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15 Best PS4 Sports Games That Are Still Worth Playing Today

By September 19, 2022October 13th, 2022Sports games

The sports genre is one of the most popular in all of gaming – you name a sport, there will be a game, and a multitude of people will play it. There’s such variety in the world of sports games that it often feels like you’re spoiled for choice, and each sport usually has two or three titles in sight for the top spot. The PlayStation 4 generation of games included probably some of the best and most varied sports games of all time (apart from the PlayStation 2 era) and that being said, it’s time to dive into the depths of some of these games because there are so many out there that are still standing now. So what are some of the best PS4 sports games still worth playing today?

#15 Madden NFL 21

The first game in this list of the best PS4 sports games comes from the long mad series. Madden NFL 21 follows the trend that most EA sports games follow: being an almost exact copy (aside from improved graphics) of the one that preceded it and the one that preceded it, and so on. This game received a mixed reception, with the gameplay being one of the game’s few highlights. However, several technical issues plagued it; player reception was also then negative, but for the most part a lack of innovation and lack of creativity was evident. Hardcore mad fans will always love this game, but it won’t attract new ones.

#14NBA 2K22

The NBA 2K The series has been going since 2005 and has had some highs along the way. NBA 2K22 is an entry that would fit somewhere in the middle or maybe even slightly up. The series has been random over the years, and NBA 2K21 embodies this by being one of the series’ all-time lows. There could be an argument that they got sloppy or too relaxed due to its biggest competitor (NBA live) withdraw from the race. NBA 2K22 showed that the publisher was once again moving in the right direction, with this game being a very good entry in the series.

#13 Gran Turismo Sports

The Gran Turismo has become synonymous with the PlayStation platform. This PlayStation 4 sports game exclusive focused on competitive online driving, and the extensive car collections you’ve seen on older games weren’t as varied as they were with this title – which, as expected, was not well received, and he let the game down. But the Gran Turismo the series will always be incredibly clean and very pretty, and this one was one of the prettiest; the graphics are phenomenal and they hold up extremely well to this day, which is a testament to the game itself. Nonetheless, even with its poor qualities, it’s still a good game in a top-tier racing series.

A football game with a difference, something that resulted in a very unusual yet incredibly memorable PS4 sports game. Mutant Football League is a violent and exaggerated interpretation of the American sport of football. It draws heavily from the original Mutant League Football from 1993, as well as other games of the same genre such as NFL Blitz. It’s quirky and unique games like this that are often better than realistic titles like mad (although some people might not like to admit it) and when it comes to having the most fun playing a football game, Mutant Football League is the most fun you can have.

#11 Everybody’s Golf (2017)

The Everyone’s Golf is another PlayStation exclusive and follows the ilk we just mentioned with Mutant League Football: an original game that is fun, relaxing and easy to play. This golf game can be played quietly and is not too taxing on the stress level. That’s not to say it doesn’t require skill… oh no, because you’ll still have the ability to get creative with your shots, but it also adds the ability for players to drive golf carts all around the track – I mean, that’s all golf, isn’t it? Everyone’s Golf also features great character customization, a fun online mode, and a great free roaming option.

#10 MLB The 21 Show

With sports games, realism plays a major role in the level of enjoyment one can have, as well as the overall experience. MLB The Show 21 is the most realistic baseball game you can play, and while it has some minor issues, it’s still a must-play game for baseball fans everywhere. These issues though: the mechanics often feel a bit sluggish and quite clunky, and there was only a slight improvement over the previous installment, which was disappointing due to the expectation of the game due to the generational leap of the console, but overall it’s a really enjoyable PS4 sports game.

#9 Super Mega Baseball 3

The super mega baseball has become one of the most cohesive and well-developed sports game franchises around, and the third is the best of the lot. Realism was mentioned when talking about MLB the show, and no, Super Mega Baseball 3 isn’t as realistic as it sounds, but when it comes to having as much fun as possible while playing a baseball game, then that’s it. It’s pretty much the best baseball game there is; it’s quirky and fun, but still quite challenging too – it’s not a stadium walk, that’s for sure. It ticks all the boxes of what makes a great PS4 sports game, and the series will only get better after that.

