Yahoo Sports app

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In November 1971, after missing more than a full calendar year with knee and wrist injuries, Joe Namath was called off the bench in a game for the New York Jets.

It turned out to be one of the most memorable moments in Namath’s career. He got hot against the San Francisco 49ers, throwing three touchdowns to get the Jets back in the game. He threw a late interception and the Jets lost, but the memory of the New York crowd going mad as they experienced the return of a legend lives on. It was a moment.

Eli Manning’s return on Monday night as the New York Giants starter is far from a perfect game against Namath’s return in 1971, and we don’t know how Manning will play in place of injured Daniel Jones against the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

[Watch live NFL games on the Yahoo Sports app, here’s how]

But wouldn’t it be pretty cool for Manning to have another great time with the Giants?

Eli Manning hasn’t played since week 2

The way this season has gone for Manning at this point was all but inevitable. The Giants drafted Daniel Jones with the sixth pick overall. New York are a bad team and it was only a matter of time before Manning was replaced as the starter. Jones’ excellent preseason has sped up the schedule. Manning was substituted after two starts and hasn’t played since.

Jones has a sprained ankle and is likely to miss several games. The only race the Giants are in is for the draft position, and there’s no need to rush Jones back. Manning could end up getting a few starts in stride. It’s a funny story. Manning did a great job representing the Giants and the NFL as a whole, and deserves a great final act.

Manning might not be capable of another great game. He struggled on both starts and has been in decline for a few years. This is completely normal, as he nears his 39th birthday. The Giants are still not very good, but they have a flexible schedule on the home stretch. It’s not like the Eagles look like they want to save their season.

It looked like Manning might just disappear after being put on the bench, but now he’s getting what is almost certainly the last callback with his only NFL team.

Eli Manning will start Monday night for the Giants. (AP Photo / Paul Sancya)

Manning could start more than one game

Very little has been said about Manning’s future. He will be a free agent after the season and there is no final word on whether he wants to play elsewhere or retire.

Whatever happens, Manning’s New York legacy will live on forever thanks to two Super Bowl wins. This is why he is one of the most popular figures in the history of the team. That’s why the bench of an awkward game two seasons ago turned into a major controversy that sealed Ben McAdoo’s sacking. Since then, the Giants have handled everything with the utmost sensitivity, doing everything possible to make sure Manning doesn’t disrespect even as the team move on to the next phase.

In the end, Manning gets at least one more start for the Giants, and maybe more. More than a few legendary moments have occurred on “Monday Night Football”.

Maybe we have another one, this time with Manning before he leaves New York.

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Frank Schwab is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Do you have any advice? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab

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Jason Garrett and the Cowboys take on the bears on the Yahoo Sports app

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had something positive to say about coach Jason Garrett this week.

“Jason Garrett will coach in the NFL next year,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan this week.

And everyone was wondering which team Garrett would coach for. Yes, it is embarrassing.

The rest of this season will be strange for the Cowboys. Everyone seems to know Garrett is likely to be fired – people have already speculated but it looks like it’s not a drill – but the Cowboys are still likely to win an NFC East title. Their bizarre season continues as the Cowboys play the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

[Watch live NFL games on the Yahoo Sports app, here’s how]

The Bears are a big disappointment after winning an NFC North Championship. Chicago spends its days tearing up coach and quarterback, the Bears have next to no chance for the playoffs… and they still aren’t the biggest train wreck of Thursday’s game.

Cowboys Still Run NFC East One Way Or Another

If the Cowboys were in a better division, it seems likely Garrett would have left already. But because the Cowboys play in what’s in the talk as the worst division since the NFL moved to a 16-game schedule over 40 years ago, they can’t give up the season.

Jones has a way of saying things that seem to contradict the last thing he said. He praised Garrett this week saying he was a good coach and “one of the smartest coaches.”

“Glad to have him,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan. “He’s the guy for the job.”

Maybe the guy for the job the rest of the season if the Cowboys can turn things around before January. Garrett will likely be sidelined for a home playoff game. The Cowboys have a 76.6% chance of winning the NFC East, according to Football Outsiders.

And wouldn’t it be something if Garrett and the Cowboys made a playoff run?

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett calls from the sideline during the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans on Sunday, September 29 2019. (AP Photo / Butch Dill)

Cowboys, both bears 6-6

The Cowboys and Bears are each disappointing, but in their own way.

The Cowboys are 2-6 against non-NFC East teams, and those two wins were against Miami and Detroit, two teams with three wins. They just weren’t good enough to beat the top teams, which is surprising given their talent and quarterback Dak Prescott having had a great year. The Cowboys are in the top 10 for yards gained, yards allowed, runs scored and runs allowed and are still 6-6. They have lost a lot of close matches. That’s why Garrett’s seat is beyond hot.

In Chicago, the problems are more glaring. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky didn’t play well, which led to coach Matt Nagy being more conservative with his play calls, which made things worse for Trubisky, and the defense all the time took of hindsight. Kicking is always a problem too. Everything that went well for the Bears in a great 2018 season has gone wrong this season.

The Bears still have a small shot at making the playoffs, but a lot would have to go well. The Cowboys are practically backing down in one place because the Eagles keep giving it to them. You’d think a 6-6 team would be in a bind in Week 14, but the number of games the Cowboys lost doesn’t seem to matter. No matter what they do, they still retain the top spot in the NFC East. And apparently, regardless of how the Cowboys end the regular season, Garrett will remain head coach and coach in the playoffs.

I told you, this Cowboys season is weird.

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Frank Schwab is a writer for Yahoo Sports. Do you have any advice? Email him at or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab

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