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10 NEW sports games of 2022

By January 21, 2022Sports games

A few sports video games you should check out this year.


After a sports game this year? We typically see multiple franchises receiving a new installment each year. However, you can enjoy a wide range of sports titles this year. In this list, we’ll highlight a few of those slated for launch in 2022. That said, don’t consider this list ranked in any particular way. Everyone has a favorite sport, and this is just a collection of new games we think you might want to check out later this year.

#10 Monster Energy Supercross 5

  • Developer: Milestone
  • Publisher: Milestone
  • Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, X/S
  • Released: March 17, 2022

If you love the sport of supercross, you may already be well informed about the Monster Energy Supercross franchise. We have another episode coming this year with Monster Energy Supercross 5. This episode will put players into the 250SX Future Class enthusiast as you attempt to compete in massive competition. Soon you will reach the pro-level stage. The developers also make this game a bit more realistic with what they call the Shape System. This feature will keep track of your runner’s injuries and how they might affect your performance during a run. So if you’re careless and end up damaging your runner, be prepared for some training and recovery to get your character back into true running form.

#9 MX vs. MTB Legends

  • Developer: Rainbow Studios
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Platform: PC, XBO, X/S, PS4, PS5
  • Version: NA

If off-road racing and motocross are more your sport, there are plenty of games to choose from. One of the oldest franchises is MX vs ATV. This year we are getting MX vs ATV Legends. This games have different bikes, UTVs and ATVs to race. There’s also a variety of environment courses to take, but chances are you’ll jump into the career mode as well. So far, we know that the developers are making career mode offer different paths that players can take and different management options such as participating in promotional events or sponsorship deals.

#8 Blood Bowl 3

  • Developer: Cyanide
  • Publisher: Nacon, Bigben Interactive
  • Platform: PS4, X/S, XBO, PC, NS, PS5
  • Release: 2022

Blood Bowl has a long history. We first saw it in 1995 and then kind of rebooted with Blood Bowl 2 in 2015. This year we’re getting Blood Bowl 3. If you’re not familiar with this game. fantasy sport that actually plays very differently than a lot of these games here. With this game, players get a turn-based gameplay experience. Players will move through a grid-style map commanding their team of fantasy characters. Now the series is from a board game, and we know that the rules for this episode will be based on the second edition ruleset.

#7 Super Buckyball Tournament

  • Developer: Pathea
  • Publisher: Pathéa
  • Platform: PS4, XBO, PC, NS
  • Version: NA

Super Buckyball Tournament is a futuristic, over-the-top football or soccer game, depending on where you’re from. The pitch is set up the same as a normal match in this game. You have two goals to pass the ball through. However, this game is unique because each player has their own unique super ability, which makes the games quite explosive and chaotic. You’ll work with your team to pass the ball, stagger your opponents, and send the ball into the opposing team’s goal. This title does not yet have a specific release date, but it will first launch as an early access title.

#6 Grinders

  • Developer: FoamPunch
  • Publisher: FoamPunch
  • Platform: X/S
  • Release: 2022

Shredders is an upcoming snowboard game. The title seeks to deliver a smooth and thrilling experience as players race down the mountain. With different ramps and rails, players will try to impress the competition with awesome flips and tricks. We know that the campaign revolves around a resort attracting different professionals from the nearby region. Our protagonist tries to get the attention of these professionals by pulling off some of their own awesome moves. Alternatively, players can register online and freely explore the mountain. You can play this game casually and collect points or compete with friends.

#5 Windjammers 2

  • Developer: Dotemu
  • Publisher: Dotemu
  • Platform: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Released: January 20, 2022

Dotemu has worked to bring several classic games back into the limelight. They managed to bring Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap along with Streets of Rage 4 to market. Now the studio has a sequel to the classic Neo Geo Windjammers from 1994. The sequel acts much like the first installment. Players are up and down, where two contestants attempt to throw a disc into the opposing team’s goal. Of course, each character has their own attributes such as more power, speed, or potentially a better aim. From there it’s a fast game as players throw the disc and try to block or catch it so it doesn’t go into their goal.

#4Rugby 22

  • Developer: EKO Software
  • Publisher: Nacon, Bigben Interactive
  • Platform: PS4, X/S, XBO, PC, PS5
  • Release: 2022

Rugby might be more of a niche sport in some parts of the world. However, if you’re a fan, you released a video game called Rugby 22 this year. It’s a simulation game where you can take control of a top club as you try to compete in different competitions. We know that this episode has more than sixty teams, a career mode and a tactics system. There is also the option to compete online and compete against your friends. If you want to enjoy this challenging and challenging sport more, you can expect this game to launch in January this year.

#3 FIFA 23

Note: Fifa 22
  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: EA
  • Platform: NA
  • Version: NA

Right now, fans are still enjoying FIFA 22, but that’s because we’re waiting for FIFA 23 to be unveiled. We know it’s coming, but not much has been officially announced yet. So now the features and game modes that might be included are a waiting game. That said, we can speculate. A few rumors and speculations have been circulating online lately, based on the rebranding and free access of this series. FIFA’s name could actually be changed, although for such an old franchise it’s unclear whether the IP will see this significant change or not. Another important aspect that fans have toyed with is that FIFA 23 could become a free-to-play game. Many fans wonder if that will end up being the case. It might even come with cross-platform support, but again, that’s a waiting game at this point.

#2NBA 2K23

Note: NBA 2K22
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platform: NA
  • Version: NA

NBA 2K23 is another game, at the time of writing this description, which does not yet have any details. We expect the game to be released in September. But the installments revealed in the past have usually taken place during the summer months. So we have a little time left before we get a big reveal for this next installment. However, fans can speculate on what features might be included or if we’ll see the same mechanics carry over to NBA 2K22. Likewise, there’s a lot of hype about who the cover athlete will be. The big question some fans might be asking here is what platforms the game will launch on. We may only see this installment release on last-gen platforms. However, with the difficulty of securing a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, there might be some hesitation in going this route.

#1 Madden NFL 23

  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: EA
  • Platform: NA
  • Version: NA

The first Madden NFL title to be released since John Madden’s passing will be Madden NFL 23. At the time of writing this description, it’s an episode we don’t know much about. We’re still waiting for the big reveal and what the new title might bring. With last year’s version, the developers offered deeper features such as more team-oriented management and field strategies. This was mainly to help keep fans happy after a series of somewhat stagnant installments. Therefore, we expect more attention to make Madden NFL 23 a little more compelling of a release. However, since John Madden’s passing, some fans might be hoping that this release will help honor the iconic Hall of Fame individual.