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January 2017

Phillies game available to stream this season via the NBC Sports app

By Sports app

Fans can now watch the Phillies on the go via the NBC Sports app

TV ratings are dropping across the board and businesses are looking for ways to extend their reach and prevent people from “cutting the cord” at home. Last year, NBC began streaming Flyers and Sixers games online and through the NBC Sports app for those with a qualifying TV subscription at no additional cost.

Starting this season, you can watch the Phillies anywhere you go through the NBC website and app.

In a press release revealed on Thursday, NBC announced plans to expand its streaming options for local markets.

NBC Sports Regional Networks today announced an agreement with MLBAM to broadcast MLB games in the local market, as well as pre and postgame programming, starting with the 2017 regular season. Streaming offering is available at no additional cost to authenticated pay television subscribers of NBC Sports Group’s CSN Regional Sports Networks (RSNs). This local initiative advances NBCUniversal’s implementation of “TV Everywhere,” which strives to make quality content available to authenticated customers both in and out of the home, and across multiple platforms.

The addition of MLB Authenticated Market Streaming completes NBC Sports’ local streaming portfolio for regional networks, which also includes local live streaming of the NBA and NHL. The RSNs first introduced NBA streaming in 2014 and announced the addition of streaming to the NHL market last fall, starting with the 2016-17 season.

NBC Sports regional networks now have market streaming partnerships of the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Giants and Oakland A (CSN Bay Area / CSN California); Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox (CSN Chicago); Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals (CSN Mid-Atlantic); Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Phillies (CSN Philadelphia); and Boston Celtics (CSN New England).

This keeps anyone traveling or living on the West Coast from paying too much for MLB.TV, which I have found to be quite unreliable. You will also be able to watch the games through a streaming device, such as an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick.

As someone who currently lives outside the grip of the Philadelphia media market, having not only Philadelphia baseball but all the major sports available is a huge plus. It’s just as convenient for those who travel constantly or can’t be home for a game.

Considering the amount invested in the $ 2.5 billion Phillies TV deal with Comcast SportsNet, the ability to expand advertising beyond regional boundaries alone is a major benefit to all parties.

Sports app helps education foundation

By Sports app

– Support the Sparta Education Foundation (SEF) by downloading FireFan, a free mobile sports app that will donate funds to the Foundation when you play. Players can register on by entering the code “SEF”. They earn free chips by watching advertisements which are used to play games. The app tracks NFL games in real time, including the season playoffs and the upcoming 51st Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5.
“The FireFan app is even more fun to use as the Super Bowl approaches,” said Danielle Dykstra, President of the SEF. “The principle is simple: the more people we have who register with our code, play the game and watch advertisements, the more money we can raise for public schools in Sparta. Just go to and type in “SEF” to sign up and you can watch the biggest showdown of the season in the NFL.
Three winners who pre-registered for the FireFan app included Ellen Anderson who won an Apple Watch, Olivia Giralt, winner of the Beats Solo2 Luxe headset and Aiden Ryan, recipient of a $ 100 gift certificate to Krogh’s. The Apple Watch and gift certificate were donated by Andy Garger, Beats headphones by Christian Blendinger, and banners for the event by Garger, Blendinger and Rob Daly. Each is a resident of Sparta and a partner of the company Play4YourCause, the company which pays donations from users of the FireFan application directly to SEF.
The FireFan app allows users to predict real-time results on match day with a series of game-related questions about which team will win, who will win the toss or how many yards will be gained in the next game . Players who predict correctly can redeem their loyalty points for merchandise like hats, jerseys, or match tickets. FireFan will initially follow NFL games, and sports will change over the seasons to include basketball, professional football, and baseball. Every time a player watches an advertisement and plays a game, money is collected for SEF.
The Sparta Education Foundation strengthens public schools, supports teachers and inspires students. Since 2006, they have donated over $ 775,000 in grants to the five public schools in Sparta. The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to engage the entire community in philanthropic giving. Visit for more information.