#8 PGA Circuit 2K21

PS4 sports games

The world of golf was dominated by the PGA Tiger Woods franchise for several years, but the series lost its magic after the golfer brand split and struggled to regain it. The PGA Tour 2K21 was a revival of The golf club series but now under the 2K Sports brand, and it has reinvigorated a bit of magic into the life of the golf genre. It received positive reviews, with people acknowledging that the game retained some of the realism of its predecessors, while adding a lot more difficulty to its levels, but the whole thing is just much more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.

#7Fifa 22

PS4 sports games

Every person and their dog have heard of the Fifa series, it is the biggest and best-known football franchise of all time. This long-running football game has become one of the best-selling franchises of all time, and Fifa fans are fiercely loyal to any released game. The series however suffers from an identity crisis, the games being often the same as the previous ones; FIFA 21 was terrible (it’s true, I said it) but FIFA 22 tried to bring the series back to where it once functioned, and it’s done a good job, with some people saying it’s the best Fifa game for a while.

#6 F1 2020

PS4 sports games

It’s the 12e game in the long-running series and is probably about as good as it gets when it comes to racing games. As expected, F1 2020 has immaculate graphics and incredibly realistic mechanics, with gorgeous aesthetics. When it comes to thrilling racing games, this is the cornerstone of them all; you can have fun on your own in its immersive single-player mode, or you can race against your friends in the game’s wondrous multiplayer mode. I can only feel sorry for the titles that have to follow it, because to live up to this is a monumental task.

#5UFC 4

PS4 sports games

EA Sports’ MMA game series is the pinnacle of fighting games and the positive trajectory it has enjoyed in its lifetime so far has been quite an achievement. UFC 4 is an incredibly detailed game that’s extremely fun and while the ground game mechanic still needs some work, the other aspects are about as smooth as it gets (for the most part). It’s the best game in the series, and it still holds up remarkably well even though it’s two years old, so hey, actually, there’s no rush for EA to release another one because this game always gets updates to his list as well as a few other things.

PS4 sports games

This version of Pro Evolution Soccer was one of the best in the series, it may also be the time when the franchise took over from Fifa as being the best football game around – although some may still disagree with that. This series has always been late Fifa when it came to graphics (and they were miles behind at one point), licensing was another issue, and gameplay was often questioned. The improvements that eFootball Pro Evolution 2020 were very impressive, so much so that it’s probably the best game in the entire series – outside of those PlayStation 2 classics Pro Evo titles ie.

#3 FutureGrind

PS4 sports games

A slightly different game in terms of PS4 sports games is the stylish stunt racing game, FutureGrind. This is a game about tricks, skill and speed, with players having to draw the perfect line in the toughest stunt sport of the future. You’ll have to string together huge combos on tracks made up of floating rails, but be careful because if you hit the wrong color rail, you’ll explode. If this game is anything, then it’s different, and you have to give it credit. When you step back and see how good this game is, you will be truly impressed. an extreme amount of fun, excitement, never boring and super vibrant… what’s not to love?

#2 Rocket League

PS4 sports games

Speaking of difference, it’s one of the most unique and enjoyable PS4 sports games of all time – it’s football but with rocket-powered cars, what the heck shouldn’t love? When this game was released in 2015, it didn’t take long before it became a gaming sensation, quickly becoming a global name. rocket league was praised for its gameplay improvements over the previous SARP combat cars, but not only that, but the graphics and overall layout evolve the game into something quite impressive. Thanks to the game becoming free in 2020 as well, the popularity of rocket league went to another level, with a slew of people now experiencing it for the first time, an audience that still makes this game a big part of it to this day.

Tony Hawk 1+2 Pro Skater #1

PS4 sports games

So here we have it, number one on this list of the best PS4 sports games still worth playing today is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. This remake version of the groundbreaking originals from the era is quite the game and catapulted Tony Hawk’s skating games into the public eye and made them relevant again, after a rough few years. This release has it all, crisp graphics, beautifully smooth mechanics, while still keeping the humor and everything that made the originals so revered. It simply enhances everything with such authority it’s hard not to admire, and it still includes a killer soundtrack that has become synonymous with the series.